A touch of flame

He watches another squirm hopelessly on his king sized bed for more than two.

His victim's hands were tied above head, yet he still was able to struggle like a mad animal and glare at the sin.

Evil smirk rises on sin's face as he walks toward his victim and removes his own girly tank top.

"It's been a while, Colonel."-he whispers in his ear, gently dropping his hand down Colonel's chest and under his shirt to touch warm flesh.

Colonel shivers on other's touches and gasps-"What do you want, Envy?"

Envy grins-"You know very well, Mustang. I watched you with that Shrimp! I bet you two do the same thing every night?"-he frowns, showing nothing but anger and envy.

"No, we don't. I'm not that sick!-he growls and struggles even more.

"Then what's with that?"-he keeps rubbing his chest-"Who do you fuck then? That chain smoker who follows you or some cheap slut, HUH?-he rises voice and rips Colonel's shirt, exposing his chest and moving lips to kiss bold skin.

Mustang's heart beats faster. He was cursing himself for giving up to this sin, whose tongue twirls around man's nipples to make them hard and really, he was good at this.

"Tell me, Roy, did you ever let someone fuck you or you like to be the one to make others scream your name? Because I like to hear mine."-he moves face to meet Roy's and licks his lips.

"Damn it. Why me?"-he changes the subject, quickly moving face to look away.

But Envy didn't give up, he likes to play hard to get which is way Roy was perfect.

Roy, on the other hand, was annoyed with this. He likes girls for God's sake, not this gay shit.

Envy ignores Mustang's question and moves to his pants, taking zipper between teeth and pulling it down slowly. He could tell that Colonel was hard already.

"Envy, please stop."-Roy whispers.

"Why would I? I didn't bring you here just to stop now."-he snickers and pulls Roy's pants down to his knees before sound of gunshots comes from outside.

Envy frowns and walks to window-"Looks like your friends are looking after you, Colonel!"

Roy sighs in relief and struggles again.

"You got lucky this time, Mustang. But I'll found you again, not matter where you hide."-he smirks and runs towards doors, leaving Colonel still tied.

Few minutes later, someone kicks doors open and runs in. A tall blonde points gun towards Roy-"Colonel?"-she blinks.

"Oh Lieutenant Hawkeye. Mind giving me a hand here?"-he smiles, thanking God in his mind he still had his boxers on.

While leaving, Riza gives Roy suspicious look about what happened there.

He just smiles and waves hand-"I just thought of my idea about miniskirt…and well…"

"Got excited a little bit?"-she sighs.

"Something like that…"-he nods.

No matter where I hide, huh?-Colonel thinks to self. He was sure he'll meet with psycho sin again, even worse then this time….