Title: The new king of the vampires

Universe: This is a cross between Forever Knight and the movie Subspecies

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from either the Forever Knight television show or the Subspecies movies.

Warnings: I am taking liberties with both the Forever Knight universe and the Subspecies universe, mostly in adjusting them to work together. I do not care for the ending of the Subspecies movie, so ignore the last scene and that Michelle was bitten. In this version Radu did die and Michelle was rescued before Radu bit her.

Rating: T/PG 13


As Michelle sat watching the bonfire that she had helped Karl to build burning the bodies of her two best friends the events of the last few days flitted through her mind. She had been thrilled to hear from Mara, her roommate from her undergraduate days informing her that she had managed to get permission for her and Lillian to come to Romania to the village of Prejnar. Prejnar was where a monastery still stood that had been the site of a mysterious defeat of an army of Turks centuries previous. The local legends claimed that the King of the Vampires, Vlad, had led his people to the army and decimated it in one night of feasting.

The next morning a volunteer from among the survivors of the Turk invasion crept out of the monastery to go for help only to find that all of the Turks were dead with bloody throats. As mythology students Michelle and Lillian had been thrilled to be allowed to come and research in the monastery library. What little Michele had read on the subject got very murky at that point but Vlad and his court ended up with the local castle to call their own and a gypsy had given the King a relic he had stolen from the Vatican in Rome, the Bloodstone which dripped the blood of all the Saints. By drinking from the Bloodstone a vampire did not have to hunt humans for their survival. Peace had come to the village. Not only were they never invaded again by an army, but they were never attacked by a vampire again; at least, not until the last few nights.

She, Mara and Lillian had been looking for information for their Ph.D.'s; instead they got caught up in the war between King Vlad's two sons. Radu, the eldest, had arrived the night before they had and in a fit of madness had murdered the king, his father. The younger son, Stephan, had come home to find the king dead and Radu in possession of the Bloodstone. Stephan had gone to his friend Karl, the caretaker of the monastery, for help. He hadn't expected to find Michele and her friends, nor had he expected to find that Radu was stalking them. It wasn't until Michele had been directly confronted with Radu that she demanded that Stephan tell her what was going on because Radu couldn't pass as human.

The fact that vampires were real (and that the man she had fallen in love with was one) had been the hardest thing for her to accept. The idea that some were good and some were evil was actually easier. Michele brushed her short dark hair out of her eyes. Radu had brought both Mara and Lillian across, that is, he made them vampires. He had also killed the old storyteller woman of the village because she was trying to get rid of them for their safety and the safety of the village and another villager she didn't know. He had nearly bitten her, but Stephan and Karl had arrived just in time. While Stephan had taken on Radu in a sword fight and won, Karl had killed Mara and Lillian. And now as the sun climbed high in the sky, she was watching her friend's bodies' burn.

She had a decision to make. Could she stay with Stephan and be to him what his mother had been to his father? Stephan had told her that his mother had been a mortal woman who had lived out her life among the vampires. Michele didn't think that it would be too bad a life to be Stephan's wife. Even after all of this, she was still very much in love with the handsome, gentle vampire, but what about her doctorate? And what about Mara and Lillian? Someone had to deal with the details, like informing their families that they were dead. What was she going to do?

Karl sat down next to Michele. "I will take care of informing the girls' families and dealing with the formalities that the government requires. What will you do now?"

"I don't know."