The Wrong Side of the Tracks

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Dedication: To all of the SkimblexJenny fans out there, hope you enjoy it.


The hot summer sun beat down on all of the railroad workers in front of the train station. The days were getting more unbearable as summer slowly dredged on. It was nearly impossible for the overworked and underpaid workers to finish building the tracks for the new station.

Mortar, one of the younger workers, wiped the sweat from his brow. It was almost lunch time and his stomach was growling. Mortar was an unnatural shade of red, like his father. He continued hammering in the spike he was working on. He turned his head to the right to talk to his co-worker.

But, alas, he was staring off into space, daydreaming.

"Skimble! Snap out of it before the foreman sees you!"

Skimbleshanks broke out of his dreamlike state and quickly got back to work. Mortar rolled his eyes.

"Skimble I swear, one of these days…" Mortar groaned. He paused slightly and looked over at Skimble.

Skimble's glass green eyes were locked onto the spike he was hammering into the ground. His usually bright orange coat was dusty from the sand and stained with black grease. Skimble was out of his kitten hood but he wasn't quite an old man yet, about 28 in human years. He was strong and muscular, and yet he was socially awkward. But if there was one thing about Skimble everybody knew it was that he was the most dependable cat on the workforce.

"I heard some of the guys talking this morning. Supposedly we're going to get another pay cut." Mortar sighed.

"What does it matter? At least they're not laying us off." Skimble answered in his Scottish accent, not taking his eyes off the spike.

"But we can't afford to live like this. I can barely afford catnip and with another cut I'll be out on the streets!"

Skimble looked at his friend. "This is the only job I can get. Until I can find some other work, pay cut or not, this will have to do."

Skimble had a point. They weren't getting better jobs anytime soon. So this would have to do.

"So," Skimble smiled. "Did you catch the game on Sunday?"

"Boy did I and let me tell you was I furious. I couldn't believe he actually dropped the ball." Mortar sighed.

"Yeah, well, it's not like we can always have a perfect game. I mean nothing in this world is per…" As Skimble glanced up from his spike and looked at was standing across the tracks words failed him.

She was the most beautiful queen he had ever laid eyes on.

Her coat was a heavenly orange with tiger stripes and leopard spots. Her face was mature even though she couldn't have been older than 25. She was a pampered and probably rich too. But he didn't care.

She was perfect.

"Skimble?" Mortar said looking at his friend's shocked face.

Mortar followed the direction of Skimble's gaze to see the queen on the other side of the tracks. Mortar immediately recognized her. He grabbed Skimble and turned his face towards his.

"Don't get any ideas." Mortar hissed.

"Why?" Skimble asked bewildered.

"Do you know who that is?" Mortar snapped.

"No, but I'd like to find out." Skimble's face was as red as Mortar's fur.

"That's Jennyanydots!" Mortar glanced over at the queen.

"Jenny…what a wonderful name…" Skimble began to drool.

"She's the boss's girlfriend!"