Title: First Gift
Characters: Ichigo (mentioned), Tatsuki and Orihime
Pairing: Ichigo x Orihime

Summary: When Orihime breaks an important gift, she worries and seeks council from Tatsuki. It's only then as they sit and discuss, that a pattern reveals itself not only from Orihime's knitted baby clothes but also Ichigo's current mission.

Orihime had called her around twelve thirty, sobbing and voice slowly breaking with each passing syllable. Tatsuki, (attempting to part fact with hysteria) tried to calm her to no avail. After minutes with little progress, she persuaded her best friend to drop the phone, before rushing of to her apartment several blocks from her own.

It took a few seconds for Orihime to open the front door, red faced from crying and wearing faded dungarees. Without a word, Tatsuki swooped into the apartment and into the living room, which was half decorated with miniature knitted jumpers.

Soon enough Orihime began to babble.

"I've ruined it!" she sobbed, "I don't why…but I just…"

She burst into more tears. Tatsuki sighed gently and passed her another tissue. Telling her things will be fine. She made good tact and mentioned Orihime's swollen tummy and the fact the sleeping baby would get sick if she was upset.

After a bit more words, Orihime began to open up. It was quite comprehensible after a few rounds. Orihime had been looking through some old boxes, saw some interesting things from one of her folders, slipped and accidentally fell and ruined the first gift he had ever given her.

Tatsuki was concerned about the fall and mentioned both Isshin and Ishida but Orihime seemed more concerned about the daft little thing, something like a joke-in-a-box a certain red haired boy had given her on her seventeenth birthday.

This boy was now a man and was away for a few weeks in an unknown territory determined to protect his small forming family. Although Orihime failed to say she was worried, this incident proved to be her melting point. All her worries had been poured out in the open along with the battered toy. The fear he would be hurt, the fear things will not be the same, the fear of a wedge.

Still shaking Orihime had now began clearing up the messy living room filled with and odd looking soft toys and rainbow coloured jumpers. Amongst the mess laid the offending broken gift; which seemed to hinder the excitement that all off them (Ichigo being the most, suprisingly) felt weeks before as they looked around for a baby crib.

Tatsuki was sure Ichigo wouldn't mind. Not that she thought he'd forget (although it was almost certain that he did) it was even more likely he's spend half the night after hollow duty trying to fix the silly toy. It would be more likely that he'd try and convince her things where fine, and this wasn't her fault and no he wasn't angry. It would be more likely he'd hold her when telling her this.

And that's what she replayed to Orihime as she assisted in folding the mountains of colours and love together. That he wouldn't be angry and neither should she feel guilty. Yes things will be different but probably for the better. For they where both trying to knit a future together.

And some old toy wasn't going to destroy that.