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Chapter 35

The Wedding

Rebecca paced in the small room, at the back of the church. She was wearing a white wedding dress, and the veil was behind her head. Today she was getting married.

'Quit pacing.' said Gin, her maid of honour. 'You'll wear the carpet out.'

'I'm nervous.' said Rebecca, slowing her pacing.

'Calm down.' said Gin, getting up and comforting her friend. 'Everything is going to be fine.'

There was a kncok at the door, and Regulus came in. Rebecca had asked Regulus to give her away. Needless to say the man, had been more than delighted to do so.

'Are you ready?' he asked.

Rebecca nodded. 'I'll see ya out there.' said Gin, before leaving.

'Thanks for this Regulus.' said Rebecca.

'No problem.' said Regulus. 'Although I had to leave your mother crying in happiness.'

Rebecca laughed. Trust her mum to start crying. Rebecca looked at herself once more in the mirror, beofre dropping the veil. She turned back to Regulus.

'O.K. lets go.' she said.

'She's late.' said Tom.

'She's a woman.' said Severus. 'It's her job to be late for the wedding.'

Before Tom could think of another remark, the music began. The doors at the end of the church opened, revealing Regulus escorting Rebecca. Tom smiled at her. She looked absolutley stunning. Regulus let her go, and sat down next to her mother, once they were at the front of the church. Tom pulled the veil back, and took her hand.

'We are gathered here today, to join Thomas Marvolo Riddle and Rebecca Lily Evans in holy matrimony. Tom take Rebecca's left hand.'

Tom did as he was told.

'Repeat these words...'

People entered the Great Hall at Hogwarts, for the wedding reception. Severus Snape had been apointed as the new headmaster, with Bella as his deputy. Tom and Rebecca shared the first dance, as husband and wife. With Sal watching, in the arms of Liy.

'I love you.' whispered Tom, to Rebecca.

'I love you too.' replied Rebecca. 'Oh and by the way.'

'What?' asked Tom.

'I'm pregnant.'


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