Author's Notes: What to even say about this... I wrote this purely to satisify my own Tokka needs, not for length or content or depth, but just to write, and I think that is quite plainly obvious. -dies of embarrassment- Does it help that I think I was unconscious while writing this? Blegh.

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Just Him and Her


"So, Toph, I was thinking that—maybe, sometime… you know, we could—if you're not busy, that is… running from Angry Jerk or something—saving people, anything like that… and if we're by a stream… or a lake, or a river, 'cause you like fish, don't you? Yeah, if we're by a steam, I can catch some fish—you do like fish, right? 'Cause I don't wanna make something you don't like, that would be stupid… but then again, my mom did say it's the thought that counts, especially when Dad would bring her jerky for her birthday—but I wouldn't be able to get jerky anyway, so fish it is—if you like them, that is. Or I could just pick some berries instead, if you'd like that better, and maybe some flowers too—girls like flowers… you like flowers, don't you? 'Cause you're a girl and I just figured that you… would… and, uh… what d'ya say?"

Toph blinked blind eyes in Sokka's direction for a moment, rubbed the back of her leg with the other foot, and then said, "What?"

There was an awkward silence—Sokka rubbing the back of his neck, Aang smiling that cheesy smile of his, Katara gaping at her brother and nearly falling into the campfire, Toph looking genuinely confused—Katara stomped out the hem of her skirt, then spoke.

"I think… Toph, I think Sokka just asked you out."

"Oh." Toph blinked. "Ooh." She turned an uncustomary shade of pink and shuffled her feet. "Okay."

"Well?" asked Aang eagerly, Airbending himself a scooter to circle Toph, then Sokka. "Are you going to answer?"

Toph stood silent for a second, looking somewhere in between mortified and petrified, then opened her mouth and proclaimed loudly, "I like fish." And with that, she turned on her heel and strode stiffly into the woods, nearly tripping on a branch on her way.

Katara and Aang shared a curious glance.

"Was that a yes or a no?" the Airbender asked in an intrigued whisper.

"I think that was a yes, Aang," said Katara slowly, and neither of them seemed to notice the ecstatic smile blooming on Sokka's face.

They did notice, however, when he tripped over his own bag and landed face-first into the dirt.


(I guess.)