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You don't remember me, but I remember you,

I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you,

But who can decide what they dream

And dream I do…

Taking Over Me -Evanescence


I let out a deep breath. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath again. It wasn't often that I was nervous, but then again it wasn't everyday that you leave everything you know, move to the Prince's castle, and become one of his Generals. I let a sign escape my lips. I looked outside the carriage window at the palace to distract myself. I wanted to be out there before the Prince showed up. It would be rude and unprofessional not to be waiting. It would make a bad first impression. Gathering my wits (and my breath), me and my nervous self climbed out of the large carriage. Stepping gracefully to the ground, I looked at the large building. Shock ran through me as I realized that it was much larger than I first thought. The palace was four times larger than my family estate up north and was made of the finest stones. The towers looked like they went up for miles into the perfect blue sky. I noted with a thought that my family's estate looked like a one-room cottage compared with the Prince's dwelling. I just knew that I was going to get lost. Yep. The worries keep piling up.

Hearing footsteps, I looked at my outfit to make sure I was presentable to the court. I was still wearing my blue Northern Captain soldier uniform because I had had no time to change from training the new recruits to my departure for the capital. Stupid new recruits. Next time they'll wish that they signed up in the other divisions. Shrugging my shoulders at my lack of great first impression attire, I looked up to see a man not too older than myself with black hair, flanked with two other men, one with short blond hair and the other with shoulder-length auburn hair, approaching from the entrance of the palace. The black haired man must be the prince and the others must be two of the generals.

"Lady Zoisite, welcome to my palace," the black-haired man told her.

I bowed and said with actual sincerity, "It is an honor, my Prince."

"There is no need for formalities. Please call me Endymion."

I nodded and replied hesitantly, "Yes, …Endymion."

"Good. These are two of your fellow Generals. This," the prince pointed to the blond, "is Jadeite." Jadeite bowed as I smiled. "And this," Endymion pointed to the auburn-haired man, "is Nephrite." Nephrite just flashed a cocky grin. I could already tell that I was not going to get along with that man. I gave him an indifferent glare. "Now, let's go inside and discuss protocols and boring stuff like that," the prince declared. He made to turn around when he suddenly stopped. "Oh, I almost forgot." He clapped his hands and immediately three servants appeared and bowed to the leader. I was startled by their speed. But then again I guess the Prince has the best of everything, including servants. "Please take Lady Zoisite's bags to her room." They bowed again and quickly took her bags into the large building.

"That's really not necessary, Endymion. I could have taken them myself," I told him as we walked back up the stairs to the entrance.

"No, no. We have a lot to discuss before I get caught in all the Ball hubbub. I need you with me," he replied as he gave me a look I couldn't identify.

"Ball?! There's a ball tonight?" I almost screamed in his ear.

"Yes, yes. Didn't the summon say something about the Midsummer Ball?" I shook my head no. My mood spiraled down. Just what I need, to go to a party with no costume and in a soldier uniform. Great, just great. Another thing to add to my list of worries. "Well, I can send you to the seamstresses. They're bound to have some dresses that will fit you." Endymion looked at his watch and sighed frustrated. "I probably should send you now, otherwise Mrs. Windsor will have my head. Again." Jadeite and Nephrite were smiling. The two generals looked like they were trying not to burst out laughing. Maybe it has to do with this Mrs. Windsor. We reached a entrance foyer where six hallways split up into different directions. "Nephrite, take Zoisite to Mrs. Windsor and meet me back in the blue room." He nodded. Endymion continued, "I guess you have the rest of the day off, Zoisite." He sighed and checked his watch. "We'll just do what I had planned today, tomorrow. The ball starts at seven. See you later." Endymion and Jadeite went to a right hallway and started talking about someone I didn't know.

"Mrs. Windsor is this way," Nephrite said to me with a voice that held an undertone of dislike. Startled, I raised an eyebrow to the tone and then followed him down a left hallway. I studied him out of the corner of my eye. He was taller than I was (probably 6'4" I thought) and had the nicest auburn hair I had ever seen. His eyes were a weird shade of brown almost exactly matching his hair. I looked at the way we were going again. The halls were marble and had different sorts of art on them, but looked like the ones we passed earlier. I looked back at Nephrite and was not shocked to see him looking at me with that smirk. He would be really good looking without that smirked I thought as a comment flew to my tongue.

"That smirk, is it permanently etched on your face?" I asked with a hint of humor. Nephrite frowned and looked forward again. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to make fun of your superiors. After a moment of silence, I thought of a safe topic to ask him about. "What sort of ball is going on tonight?" I asked trying to get back on his good side.

"It's a masquerade. Everyone wears a mask and at midnight you take it off to see who your company is. Then the party coutinues until dawn," he replied curtly as we took another hallway. I looked behind me trying to remember my way back to the foyer. Crap. I was going to get lost. I just knew it.

"Sounds like fun. Is it an annual thing?" I inquired again trying to keep him on the safe topic.

"Yes." Nephrite suddenly stopped in front of a door. "Here is the seamstress room." I looked around him trying to see through the door. "Hopefully, you won't get lost on the way back to your quarters. Until next time." He left with another smirk then turned around briskly and marched down the hallway and around a corner. I watched until I couldn't see him anymore and thought that maybe my earlier statement about his smirk was true. Then my gaze turned to the door. Nervously, I gingerly knocked on the door. knock. knock.

The door was thrown open, sending me flying in shock across the hall. It was opened by an older woman who had pins and colored fabrics draped over her. She had a fiery look in her eye and I became frightened of her. "Yes, what do you want?" she demanded sharply.

"Prince Endymion told me to come to you to get a dress for tonight's ball," I said with a voice that sounded much more confidant that I felt.

"And who are you? Endymion knows not to try my patience before an event like this." The lady was speaking so fast that I had a hard time hearing let alone understanding it.

"My name is Zoisite. I'm the new general for Endymion." The lady looked her over with a menacing eye. I was still in shock, but I could feel my nerves starting to make my emotions come back.

"And why didn't you bring a dress?" the lady demanded again.

"He didn't tell me that there was a ball tonight," I answered as sweetly as I could in my less than fully emotional state. Maybe if the Prince's demands didn't work, pity would. The lady sighed then a smile crawled across her features.

"Come on in, my dear. I swear one of these days Endymion is going to throw a party and no one is going to show up because he forgot to send out invitations." The lady led me inside a large room with fabrics and clothes and stuff thrown everywhere. My first impression was that a cloth monster ate a box of crayons and threw them up, but them a saw that the different colors were curtains, tablecloths, and dresses for tonight's party. I looked back at the lady, ease filling me now that the lady was smiling. She smiled again and turned to me to say, "My name is Mrs. Windsor. And whatever those boys say, it isn't true and if it is, then they deserved it." I laughed. I made a mental note to ask what happened to Endymion that made Jadeite and Nephrite laugh. "Sorry, for snapping at you. We have so much work left to do. Tablecloths, curtains, decorations, and dresses and more. But enough about my problems, dearie. We need to find you a dress for the ball. Rebecca! Take General Zoisite's measurements while I pull out some dresses." I was pulled to a stand near a full-length mirror while Rebecca started measuring me. Arms, legs, waist. This Rebecca girl was fast. She was finished and back to her first project before Mrs. Windsor came back. I stood dumbstruck by the speed of the people in this palace. And speaking of Mrs. Windsor, she came back a moment later with a pile of dresses in her hands. I looked at her in shock with all the colors and frills and lace and fabric spilling out of the pile. "Now what color do you want to wear?"


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