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The Specifics

Chapter 1
Catching Up

Bleak was certainly the word to use to describe the day. Being early May, the weather seemed to copy mid-April. It was cool and crisp of a day, as the rain lightly fell from the gray sky. It made anyone want to just sleep through the day. However, Haruno Sakura was not about to let that get her down.

She never minded the rain. The light even rains meant spring was well on its way. Spring was a sign of change. And everything was changing. Just, one doesn't know when that huge change will come. Eventually it'll come.

However, things like that were meaningless right now. Sakura skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Her mother was preparing a sort of mystery soup. Grabbing a slice of bread, the pink haired woman looked over her mother's shoulder.

"Wow, Mom, what in the world is that?"

"Leek and bamboo shoot soup. I'm making it from scratch. It really is quite good. Want some?" the middle-aged woman asked brightly.

Sakura shook her head, all too quickly. "No, I'll just take you word for it. And anyway, I'm heading over to the Nara household now. Be back later."

Without waiting for a response (in fear she may be forced to swallow the probably less than palatable food), she hurried out of the kitchen and into the front hall. She slipped on a black cardigan and grabbed her pale pink umbrella. With that, she'd head out into the rain.

The walk wouldn't take too long. Their new house was only a few streets over. But Sakura really didn't mind. The silence gave her time to think. Nothing had to be important, but just thinking of things in general.

She sighed happily. There was so much free time now, since her school semester was over for the long summer break. And heaven knew she was going to need all the rest possible. Medical school was just a mountain of work, upon another equally big mountain of more work. But, she would be living her dream soon enough.

The rain began to let up ever-so-slightly, so she put away her umbrella. The rain was cool against her pale skin. It was rather refreshing. It was something she'd picked up from him. He liked the rain too. Habits tended to rub off on people.

Speaking of him… how long had it been? How long had it been since she'd last seen him? It was probably somewhere around a good ten months. Time sure flew. It really did. She sometimes thought back to the days in her late teens. What adventures!

At the time, she hadn't liked them too much. Watching people die was new for her. But in the end, death was a way of life. Still, it was rather unfair that someone else was to decide on when their time would come. Perhaps it was now why she'd been so bent up on becoming a doctor.

Sakura hardly noticed by that time she was standing on the porch steps of the Nara residence. She flipped back her moist and now stringy rose hair, and rang the doorbell.

Through the door, the roseate woman could hear some yelling, a crash, something that sounded like mild cursing, and a lot more yelling. She couldn't help but flinch.

The door was unlocked, and Sakura was greeted by a very tiny figure. It was a tiny girl of about two. She had short ochre hair, tied in two spots at the sides of her head. The blue-eyed toddler removed her thumb from her mouth and broke out into a wide-grin.

"Kura! Kura! Mommy!" the little girl cried, hopping in place.

Sakura broke out into all smiles as well, picking the girl into her arms. "And how is my… wow you're getting heavy. Anyway, how's my favourite, favourite of all favourite godchildren?"

Sakura closed the door and kicked off her shoes. She was always more than at home here at any rate. She walked into the kitchen, the toddler still in her arms. No one was around. Sighing, she turned off the front stove burner, as the pot was starting to boil over. "Honestly… they need to take better care…"

In a slightly louder tone, the woman called out: "Hey! Where are the parents of this little lady? They didn't disappear because they knew I was coming, did they?"

The little girl giggled, for she understood the words perfectly. For someone her age, she was brilliant. It was passed down, she supposed.

A moment later, an unusually tired looking Nara Shikamaru came from the downstairs floor. He didn't even mumble a greeting; simply nodded.

"Sorry, am I boring you?"

He shook his head, no, and took the girl from his friend's arms. "As soon as I try to sleep for just an hour, just one hour, that woman is screaming at me. Two women in the house… it's harder than you think it is."

"Ah ha! There he goes again, spouting his lies!" Ino sighed, also emerging from the basement. There was a soup ladle in her hand, probably from that pot on the stove. She brushed past Shikamaru, not forgetting to whack him upside the head with her free hand.

"Troublesome…" he looked down at the child. "And what are you smiling about? You're going to the den where you can go destroy whatever you want in your little bin there."

"Hey! Shikamaru! Don't speak to her like that! Mikoto isn't an idiot you know. Man, I'm seriously going to kill that guy one day," the blonde huffed, tossing her kitchen utensil into the already cluttered sink.

Sakura couldn't help but smirk at the whole situation. "The two of you are still so cute. Just two quarrelling lovebirds."

Ino made a noise that sounded very much like a snort. This only reminded the pink haired woman of their high school days. She called her Ino-Pig. Her snorts were half the reason. In any case, she refrained from saying it.

"Well, you can't really deny it. That is your love-child running around and smiling."

"Is that what she is, now? Not really how I see her."

Sakura decided on being a little more useful while teasing. She picked up some clean plates from the counter and began to put them in the proper cabinets. "Now, now. Don't go blaming others for your careless mistakes. You and Shikamaru wanted to do the deed, well, then you have to pay for the consequences. But, it wasn't all that bad, was it?"

The other rubbed her temples. The subject never ceased to stress her out. "Not especially, though I think we were both severely drunk from one of those parties. And then the next thing you know, I have a child on my hands. Just because of one night I ended up married to that lazy jerk."

"Well, it isn't that bad. You guys love each other anyway. I think it's cute. A little young to have a child, but life happens," Sakura smiled.

Ino shrugged in response. "Well, enough about me, Forehead Girl. How's your midnight romance with mystery-man who I've still yet to meet?"

It was the pink haired woman's turn to let out a chuckle. "I was actually just thinking about that. The midnight has been on hold for… quite awhile. He's going through an extremely strict career move at the moment, I'm afraid."

"Oh really. The two of you must be burning for each other. When can I expect the wedding invitation?"

"Hmm, I wonder about that. Don't hold your breath waiting for it in the near future however. We're nowhere near ready for anything so drastic."

At that moment, Shikamaru appeared back into the kitchen. "The tyrant has been taken care of."

"What's she doing?"

"A sixteen piece jigsaw puzzle."

Sakura blinked, staring at her long time friend. "That child is a genius. I wonder where she gets it from."

Ino smiled brightly. "Well obviously all the good traits come from the mother. Everything else, is the father. Isn't that right?"

Knowing better than to contest the authority of his wife, the man muttered: "I guess."

"Hey, Ino. Where do these dishes go?"

"Out there in the bottom drawer of the buffet."

With a nod, Sakura left for the other room. Rummaging through some things, she'd found room in the location Ino had indicated. Before closing it, however, she got lost in thought.

The young couple hardly acted like a couple at all. In fact, it was like two of the same sides of the magnet. They were just screaming to repel. There were hardly kindly gestures of gratitude, no words of undying love, and certainly no display of affection in public. But despite all that, upon gazing from a distance back into the room where they stood, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see the chemistry that was there. The devotion and the love. Not in actions or words; but it just was always there.

It made her think unnecessarily about her current relationship. What relationship? True, not everything was worth writing in a romance novel, like the ideal happy ending was supposed to be. But it'd been awhile now that she'd begun to doubt anything was there in the first place.

There were never quiet words of affection, not at least by him anyway. He wasn't the type to do such things. There was also nothing remotely unique about his gestures towards her, save an unusual and genuine smile from time to time. And now that she thought about it, there certainly wasn't any sort of physical displays of affection, minus the greeting and parting peck on the lips.

After five years, she thought something might have changed between the two. Though, it might as well have been two months. It had seemed that way, in any case. She'd seriously begun to doubt if he trusted her the least bit. Or maybe that wasn't it. Maybe… she was just kidding herself in the first place.

"Sakura! How long does it take to put a plate away?" Ino's voice broke her train of thought, that was spiraling downwards at a very high speed. She telepathically thanked her for that.

"Ah, sorry! I'm coming!" Sakura called out, returning to her cheerful demeanor. With a shake of her head, she let her troubles go. The ten months of separation was obviously making her think way too much. Perhaps she'd visit her second home at Sharingan in the near future.

Later that evening, Sakura had decided on returning home. Where she'd go instead? Who knew. Perhaps wander around until three in the morning. That was always good. But, then again, she had nothing to keep herself occupied until then.

She fished out the keys that were located in the depths of her Capri-cargo pants. "I'm home," she called out. No one answered. That was odd. Her mother should have been home. Well, unless there was an emergency at the hospital. Maybe that's where she should have gone. But then again, she didn't exactly feel like doing the medics' paperwork again.

With a sigh, she decided to step through the kitchen, which was a slight shortcut to the stairwell leading to her bedroom. She nearly jumped out of her skin upon finding someone, back turned to her, hovering about the microwave. The tall man turned around. He had a head full of pure gray hair, and very distinct aging lines down the length of his face.

Her fist tightened unconsciously at the sight of the familiar figure, but suppressed her emotions well. "Hello, Father. I didn't know you'd be home. How's work been lately?"

The man continued to stare impassively through the dark blue orbs, which were slightly more sunken than most people. "Where's that woman?"

Of course. He had no interest in what his only daughter was asking. She tried to be sociable, really, she had. But this man… whom she even called 'Father', was just—no, she refused to think like that. Family was family. No matter what kind of person he was. Swallowing the spite that threatened to spill from her mouth, she gave an extremely forced and weak smile. "I have no idea where Mother is at the moment, sorry. Are you planning on staying long?"

He went back to his business, taking out the plate of food from the microwave. After another moment, he still hadn't answered. Sakura just gave up in trying, and trudged up the stairs.

She threw open the door to her still pink room. Honestly, she thought out in slight disgust, it really was as if nothing had changed. The very thought was frustrating to no end. It was so to the extreme, that despite the time being only ten thirty, Sakura had fallen fast asleep.

Morning had come, and just judging by the sun that shown through her bedside window. Sakura rose to her feet, stretching while doing so. She could just sense it. Something good would happen.

She quickly got changed and headed downstairs. The house was quiet, much like it usually was. There was a note on the kitchen table. Her mother had left early for work, yet again. Well, that wasn't anything new. Grabbing her usual slice of bread and chugging a glass of orange juice, she headed out for her day.

But what to do? The woman sighed. She didn't really want to bother the Nara family, as she'd already done so the day before. Maybe she'd visit the hospital anyway. She'd already made some friends among the residents, and some other med. school students.

The building was on the far side, however. It was about a good half-hour walk. But, she was up for it. Because, of course, something good would happen. So, with a hum, she set off on her route.

Despite the glorious weather, there was no one on the streets. The pink haired woman looked at her watch. Well, it was only nine. And a weekday. Everyone must have had better things to do. "Well, whatever then," she said quietly to herself.

After awhile, it began to get eerie. Where had all the birds gone? Her pace slowed slightly, but not quite stopping. All she heard was the soft steps of her own feet against the battered concrete sidewalk. In the distance, a short while later however, her ears caught wind of the sound of an approaching car engine. For the time being, she chose to ignore this.

But, the sound of the car horn made her jump. Whirling around, she noted the car was parked just a few meters behind her. Curiosity getting the better of her, she wandered over to the vehicle, and peered into the open window. Her emerald eyes widened.

"Sasuke!" she exclaimed in honest surprise.

The man in the front seat simply smirked, taking off his dark shades, revealing the onyx orbs of Uchiha Sasuke. With a motion of his head, he muttered a: "Get in."

Sakura did as she was told, and hopped into the passenger side of the navy-coloured sports car. At first, the drive was silent, only the hum of the road was heard. She was in the midst of trying to sort out her words carefully. The other seemed to be waiting on her reaction.

"It's been awhile, hasn't it, Sasuke?"

Keeping his eyes on the road, he answered: "Aa."

She was used to his close-ended conversations by now. "I'm…well, surprised. What are you doing here?"

"I was in town. Thought I'd drop by."

Sakura laughed. "Right. You were in town with the load of work you have as President. That's good. Now, what are you really doing here?"

The Uchiha chuckled, and glanced over. "I'm out secretly, actually. It's been awhile, so I wanted to see you again."

The comment made Sakura's face flush. She hadn't expected those words to ever leave the mighty Uchiha Sasuke's lips. Tearing her gaze away from his enticing onyx eyes, she starred in front of her. And for a moment, her blood ran cold. "Sasuke!"

With ultra-sharp reflexes, the Uchiha stepped hard on the brakes. The vehicle stopped almost instantly, missing the speeding car running a red light by mere inches. "What the hell?" he demanded, extremely pissed. With a frustrated growl, he opened the door and stepped outside his stopped car.

The pink haired woman was going to reprimand her companion. He couldn't just stop and get out of the car in the middle of an intersection. But then, gazing around, she noted no other cars were actually on the road. Strange…

In turn, she stepped out of the car. "Sasuke?" she said hesitantly. Only, the man in question was no longer around. Slightly puzzled, she looked around. Where the heck could he have gone, leaving his prized car (and not to mention his woman) just like that. Off on the opposing street corner, she saw him, talking to another woman.

Upon moving in closer, she recognised this said female as her long-time friend Hyuuga Hinata. "What's Hinata doing here?" she wondered aloud.

Her thoughts were once again cut short by the soft rumble of thunder. So much for a nice day. Light drops of rain were beginning to fall from the heavens. Maybe she'd wait in the car for him to finish whatever business he had.

She turned on her heel, and began to walk slowly. But someone brushed past her, forcing her to stop. It was another very familiar figure. "Hey! Sakura! Hurry up, it's raining. Don't want to get caught in a storm, do you?" Uzumaki Naruto joked, running off to shelter.

Before she could take another step, Tenten ran past her. "Jeez, Sakura, you're such a slow poke!"

She began to wonder where all these people were starting to appear from. But what was the more pressing problem, was the fact that her legs no longer seemed to respond to her wishes. She wanted to call out to the people that kept on passing by her one by one, but they'd constantly cut her off, and run away shortly after that.

Many people later, she was beginning to get scared. Having no more strength in her legs, she'd collapsed to her knees. Tears of frustration threatened to fall from her lashes. What was going on? Hinata had just passed her, giving an apologetic smile, and scurrying off.

The last figure strolled by her. Forcing everything she had left in her, she'd called out his name. "Sasuke!"

The man stopped in his tracks, and turned to face her. At least he seemed to hear. He smiled slightly, and held out his hand, waiting to help the girl up. With a relieved sigh, she outstretched her own hand to take up on his offer. That is, if only her arm would listen. So there she knelt, on the cold and wet road, staring helplessly at the man in front of her.

After a moment, he frowned. "You don't want to? Fine then." With a cool glare, he shoved his hand in his pocket and continued to stride away.

"No! Wait, please!" she wanted to call out. But her voice was lost. The world around her was crumbling. The air became hard to breathe. What was this sensation? It was suffocating. After awhile, it became almost impossible to breathe at all.

Her heart was pounding wildly. Death? Did this feel like death? Was she dying? She was beginning to lose the sensation of the cold rain on her face, and slowly plunge into darkness. Everyone… had gone. Where? Why? She struggled to stay conscious, but to little avail. In a desperate thought, she managed: 'Please. Someone…'

Sakura woke with a start, her face moist with perspiration. "A dream?" she said aloud. With a quick glance at the clock, she noted the time. It was nearing two in the morning. From downstairs, she could hear the faint arguing of two voices. She assumed her parents.

But really, what had that been about? Usually, her sleep was dreamless. So all of a sudden, why had this appeared?

Listening to the incoherent words of her bickering parents, Sakura stuffed her head into the white pillow she'd been lying on. This time, a lone tear had escaped her eye. Why? She didn't know. But it just seemed appropriate.

The ringing of her mobile phone startled her. When she glanced at the called ID, she dried her face and inhaled, to sound normal. She flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Sakura?" questioned the voice of Hyuuga Hianta.

"Yeah, I'm here. What's up?"

There was a pause on the other end. "I'm s-sorry to bother you at this time… but… Well, we're having a little situation here, that's a little stranger than normal."

Sakura wanted to respond with an: I'll say! But instead, opted for a question. "Oh? And what's that?"

"Well…it's Kiba. He… came back from investigating and became ill. But, an odd kind of ill."

"What kind of ill?"

"The doctors here say t-typhoid fever."

The pink haired woman paused. "Are you sure?"

"Y-yes. I know it's weird, because you shouldn't get it here. He's alright, just constantly sleeping now. But… while he slips in and out… he mumbles… Akatsuki."

Yet another pause. Sakura wasn't quite sure what was going on. Drifting thoughts, odd dreams, and now this. Akatsuki. After all these years? Something was definitely up. Pushing the doubts temporarily from her mind, she instructed: "Send a train. I'll be up there shortly."

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