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The group soon found themselves at the Kuwabara home, a bewildered Shizuru opening the door just as they walked up the path. The older woman had sensed something had gone wrong and immediately thought to call the temple, though when she received no signal, she had been even more worried.

Upon their arrival, the older woman ushered them all in, checking them over briefly with her eyes. The old psychic was worst by far, unconscious in Yusuke's arms, obviously in need of medical attention. Kuwabara and the other two seemed fine though, which relieved a great deal of her worries.

"What the Hell happened to you guys? What happened to Genkai?" Shizuru demanded immediately, her hands shaking with anxiety and the need of nicotine. The shaken boys shook their heads, as though dazed. She gritted her teeth before taking charge (someone obviously had to) and proceeded to give orders, if only to keep the sanity.

She turned to her brother, a serious expression on her face. "Go call Kurama, Kazu, and tell him to contact Botan if he can. Tell him to hurry, we need him fast." The carrot top nodded and did as told, seemingly relieved to have a task to do. She then turned to Yusuke and gestured for him to follow her down the hall.

Shizuru had Yusuke lay Genkai down the master bedroom, where she could rest until Kurama could treat her wounds. The old psychic had suffered a few moderate burns, bruises, and scrapes, but the most severe injury was obviously where the beam had pinned her, her back fractured badly.

Once this was done, the two returned to the living room where Shizuru gestured to the couch for Hiei and Yusuke to sit on. The fire demon looked dead on his feet, his usually bright, focused eyes now dull and clouded with fatigue. The psychic energy he used to control the flames had obviously taken its' toll on his limited strength. He carefully sank into the soft, worn cushions on the couch, mindful of his unbound wings. Yusuke plopped beside him, leaning his head back against the backrest and closed his eyes.

Kuwabara returned in a moment and took a seat on the floor, leaning his back against the front of the couch between the two sets of legs. The trio looked as though they had just come from battle, their emotions so heavy it seemed like a dark veil nearly tangible, especially to someone like Shizuru. The elder Kuwabara furrowed her brows in worry as she examined the men from the doorway where she was leaning, her eyes darting between all three, searching for trace clues.

Yusuke was emotionally drained, his heavy heart shown plainly in his deep, sad eyes. They were nearly black with the visions of whatever tragedy he had just witnessed. Kuwabara was no better as he sat between his friends, crossed-legged on the floor, staring into his lap blankly. 'Poor Kazuma, he always goes through so much whenever someone gets hurt…' his sister thought sadly before turning her gaze on the quiet fire demon.

Never had she seen Hiei look more like a young boy then just at that moment. Shizuru had never really noticed it before, but now she realized just how round his face was, how wide and almost innocent his eyes seemed when he wasn't glaring. He was soft, weary, and reminded her so strongly of Yukina as he sat there in her living room, his large ruby hues staring at fixed point on the ceiling. She wondered briefly if he was in pain, if any of them were in pain, but they didn't seem to be.

There was a frantic knocking on the door then, drawing her and the others' attention to it. Shizuru straightened herself and answered the door, revealing a concerned looking Kurama and a near-frantic Botan. She stepped aside to allow them in, nodding in greeting out of habit. Kurama nodded back before turning to his team resting on the sofa.

"Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, are you all alright?" he asked softly but urgently.

"Oh yes, are you alright? Can I help any of you?" Botan piped as well, concern drenching her tone as her soft amethyst gaze fell on each man.

Hiei nodded silently, Kuwabara gave a soft 'Yeah, we're okay.'. Yusuke nodded soft saying "We're alright, but Genkai isn't. She got trapped under a beam and I think her back might be broken. Botan and Kurama gave started looks before following Yusuke down the hall, Kuwabara close behind.

The fire demon remained where he was, closing his eyes again as the others left the room. Shizuru watched him inhale deeply, exhaling through his nose in a sort of sigh. She approached and sat gently on opposite side of the couch. Something was wrong.

"Hiei? Where's Yukina?" she asked quietly, turning her honey gaze on the demon beside her. The sudden tension in his face hardened his features, made him appear older. She could see his entire body go rigid as the mention of his sister's name. The older woman frowned. "I had a vision about twenty minutes before you guys showed up here. I say Yukina in a dark room, her hands bound, and she was crying. There was a demon standing in front of her, holding something, and then suddenly there was a crack and she screamed. I don't know what it means but maybe you do."

The information seemed to jar the demon severely. She watched his tired hues widen with fear, rage, and shock. They darkened, turning from bright red to a deep wine as her words sank in. He was on his feet in seconds, staring down at her with those turbulent eyes, seemingly too stunned to speak.


He seemed to shake himself mentally before responding. "What did the demon look like? Do you know where they are? What was he holding?" The questions came like rapid fire, anxiety coloring each word, the severity of the need of these details overwhelming. Shizuru sat for a moment, thinking hard, an impatient fire demon staring at her intently.

"I don't know where they are, all I know is that is was a dark room, like a cell. The demon was huge, really muscular, and I think it had red or brown skin. It looked like a real devil, but I can't really say how," she answered clearly, concentrating hard on what her sixth sense had seen.

"What was he holding? Do you remember?" Hiei urged, balling his hands into fists at his sides.

Shizuru closed her eyes tight, trying to remember, catching each detail in her memory. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and looked back up at the demon before her.

"He was holding a whip."

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