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I can't seem to get the Gundam boys out of my system so here's another. A new pairing for me, I hope I do them justice. Please let me know what you think. It's the only way to know if I'm doing this right or not.


Chapter 1


Cerulean eyes narrowed dangerously, daring the blonde to say anything further as Milliardo Peacecraft stared, dumbfounded, as he mumbled,

"What are you doing here?"

"Fixing your car. Follow me."

Milliardo followed the stoic brunette through the doors and into the main part of the garage. He couldn't help but look around and admire the workings of the business. They had converted a huge warehouse into an auto garage that specialized in customizing luxury, or high-end cars, but the place had been recommended to him for repairs as well. And as Milliardo followed Heero to his own car, he spied at least four cars he would love to get his hands on.

They eventually arrived at his car and Heero proceeded to pop the hood and inspect the vehicle as he spoke to Milliardo.

"What's your problem?"

"Excuse me?"

"The car. What's the problem?"

"Not responding properly. Slow on the uptake."

"Any weird sounds?"

"No. But I can feel it fight me when I shift."

"Last oil change?"

"One month."



'How far?"

"On the average….30 miles daily."


"Of course not. I'm a law abiding citizen."

Heero's head popped out from the side of the hood and fixed the platinum blonde with his piercing blue eyes and Milliardo couldn't stop the smirk from appearing.

"You're lying."

Milliardo chuckled and leaned against the car, arms crossed over his chest.

"I open her up whenever I can. Especially on my way home at night. Eighty to ninety."


Heero ducked back behind the hood and Milliardo approached to watch the man in action, but suddenly Heero closed the hood and wiped his hands, heading back towards the front office.

Milliardo could only follow silently, willing to wait for the young man to reveal his thoughts. He was no stranger to Heero Yuy and his eccentricities.

Heero went over to an immaculate desk and sat down, pulling out a form from one drawer and a pen from another. Milliardo sat down in a chair provided and just watched the former Gundam pilot. He looked different. He noticed it as they were walking back to the office that Heero was a lot taller than the last time they saw each other. Milliardo put him at about 5'11". His hair was still that same untamed mop of brunette that he somehow made work and he still had that serious face with those steel blue eyes. His body filled out as well. He was thicker, not the straight-lined physic of a teenager, but a defined body of a man that regularly worked out. As if to confirm his theory, Heero removed his jacket revealing an upper body in a formfitting t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Milliardo raised an eyebrow as his eyes were treated to the sight of powerful biceps and a thick chest that tapered slightly into a tight abdomen.

When Heero looked up again Milliardo had returned his face to that of the curious customer with a nervous smile.


Heero handed him the form and Milliardo quickly scanned it, expecting Heero to give him a narration of what he was reading but he just sat there and waited. Milliardo understood most of what he was reading in that he was familiar with a car's mechanical parts, but he didn't have the skill to agree or disagree with Heero's assessment so he handed back the form.

"Fine. When do you think it will be ready?"

"Four days assuming the part arrives on time. Six days otherwise."

"Will you be the one working on my car?"

Heero smirked and sat back in his chair crossing his arms over his chest.

"Does it matter?"

"No. I was just curious."

"Hmph. All the men here are very skilled and I would trust them with my own car. But yes, I will be the one working on your car. Feel better?"

"Is it because it's my car?"

Heero's eyes darkened for a split second and then he got up and headed for the door that led back into the garage.

"No, it's because I own the place and decide what I work on. I'll have someone call you when it's ready. See ya, Peacecraft."

"Your--? Heero wait."

But the brunette had already disappeared and Milliardo was left alone, slightly stunned and worried he'd offended Heero. Just as he was leaving Milliardo heard the door to the garage open and he turned, hopeful, but saw an older man emerge with a smirk on his face. Milliardo had a feeling the man wanted to say something so he closed the door and faced him.

"Are you a friend of Yuy's?"

"In a manner of speaking….it's none of your business."

The man chuckled and sat down heavily in the padded swivel chair behind a tall customer service counter.

"Well, he must be something to you because he doesn't work on just anyone's car. He's very particular. And although that Aston Martin is a beauty and would be tempting to any good mechanic, the boss is not easily impressed. So I'm guessing it has something to do with you."

"Perhaps he's planning on sabotaging my car. We could be enemies for all you know."

Milliardo's face was impassive but his soft voice had an edge to it that knocked the mechanic's smile down a few notches. He nodded once to the mechanic and left the office, deciding to walk a few blocks before hailing a cab.

How long has he been here? Why hasn't anyone mentioned Heero was here? Do they even know? Maybe I should discreetly ask Chang. But then if he doesn't know….. Milliardo stepped out into the street and hailed a cab. No, I'll just wait and ask Heero when I come back to pick up the car. As Milliardo sat back in the cab a smile curved his lips. I'll be damned. Heero Yuy is alive and fixing my car. The Fates work in mysterious ways indeed.

To be continued…..