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Shakera's POV

"Friday couldn't have come fast enough," I thought as I dropped my backpack, coat, and purse on the floor. I placed my clarinet case carefully on the floor in the front room of my house. It was 3:15 in Newark, New Jersey when I got home from school.

"Another week closer to summer vacation" I mumbled to myself as I walked into the dinning room. I expected my mom to be sitting there by herself grading papers but I was surprised for the first time that day. My mom was there talking to an old guy dressed in karate-like robes.

"Hi, mom!" I said as I walked into the room. I turned to the old guy and introduced myself "Hi, I'm Shakera, but please call me Kera."

"Hello, Kera. Please call me Master Fung". He replied. Master Fung looked like a karate master or something straight out of a karate movie.

"So… um…Not to be rude but, why are you here?" I finally got out. Master Fung just smiled and began a story.

He talked about a place in China, where he lived, called the Xiaolin temple where monks trained to improve their martial arts skills. He also told me the story of the 4 dragons in training and their search for something called the "Sheng Gong Wu" these "mystical object that have special powers". Now the 4 dragons in training saved the world for the 3rd time!! Who knew that the world was in danger so much!!! Raimundo, the dragon of wind became the leader of the 4. It sounded like some T.V. show or something! It sounded really cool

"I am here Kera, to offer you the chance to be a Xiaolin dragon as well." He finished. I was in a state of shock!

"I would love to but what would be my element?" I asked "They're all taken".

"True, the four elements of nature are taken but, there are many sub-elements that could give you power."

"Ok", I said. I turned to my mom to ask "So can I?"

"I think it's a great idea." Mom said happily "When can I get rid of her?" she said in a joking voice. Master Fung handed her plane tickets for a week from now.

"We will look forward to your arrival." He said as he stood up to leave.

"Thanks" I said smiling "See ya in a week!" I turned to go into the living room but I stopped myself. I turned around to ask Master Fung one more question but he was gone.

"That was weird" I thought "Hmmm. I wonder what my element is."

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