"Tezuka go back!!"


"One more."



In case you were wondering, Tezuka and was chillaxin' over at Fuji's house. They were watching television. Well, I guess that's what you can call it, since they were technically looking at the television set. However they weren't actually watching a particular show. Just flipping through the channels, you know like when there's nothing good on, but your too lazy to get up and do something productive with your time.

"Ooh, this is my favorite show!" squealed Fuji getting all exited.

"Sailor Moon? Your favorite show is Sailor Moon?" If it was someone else they would have been incredulous, but well, this is Tezuka we're talking about. In other words he gave Fuji the same look he gives everyone and everything.

"I'll go make some popcorn." Said Fuji getting up and rushing to the kitchen lest he miss part of the show.

"The show hasn't even started yet." Thought Tezuka. "It was only a message saying that it was on next. Now I have to sit here watching a commercial about spray on hair. Who would buy spray on… oh it started! Maybe I should tell Fuji. Nah, its only the theme song. It's not even a good theme song. I bet I could come up with a better one. Let's see…"

Out loud, Tezuka started to sing along to the TV, with his new lyrics.

"Playing tennis by moonlight,

Training hard by daylight,

Never running from a real match,

They are the ones called Seigaku!

They never turn their backs on their friends,

They are always there to defend.

They're the ones on whom we can depend,

They are the ones called teeeeeam….





With tennis skills that are not new to them,

They are the ones called Seigaku.

Playing tennis by moonlight,

Training hard by daylight.

With Inui to help train,

They are the ones called Seigaku.

They are the ones called Seigaku.

They are the ones! Seigaku!"

There was a chuckle in the background.

"I didn't know you could sing Tezuka."


"You should teach that to the freshmen so that they could sing it at all of our matches. I bet it would make all the other teams jealous." Fuji said this with a sweet little smile, but you could tell that deep down inside he was laughing at Tezuka.

"Yudan sezu ni ikou my ass." Cursed Tezuka.

A/N: Tezuka's little song was based off the english version of the Sailor Moon opening. If you want the lyrics I suggest googleing it. Or you could just ask me.