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Chapter 1


Rebecca Potter sat in the corner, cradling her bruised arm. She'd just received another beating from her father. Thing was she hadn't even done anything wrong. Harry, her younger brother, had broken another china doll and blamed it on Rebecca. As usual their parents believed Harry over Rebecca. They always did. Rebecca wiped away her tears, and slowly climbed to her feet. Her parents and Harry had just gone out, leaving Rebecca alone. Again. This time was different though. This time Rebecca wasn't going to wait around for them to return. She was off. She started to climb the stairs to her room. She'd been planning her escape for ages now. She didn't actually have an idea of where to go, but she was sure she'd find somewhere. She reached her room and started packing. She didn't have a suitcase like her parents or Thomas. She just had a luggage hold-all. Rebecca didn't mind. A suitcase would prove heavier and harder to carry. She grabbed all her clothes, which were all ripped and torn, folded them up neatly and put them in the bag. Then she grabbed her writing stuff (parchment, quill, ink e.c.t.) and wand. Not that she could do many spells. She zipped up her hold-all, but stowed her wand in his jean pocket, and walked out the room. She placed the hold-all at the top of the stairs, and went into her parent's room. They kept both hers and her brother's money. Only Harry got to get his whenever he wanted. Rebecca walked over to the small cabinet labelled 'Funds' and pulled out her wand.

'Alohomora.' she said clearly.

The cabinet unlocked and Rebecca opened it. The Alohomora charm had been Rebecca's first successful charm when she had got her wand. Not that anyone really noticed. They only got her one, because Mr Ollivander insisted on it. She'd never regretted it though. She wasn't allowed to use it often. Her parents thought she only knew one or two. They didn't know that she practiced at night, looking at one of Harry's many books. Not that Harry knew it was gone. He never read the books. The spells he did now, had been thought to him by their dad. Rebecca sighed depressed. She hated how her parents ignored her. She wished that they could see her as a person, but she knew it was hopeless. They loved Harry, because they thought he was The-Boy-Who-Lived. They believed, along with every other witch and wizard, that he'd saved both himself and Rebecca 9 years ago. Rebecca knew better. She remembered that night, she dreamed of it every night after that. It was her who had deflected the Avada Kedavra. She still didn't know how, but she was glad. Otherwise she'd be dead. Unfortunately the whole wizarding world, thought no way could a girl deflect it. Despite the fact that witches and wizards were classed as equals, Rebecca had been outcaste. So everyone thought Harry was the saviour. Rebecca pushed her thoughts away. It was better not to dwell on stuff like that. She looked inside the cabinet. There were 4 draws, each labelled. One said 'James Potter', the one beside it said 'Lily Potter', the one below James said 'Harry Potter', and the final said 'Rebecca Potter.' Rebecca pulled open her draw. She knew there was quite a bit in there. Her parents put 2 sickles in each month since she'd been born. Since Rebecca had never used his she had, she thought about it, 14 gallons and 12 sickles. Arithmacy was also one of her strong points. She collected up the money, counting it into the bag. She actually had 24 gallons and 12 sickles. She guessed her parents had put an extra gallon a year in for birthday and Christmas. They usually just gave her some new clothes, battered clothes. She thanked God that her parents had put a charm on the box, meaning that money was added when it had been arranged. Other wise she doubted she'd have much. She was also thankful that they'd put a charm on the box, allowing only the correct owner of the money to access it. She left the doors open to show her parents that she wasn't scared of them anymore, and walked out their room. She stowed her money in her other jean pocket, and walked over to her bag. She picked it up with her good arm, not that her left arm was that sore anymore, and headed downstairs. Her bag weighed more than she'd originally thought, buts she had developed quite a good strength and was able to lift it. She reached the front door, and flung it open. The sun shone brightly that day, and it took a while for her eyes to adjust. She checked there was no sign of her parents or brother. When she was sure it was all clear, she looked once more back at the house and walked out, closing the door behind her. She walked down the pathway and headed down the street, not glancing back.

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