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Kera's POV

As soon as Dorothy saw that I had caught her trying to kill me, she swiftly grabbed the knife on the floor, cut her arm and threw the knife so it was right next to me, then she backed up into the corner of my room and screamed a blood curdling scream while sliding down with her back to the wall so she was sitting. Before I knew it, Raimundo ran into my room and I was screwed!

"What happened? I heard a scream and-" Raimundo paused when he looked from Dorothy to me and then back to Dorothy. How did this happen? I mean a few seconds ago I was asleep!

Dorothy jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, "sobbing".

"Oh, Raimundo (sob) Thank heavens you're here! She (sob) almost killed me!" She cried, holding on to him as if there was no tomorrow. I began to roll my eyes at her "breakdown" when I noticed, something really, really suspisious. Dorothy's seashell necklace started to glow dimly, sort of like Ursula's in "The Little Mermaid". I looked into Rai's eyes and saw the same type of hypnotizing, golden, glow. So Dorothy, little miss "victim", was using this necklace to hypnotize Raimundo! That explained why-

"What in tar nation is going on here?" Clay asked behind Raimundo at the entrance of my "room" with Omi and Kimiko by his side.

"This bitch, tried to kill Dorothy with that knife!" Raimundo yelled pointing at me then at the knife, still on my floor. Oh, no he did not just call me a bitch and blame me for what that asshole tried to do!

"NO I DIDN'T!" I yelled as loud as I could, glaring at Raimundo and Dorothy, who was still holding on to him. "Dorothy tried to kill me!" Raimundo snorted bitterly, his eyes looking malicious.

"Why would a nice, innocent, beautiful-" when he said 'beautiful' his eyes scanned over my green skin,"-girl like Dorothy want to kill anyone?" I glanced down at my hunter-green colored hands, to see them trembling with anger. I willed myself to say, something, ANYTHING but my mouth wouldn't allow any words to come out. Thank god Clay was there!

"Raimundo, partner, this makes about as much sense as my uncle not eatin' any food on Thanksgivin'." Clay commented. Ok, I didn't exactly understand what he just said, (no one probably did) but I think he stood up for me. "I mean, why in tar nation would Kera try to kill Dorothy?" Now, Dorothy spoke up, her voice shaking with "terror".

"I believe that, Kera's jealousy took over, causing her to attack me," Dorothy stated, as if it were a scientific hypothesis. Shit, that did sound plausible.

"BULLSHIT!" I yelled making everyone in the room flinch. I turned to Omi, Clay, and Kimiko to see how they were reacting to this. Omi and Clay had troubled looks on their faces while Kimiko just looked heartbroken.

"You can't believe a word she says! She cut herself with that knife! (I pointed at the knife on the floor) I never even touched it!"

Dorothy starting bawling, VERY loudly, causing Raimundo to look concerned and mad at the same time. Her necklace started glowing, brighter this time, followed by Raimundo getting really pissed off. I had to tell them about the necklace…but…who would believe me?

"You are such a two-faced bitch, Kera!" Raimundo yelled at the top of his lungs, his eyes glowing as bright as the sun, "She almost-" I can't take this anymore.

"Go to hell, asshole!" I yelled at him as I stormed out of my room. I ran as fast as I could, so I could be anywhere but here.

I stopped running when I came to a small stream, with a big weeping willow, looking as depressed as I felt. I looked into the stream, to see my reflection but, instead of staring at my green skined self, I saw myself de-greenified. I slowly crouched down, and tapped the water with my pointer finger, creating a small ripple, distorting my reflection.

I sighed and started humming 'Reflection' from Mulan. Feeling more miserable, with each note I hummed. By the end of the song, I saw a small tear drop creep down my cheek.

"Need a shoulder to cry on, sweet pea?" I heard a mocking tone call down from above me in the tree. I looked up and saw Hannibal smirking at me, from one of the branches.

"You don't have a shoulder." I replied in an emotionless tone, standing up. I started walking; just trying to get away from the bean, but a certain bean decided to follow me. I glanced up and saw that a red, white and black bird was flying over me.

"Feeling a little touchy today, sweet pea?" he mocked from a few feet above me. I pretended to ignore him, not responding to anything he said until, I heard, "…and so, sweet pea, you want to go back to the place where you will surely get punished for a crime, you didn't commit." I stopped in my tracks, while the bird flew on until it realized I had stopped walking and landed on a small branch a few feet above me. I looked up at Hannibal, who leaped off the bird and onto my shoulder.

"Isn't that right?" he whispered creepily in my ear. I wanted to flick the pestering bean off my shoulder, but I was interested in how much he knew about this morning.

"Yeah," I answered unsure, "I guess." Hannibal just chuckled, evilly of course. I looked ahead and saw the Xiaolin temple getting closer.

"That seems like a great idea!" he replied sarcastically.

"Wait, why am I even talking to you?" I thought out loud, "This is your entire fault anyway!" I started walking up the steps, towards the entrance of the temple.

"Was I the one, who forced you to be jealous?" he questioned in a serious tone, as I reached the top few steps "No. Did I frame you for murder? Don't think so." I walked threw the entrance, but stopped immediately at the sight of Kimiko and Clay hugging.

"Did I steal, the only guy you ever thought you loved and loved you in return?" Hannibal asked a little louder, this time not answering, and getting Kimiko's and Clay's attention. My mind started racing when I realized what could have happened while I was gone.

How could they?! I mean of all days, and Kimiko of all people would know how this feels, why would she want anyone else to feel this way?!? I glared straight at Kimiko, who was now standing only a few feet away from me, looking heartbroken. The misery in her eyes was so easily distinguished, that I stopped feeling anger and I relized that she was still heartbroken. This morning must have been especially tough for her, they way Raimundo was being so protective of Dorothy-

"Kera, don't listen to a word this no good rotten bean says!" Clay almost yelled.

"Why should she listen to you?" Hannibal fired back "You put on the nice gentleman act in front of her, when behind her back-"

"SHUT UP!" I yelled turning my head so I could see him out of the corner of my eye. "He didn't doanything wrong! He was being a good friend to Kim! What are you trying to do? Get me jealous? Well, it's not working! I could never be jealous of someone being a good friend!" As soon as I said that, I felt this strange tingling, through my body. I looked down and saw my whole body glowing green. Great now what's going on? I kept staring down at my hand, in awe as it went from dark green to white.

"NO! I will get you yet…just wait!" Hannibal yelled jumping off my shoulder and onto his bird, but I barely noticed him. I reached down, to grab the brightly glowing ring, and with one quick movement pulled the ring off my finger. I suddenly felt extreme tired and felt my eyes close.

When I opened my eyes I saw Clay's sky blue ones staring back. I looked around and saw that I was in the same spot, just closer to the ground, and being held by Clay's strong arms.

"Kera, you are no longer green!" Omi yelled as he ran up to me. I sat up, and saw Dorothy, Raimundo and Kimiko in front of me behind Omi.

"Yeah," I replied sleepily, I looked at Dorothy and suddenly thought up the greatest plan to get her necklace and help Kimiko.

"Who are you?" I asked Dorothy.

1 week later…

Kimiko's POV

We were all walking outside to train when Kera asked Dorothy: "Hey, where'd you get that necklace?"

Kera forgot everything that happened from when the Seven Deadly Sins Ring activated to when it deactivated. So she missed, turning green, trying to kill Dorothy or Dorothy killing her I'm still not sure what happened, and… Raimundo breaking my heart. I can't believe I let a boy make me feel this miserable! What's even more unbelievable is how I still love-

"Oh…um this is from my mom." Dorothy replied nervously, interrupting my thoughts.

"Cool," Kera responded, "Can I see it?" We all stopped walking to see Kera holding out her hand to Dorothy.

"Um…" Dorothy started looking very nervous. What's her deal? It's just a necklace, I had dosens of them.

"Thanks!" Kera exclaimed cheerfully, grabbing the seashell necklace and ripping it off Dorothy's neck. Dorothy screamed completely surprised by Kera's actions.

"What the fuck, Kera? Why'd you do that?!" Raimundo asked very aggrivated as Kera examined the seashell, with an amused look on her face.

"Oh, just to stop that evil bitch from controlling you." Kera replied casually, not looking up from the necklace.

"WHAT!" everyone yelled except Dorothy. This time Kera looked up at us.

"Oh, yeah she's been controlling Raimundo with this," she explained holding up the seashell, "ever since she kissed him, he's been wrapped around her little finger. Doing whatever she wants him to do, saying whatever she wants him to say-" Kera paused as she looked at me then at Dorothy, and started smirking triumphantly, "-blame who ever she wants him to blame." Oh My God! Kera didn't forget anything! I quickly glanced at Omi and Clay and saw that they were just as surprised as I was.

"She's lying!" Dorothy yelled pointing at Kera.

"Oh really?" Kera asked smiling, "So if I drop this…" Kera loosened her grip around the necklace, causing it to drop to the ground, and break into hundreds of pieces just like glass.

"NOOOO!" Dorothy screamed as she fell down on her knees, staring at the mess on the ground that was once a necklace. I looked behind her, and saw Raimundo start to pass out.

"Raimundo!" I yelled as dashed over to catch him before he hit the ground. I laid him down on the ground and knelt beside him. I held the back of his head with one hand, while held his hand with my other hand.

"So who are you really?" I heard Kera ask. I gazed up and saw Dorothy stand up and laugh an evil laugh that I recognized all to well.

"Moby Morpher!" Dorothy yelled morphing into, the one and only Wuya.

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