Free Writing

Summary: In an English communications class all the students were made to write down everything that is in their mind. What would a certain Silver-haired bishounen write? RR! ToFu

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It was his last subject for the day and he could not help feel irritable for unknown reasons. Unknown? Scratch that. Who in the right mind would not be irritated if when you feel so tired because of so many work that had been pushed down your throat by your professors the whole blasted day and you come into your last class trying to find some tranquility because it was supposed to be an easy class when you just cannot do so because of all those crazy female fan girls of yours trying with all their might to get your attention which just gets into your nerves. When can they get the idea that they have no chance with me? Kami, they are already college students why don't they just grow up and have some decency? I should stop straining my mind with nonsense…I think I'm going to have a headache.

"Having a though day Mi-chan?" A familiar female voice perked up behind him as he tried massaging his head.

Oh, great. I forgot about her.

"I'm not in the mood Kirisawa." Tokiya dryly replied.

"What? I was just asking." Fuuko said with a pout as if her former comrade who was sitting in front of her can see her.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Tokiya asked in an annoyed tone.

"You must be really tired to forget that you and I attend the same English class, here in Tokyo University…" Fuuko coyly replied. Oh how she loves annoying him. Tokiya thought. So foolish of me to be vulnerable again…and in front of her. Damn.

"Alright! I get the point! Thank you for graciously reminding me. But would you kindly leave me alone and be far away from me as possible? I really don't want the company of a monkey right now." Tokiya sarcastically and icily remarked. Fuuko was not the least bit affected. Instead she even chuckled which annoyed the Iceman more.

"Do I really have that much effect on you Mi-chan that you rather have one of your fan girls sit behind you than me? Aww…that really is touching Mi-chan. But as much as I want to get as far away as I could from you…I can't…because I can't stand seeing a woman drooling all over your back…and…I really like annoying you. You should know that by now." Fuuko teasingly replied.

"First of all, I am very much aware that you take delight in annoying me. And second, I prefer that no one, as in no one, be anywhere near me especially women like them (gesturing towards his fan girls) and especially you. In short I don't like women hanging around me. I am not interested." Tokiya said point blankly.

Fuuko chuckled while mentally threatened Ooohh…you'll pay for that Mikagami then said, " Ouch, Mi-chan you really know how to break a woman's heart. But then again by the way you sounded and by declaring of your disinterest in women that just gives a close to my theory…" Tokiya raised his brow in question. I don't think I'll like what she's about to say…Fuuko stands up and clamps one of her hand to her mouth and the other pointing to Tokiya and her face was of horror.

"You're GAY!?" Fuuko cried out loud. Tokiya sent daggers to Fuuko. Everyone stopped with what they were doing. Then their classmates started whispering to each other while sending glances to Tokiya every now and then. Fuuko sat back down and gave Tokiya a satisfied grin for a job well done. Tokiya on the other hand was about to retort when their professor entered the room. Tokiya grunted and turned around to face the front of the class. He felt Fuuko make a victorious smirk. I will get back to you later Monkey. Tokiya mentally threatened.

"Alright class. Today we will be having a short discussion on Pre-writing then after that I will give you a writing activity. Now our let us recall what you learned from your English class back in high school about pre-writing…" The whole class fell silent and reluctantly listened to their professor as she lectured about the different techniques and strategies on pre-writing. After almost an hour of lecture their professor introduced to them what activity they would do.

"Anymore questions class?" All of the students shook their head in reply. "Very well then your activity for today is free writing. I want each of you to write down everything that is in your mind at the moment you start writing. No stopping. You will write continuously for 10 minutes. I know it will cause pain to your hands but just bear with it. But before you start I will read to you an example of a free writing essay written by one of my students in my previous class." The professor started reading out loud.

"I really don't like writing. I'm not the type who would write my thoughts and my feelings down…that is just for girls! Anyway, since it is required I will write anything just to get this done with. Whatever the outcome I don't care. If it does not make sense I don't care. Sensei asked for it anyway. Shit.(The whole class with the exception of one laughed) What will I write? Hmm…about my…no, no…oh, about my Hime. (Fuuko secretly giggles and mentally noted, I did not know that you had it in you Recca. Hehe…I won't let this live down. Better be ready for me Hanabishi. Finishing her thoughts with a resplendent smile.) Hime is my girlfriend, no, her name is not really Hime…I just want to call her that. Her name is Yanagi and I really love her so much that I am willing to die just to protect her. (Tokiya snorts and mentally warned, you better be sure to die when protecting her because if you fail protecting her and you survive I will be the one who will end your life, Hanabishi) She is kind, gentle, and loving. She accepted me for who I am as well as my friends. Talking about my friends…I belong to a weird bunch but (I should be the one saying thatTokiya thought)…heck I do love them all. I have a six foot tall friend with a well built body but has an I.Q. of a 6 year old and a crybaby as well (Tokiya smirks, Fuuko laughs out, their classmates however did not find it that funny although some did stifle a little laugh), a tomboy best friend who possesses a body of a porn model (The class erupted in laughter while the laughing Fuuko stopped laughing and had a vein ready to pop on her head, A tomboy and a porn model ei? Wait till I get my hands on you Hanabishi!!! Tokiya on the other hand shook his head for he knew what fate awaits the flame casterin the hands of the wind goddess…You crossed the line Hanabishi), who both happen to be my childhood friends, and there's this Ice block who used to be a pain in the neck who I could not understand why a lot of girls fawn over him when he actually looks like a girl…in fact if I did not know him I would actually consider courting him…but then again I won't because he is too cold and skinny for me! (This time Tokiya's vein showed…prepare to die Hanabishi! The class laughed harder, and there's these two kids who seem so innocent yet they have gone through a lot…what else…crap…a minute more and hands are already stiff…arrgghhh…what else will I write…" (End of essay because the time was up. At this point the whole class was guessing who could those people who were mentioned be. Tokiya and Fuuko on the other hand can't wait for the class to end to teach somebody a lesson…a very painful lesson at that.

"Okay class I know how much you enjoyed what you heard but now it's your turn to do the same. Don't worry about punctuations, grammar, structure or anything…just write. Is that understood?"

I'll get to Hanabishi later now I have to focus on this activity. Tokiya thought.

I'll think of a way to make a sweet revenge for Recca later…for now I have to settle my thoughts. Thought Fuuko as well.

"Hai, sensei." The class said in unison.

"Very well then. Get a sheet of long pad paper and your pen." The professor waited as her students took out what was needed. When everyone was ready the professor then said, "All ready? The timer starts…now." After 10 minutes the professor announced that the time was up. The students shook their hands complaining about the pain. "Pass your papers forward." The professor said again. When all the papers were in the professor said, "Would you like to hear one of your peers' work?" There were a few who said no but majority said yes. "The yes has it. Now whose work would you like to hear?" The class went into chaos. Each had their own suggestions and they all shouted it out in chorus while the others were pleading that their paper should not be read to class. The professor closed her eyes and shouted "Silence! I will be the one to choose…" She went through the stack papers in her hands with her fingers and carefully pulled one out. The whole class fell silent. Each one praying that it was not their paper. "The lucky student is…Mr. Mikagami Tokiya."

Sighs of relief were heard while the female population had a curious gleam in their eyes. Tokiya remained indifferent. "Now who would like to volunteer in reading Mr. Mikagami's work?" Tokiya eyed each of his classmates coldly sending the message don't you dare which seemed effective since no one raised their hands not even his fan girls…Tokiya was about to congratulate his self when…"I'll be delighted to read Mr. Mikagami's work Suzuhara-sensei!" but then again there is always an exception for one she-monkey. Damn you Kirisawa…

"Come down here then Ms. Kirisawa." Fuuko happily skipped down (the classroom seats were elevated) the aisle to the teacher's desk to annoy the silver haired bishounen more. However, instead of being annoyed Tokiya even smirked while eyeing Fuuko as she took hold of his paper. Let's see how much pleasure you will have in reading what I wrote…

Fuuko gave a victory sign to Tokiya while the latter just took a seat back and crossed his arms in front of his chest and gave Fuuko a look as if beckoning her to read his work. With his gesture Fuuko was puzzled a little bit but she shook it off and cleared her throat as she prepared to read her comrade's work. This will be interesting Fuuko sheepishly thought. Then she started

"I honestly could not find any logical explanation on how this activity could improve our writing skills. (Fuuko gives a knowing smile) Taking note of the fact that we don't need to be cautious of our grammar, the use of punctuations and such. Aren't we supposed to be perfecting the art of English writing since we are all Japanese? I really find no use in this. If the sole purpose of this activity is just to generate ideas for the topic that we will use for our paper writing I don't need to go through to such a method, which I consider so elementary. I don't even know why I 'm doing this…it is such a waste of my precious time. I still have tons of more important paper to do than this. I could easily find what topic I would like to write about. (Hah! Expect Mikagami to be the Mr. Know it All plus Arrogant Ass…hehe...Fuuko mentally chuckled) All right, what do I have to do today? There's physics, advance calculus, political science…damn here I go again! No, here she goes again! (All the females gasps then whispered to each other I thought Mikagami-san is gay? So that Kirisawa was just making fun of him? What's going on? I don't know…let's just listen, Fuuko raises a brow) How could I think straight when she always, always pops up in my mind?! What is wrong with me?! I have been like this ever since…she started annoying me each and everyday. Calling me that silly nickname that she gave me (Fuuko pales, Tokiya smirks, all the women starts switching to gossip mode), which I don't know why I allowed her to do so…but that silly name that I found silly at first I have come to appreciate…? Kami…I have to drop this topic fast or I'm going crazy! Damn that she-monkey! (Fuuko grips the paper) Oh, God here she goes again…I can't seem to stop my mind thinking about her…beautiful face (All the females sighs with envy, Fuuko starts to get flushed…What the hell is this!? Is this a prank Mikagami?!)…her smile…that damn good smile that lights up my mood although I would never admit that to her…never! (Like hell you would! Fuuko somehow relaxes) And her crazy antics… Did I just write down beautiful?! (Oh so now you're taking it back? Trust Mikagami to admit anything. Fuuko smirks) I really am going nuts…but she really is beautiful…a goddess even (Fuuko's smirk turns into a frown, Tokiya quietly observes her)…the hell?! I just have to stop! Why can't I stop my mind? It's like it has a mind of it's own…no…it's not my mind…it's my heart…my heart is telling my mind to think of her…heart? I thought I lost my heart when I lost my sister…but she…she helped me find my heart again…did I just write that? Darn I'm really losing it. I think it's because of this stupid writing activity…Oh, God I think I'm going senile…why am I like this? I've never been so lost before…but each time I see her…is it? No, it can't be possible…I would never know…I never felt that feeling… am I? (Fuuko's body stiffens and starts to read with a trembling voice, all the women listen in anticipation) There is no other possible reason…no matter how much I try denying it…someone told me what the signs are to confirm it to be true…I did not believe it at first…but now…damn (Fuuko stutters)…I AM IN LOVE WITH HER…I, Tokiya Mikagami, am crazy in love with…"(Everyone, including their professor held their breath waiting for Fuuko to finish). Fuuko shakily but hastily (if that is possible ) hands the paper to her (frozen) professor and silently heads back to her seat. Everyone was still for a moment. A few seconds passed by before the teacher noticed that Fuuko was no longer by her side. " Err…Ms. Kirisawa? Where are you going? You haven't…" called Professor Suzuhara to Fuuko who was slowly walking her way up the aisle. "That was it. It stopped there." Fuuko blankly replied then continued walking to her seat. The professor blinked then looked at the paper to check if what Fuuko said was true. Then the professor sighed in defeat. If only I gave a little extension he would've written it thought the professor. Tokiya who was the only one not bothered quietly thought as if he read his professor's mind. Heck, even if you gave more time I will not write her name down…I know you professors also love gossips…especially about me. (Mikaro: teehee…isn't he too vain?)

A moment of silence passed then the room erupted with wails of women and some gays and loud talking. The men were talking about who could that woman be, or the others were telling of how surprised they were to know that the resident ice man has fallen in love, the women who were crying cried either because the man that they so hoped for already has someone in his heart or just simply because they can't take being hanged in the air like that…missing the most important information of all. Amidst all the chaos Fuuko sat quietly on her chair staring at the back of Tokiya's head while thinking deeply. Tokiya then turned around to face her.

"Did you not like what you read, Kirisawa? You don't seem too happy about it. As I recall you seemed really happy to get your monkey paws on my paper." Tokiya sardonically remarked. Fuuko glared at him then tried to give him a smile.

"That was a good one Mikagami! I bet you did that deliberately to get back at me. A really good joke. The best one you made so far." Fuuko sarcastically replied.

"As much as I want to say it was a joke, I can't. Everything that you read is true. And so if it was a joke and the best as you have said…why are you not laughing? Was it something about you read?" Saying this Tokiya leaned in closer to Fuuko that caused Fuuko to blush a little. Doing this the chaotic class noticed the heated up conversation that the two were having so they started to settle down a little bit.

"Let's not talk about this nonsense, Tokiya." Fuuko retorted.

"Oh, so getting serious are we? What happened to the nickname that you so fondly call me?" Tokiya said a little bit louder. Fuuko sent a meaningful glare at Tokiya saying what the hell do you think you are doing? (This earns a gasp from all the spectators). Ignoring the watching crowd Tokiya was about to continue when professor Suzuhara who took the opportunity that the class has somehow settled interrupted, "I know that this activity has caused so much excitement in all of you. But I'm afraid that we can no longer venture deeper to what you have heard. We still have lessons to talk about. So would you all kindly settle down? Is that all right with you class?" Professor secretly gave a message to Tokiya and Fuuko as she gave a slight eye contact with them. Tokiya nodded while Fuuko gave a thankful smile. The whole class tried their best to listen until the final bell rang. All the students gave a sigh of relief and hurriedly scampered out of the room because there was great news to tell everyone. Tokiya and Fuuko were the only ones left in the room. Tokiya was the first one to stand up, grabbed his things and walked towards the door without even bothering to look at Fuuko.

"So, you are just going to leave just like that, as if nothing happened?"

"I am not the one who is pretending Fuuko, you are."

"Me? What the hell are you talking about?! You were the one who played a bad joke…"

"I said it was not a joke Kirisawa…everything that you read is true. And I am not going to say anything else to make you believe me. It's up to you…but remember, that I do not toy with people's emotions for mere entertainment…and that what I wrote was not only a product of my mind but also my heart…this is something very new to me…and the least you could do is to respect what I feel. And I did not choose this to happen…you know that." With that Tokiya left the room with a dumbfounded Fuuko who was never confused in her entire life.

As Tokiya left the room he felt something that was also alien to him…was it…pain? It can't be…I should not feel pain…she has not said anything yet…I was not rejected yet…right? But…

She seemed so scared when she found it out…is she scared of my love for her? She shouldn't be, right? I'm not even asking her to love me back…I'm contented to know that my heart has chosen to love a wonderful woman such as her…



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