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Heero seeks some help in dealing with his newfound relationship.



Heero had been staring at the phone for the past ten minutes, debating for at least the twentieth time that month whether or not to call his friend for help. He's the only one. If I want to know for sure, I have to call him.

Heero closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and dialed the phone.


"Hey, Trowa."

Trowa's eyes went wide momentarily, and then his face softened into a shy smile, happy to hear his friend's voice.

Heero? Hello. How are you?

"I'm fine. I was hoping to get your insight into a…..situation."


Trowa frowned, Heero's voice sounded uncertain and troubled. Could he and Milliardo be having trouble?

"When you were with the circus, you seemed to have a certain talent for…..Quatre said it seemed like you could actually speak with the animals."

Trowa's brow remained furrowed but his lips curved into a lopsided smirk. What in the worlds is he trying to say?

I'm very comfortable around animals, yes. I wouldn't say I talk to them, but I do seem to get a sense of what they're feeling. Is that what you're talking about?

"…..I guess."

Heero, just tell me what's on your mind. You know I'll help any way I can.

Heero sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. I shouldn't have called. He's going to think I'm crazy. But he's the only one I can turn to.

"I talk to the thing."

Trowa wasn't sure he heard Heero correctly, the deep voice nothing more than a mumble in his ear.


A defeated sigh sounded in Trowa's ear.

"Rascal. Milliardo's cat."

You….talk to Rascal?


Trowa chuckled quietly, suddenly getting an idea of what his friend was so disturbed about. I suppose he would have trouble accepting a bond with an animal. He's hesitant enough with humans.

Heero, it's perfectly normal to speak to animals as if they're human.

There was a pregnant pause and then Heero's voce came through, hesitant, uncertain.

"What if he answers back?"

Answer? Oh, you mean he meows back.

"Yes. But….I know what he's saying."

Trowa wasn't quite sure what to say. Heero was obviously nervous about having the conversation to begin with but trusted Trowa enough to call and get his advice. I want to help him, but…..could the problem truly be that his cat talks to him? Literally?

Trowa took a deep breath and closed his eyes before responding to Heero's statement. I have to take this seriously, for his sake.

Heero, you seem worried about this but…. it seems to me you're very…comfortable…..with Rascal so I don't think you have anything to be concerned about.

"So…I'm not going crazy?"

Trowa chuckled.

No, of course not.

There was silence on the other end for a few moments but then Heero's voice sounded again, but it seemed he was addressing someone on his end and Trowa strained to listen. Is he talking that harshly to Milliardo?

"If you eat that I'll throw you out the window…..you just ate dinner……if you stop bothering me I'll make you something later……last warning before I open the window."

Trowa was fascinated as he listened to Heero threaten Milliardo. He knew Heero was a bit cool and stern, but from what he'd saw, Milliardo dictated the pace of their relationship. I don't remember Heero being that bossy or mean when we were together. He preferred a passive role, mostly.

Uh, Heero, do you need to go?

"Sorry, yeah, I guess I better go. Damn freak cat thinks he's going to eat my dinner."

You were…..speaking to Rascal just now?

"Yeah. I managed to get him to stop licking my toes but now he's going for my dinner. But I'll fix him. He's sleeping on the sofa tonight."

Trowa heard the satisfaction in Heero's voice and he couldn't help the laughter. He was speaking to the cat. He really does 'speak' to Rascal. Amazing….

"What's so funny?"

Trowa choked down his laughter and cleared his throat, but his voice still held his amusement.

I'm happy for you, Heero. I think you found where you belong. You should go now and defend your dinner. Tell Milliardo I said hello, ok?

"Sure. 'Night, Trowa."

Goodnight, Heero.

As Heero took the phone away from his ear he could hear Trowa's laughter pick up just before he disconnected the call. He frowned and tossed the phone on the sofa and turned his glare to Rascal who was sitting on the floor by his feet, looking up at him expectantly.

"I hope you're happy. Now my friend thinks I'm crazy."


Rascal leaned his head into Heero, rubbing his soft face against the top of Heero's foot.

"Your affection is small consolation."


"No, I love Mill. I tolerate you."


Rascal jumped up onto the sofa and walked onto Heero's lap, nudging his kitty cat head under Heero's chin, purring. Heero's glare morphed from a look of annoyance into defeat as he brought a hand up to scratch behind Rascal's ears.


Rascal licked Heero's cheek and then curled up in his lap looking content. Heero sighed and reached for his plate on the side table, taking a piece of roast beef and offering it to Rascal.

"You're such a pain in the ass."


"Yeah, yeah. Don't let it get around though, alright?"


Meow. (The End)

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