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I don't see what the big deal is. But of course my parents don't agree. That's why I'm sitting here, for a person I barely know…

Funerals aren't so bad. Its kinda boring really, listening to people go on about someone they don't know any better than I do.

Why am I here? How on earth could I allow Delia to stuff in a dress and do my hair? At least it's black… and it's only a bun- but it's more the principal of the thing.

Great, now I'm talking to myself…I can't wait' til this is over.

Rain pounded on the roof of the church.

Rain's just like a funeral, everyone hates it, she realized. It doesn't matter rain helps things grow, or that it makes the nice days seem nicer- people just see it as an annoyance, a disruption. It bothers them because they can't control it.

Maybe that why I'm different… she thought as she walked to the car after the funeral.

Looking back at the church, she pulled her hair out of the bun. Shaking it out, she stood in the downpour.

Because I love the rain…

And what goes with it.

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