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Kris woke up early that Thursday morning. She put on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. She walked out of her trailer and walked to the barn. She whistled and her best friend, Wildfire, popped out his head. She went up to him and scratched his nose.

"How are you boy?" Kris asked kissing him on the nose. He jerked up his head to say that he was fine.

Kris looked down at her watch. 5:45 She had 15 minutes before she had to be at the track with Nevermind.

Nevermind was a tall chesnute. He had a stripe going down his face. He ws a fast horse, but not as good as Wildfire. She also had training with Stricker and Wildfire today to. Krsi said her goodbyes to Wildfire and walked to Nevermind's stall. He was a grouchy old thing. Kris lead him out of the stall and tacked him up. She lead him out to the track and waited for Pablo. She was five minutes early.

Soon Pablo walked out of his house and to the track.

"Kris, we are going to blow him out today. He has a race in three days. Tomorrow and Thursday we are breezing him. I want you to trot the first half mile and then canter him the last half. Then gallop him a mile. I'll tell you what to do after that," Pablo said.

He helped Kris up and watched her take off. Sh did just as Pablo said. When she had finished Pablo was there with another horse, Sam Elliot. Another horse they were training.

" I'm going to have a match race between you two. I want you to go a mile and a half. The last half mile let them have their heads. I want to see what Nevermind can do with a longer sprinting distance," Pablo said. The towo horses were loaded up in the gate. The doors flew open and they were off. They were neck and neck around the first turn. Krsi pulled ahead on Nevermind. Cahse was struggling on Sam. They were falling behind. Kris took the oppurtuninty to get ahead. The ast half mile Kris let Nevermind strecth out full in the sprint. He was going faster and faster. Krsi could tel this is one of the best times he was going to have. They crossed thfinish line. They finished atleast fve seconds before Sam Elliot. Chase just wasn't that good of a rider. He couldn't handle horses at faster speeds.

Kris cantered Nevermind back over to where Pablo was. Sam was right behind them.

"Kris, that was amazing," Pablo said. "You just did a minute and 22 seconds. And Chase, you did ok. a minute thirty. But, Sam has never been in a gate or raced with some other horse either. Kris, go get Stricker ready. Be back in about five minutes."

Kris trotted Nevermind over to the stable and hopped off. He let a new hand take him to cool him off. She ran to Stricker's stall and took him out. She placd the sadle on his back and tightened he girth. She slid off the halter and put the bridle on him. She lead him out to the track. She hopped off. Pablo gave her the same instructions as last time. Sricker wasn't as physiacally fit as Nevermind but he had more passion for racing. Kris galloped offa round the track. She passed Pablo and knew tha the mile was up. She let him have his head. He took off. He may have been a young horse but he knew how to run. Kris crossed the finish line an trotted over toward Pablo. She had a huge smile on her face because she knew she had just beaten Nevermind's time.

"A minutes 21. Good Job Kris. Go get WIldfire. We are having a slower training with him today. He are just going to start building back up is power, and barrier times."

Kris walked Stricker over to the bar and handed him to the same stable hand. She got Wildfire out for training. He was doing a lot better. He seemed tp be back into racing.

Pablo told Kris she could have the rest of the day off. She went to her trailer to take a well needed nap. She laed on her be on turned her radio on. She flipped through the channes but there was only commercials. She turned it off just as her cell phone started ringing. She looked at the cover Matt.
"Hey," she answered.

"Hey Kris. What are you doing today?"He asked.

"Nothing. Pablo is letting me have the rest of the day off. I clocked a minute 22 on Nevermind and a minute 21 on Stricker. what's up with you?" She asked him.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the club with me and Junor tonight," Matt asked.

"Yeah,sure. Pick me up at six," Krsi said then said her goodbyes and hung up the phone.

When she looked at the clock, it was 2:30. She decided that it would be a good idea to take a nap. She set her alarm clock to 4:30 and layed down in her bed to take a well needed nap.

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