Accidentally in Love

I own nothing i wish i did but unfortunately i dont so enjoy!

Veronica voiceover First day at college! Oh the joys of college preppy blondes, drunk frat boys, and the Hearst Welcome Wagon

"Hello I'm part of the Hearst Welcome Wagon." The somewhat overweight blonde said," Would you like me to watch your car while you find your dorm?"

"Actually," Veronica replied, "I'm not staying on campus I'm just visiting a friend."

"That's great!" The blonde said somewhat cheerfully as she walked away.

"I didn't even know Hearst had a welcome wagon." Veronica mumbled to herself as she walked to Wallace's dorm. She arrived to his dorm room and looked inside to find Wallace sitting in front of the TV playing NBA Live 2006.

"Whoa this doesn't look like a college boy's dorm. Where's the beer and pictures of half naked women?" She asked Wallace jokingly.

"Oh, it's behind the case of porn and my shot glass collection." Wallace laughed as he stood up to hug her. "V! Geez I haven't seen you in like one whole day."

"Yeah I missed you too!" Veronica laughed.

"So you wanna go to lunch? I'll buy." Wallace said.

"Of course I could never pass up a free meal!"

"That's my V she's super fly!"

"Yeah and super hungry lets get going papa bear."

"You know I hate when you call me that." Wallace laughed as he locked up his room.

"I know you do that's why o call you that." Veronica said as they walked down the hall toward the car.

"So where to V?"

"The food court will be fine. Should we invite Mac?"

"Well no I was hoping that we could talk just the two of us."

"Ok." Veronica said stopping to turn on the radio, "OH I LOVE THIS SONG!" she screamed when "We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols came on the radio. She turned it up all the way and started to sing loudly. Wallace just laughed and sang along.

Later on when Veronica and Wallace were halfway through their meal Wallace told her something and Veronica responded with a very loud


"I told you, me and Mac went on a few dates this summer and we are sorta dating." Wallace responded calmly.

"Great!" Veronica said rather loudly, "Now everybody except me has a 'significant other'."

"Relax V. You'll find someone. They might be closer than you think."

"Your right Wallace. So do you and Mac wanna do something tonight?"

"Well actually me and Mac have a romantic evening planned."

"I don't think I like this very much. You and Mac dating means you guys will have no tome to do stuff with me!"

"Well we will do something tomorrow night. I promise."

"Ok sure. Well you two have fun tonight." Veronica said rather grouchily, "Well I've gotta go. I'm supposed to meet Mac at her new dorm room."

"All righty SupaFly!" Wallace yelled as Veronica walked away.

As she walked away she saw Lamb standing by her car.

"If it isn't the devil himself." Veronica said to him with an attitude.

"Hey be nice to me!" Lamb replied sounding rather serious.

"Sorry. How's this. Yes Deputy Lamb could I help you?"

"Actually yes Veronica I have a 'job' for you."

"I'm listening."

"Well I need to retrieve this computer chip and I need a very cute blonde to do it."

"Well it looks like I won't be spending my Friday night alone." She said to herself.

"Ok well follow me back to the sheriffs office and I will fill you in there."

"Yep see ya there." She said as she got into her car and drove off. That's weird Veronica thought to herself as she pulled out her phone to call Mac and explain what was going on Lamb smiled at me.