It was a nice day in Konoha. All of our favorite shinobis' had a free day to do what they wished. All

was normal. Jiraya peeking into the women's bath, Naruto scolding him, Sakura scolding Naruto for

scolding one of the legendary sannin, and everyone else just staring at them like they're crazy. Yup,

totally normal, until...

"Okay, go get the shinobi on the list. I want them here in five minutes."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!" Shizune shouted. Now, back to the 'scolding group'.

"BAKA!" shouted Sakura for the one-hundreth time today and giving him yet another smash into his


"Oi, will the following shinobi please report to Tsunade-sama's office. Naruto, Neji, Kiba, Lee,

Shikamaru, and Shino." With that, she disappeared into a puff of smoke.

"Hmph. wonder why Tsunade-baa-chan wants US." said Naruto as the group started for Tsunade's


"Who knows." said Shikamaru.

"Mabey it had to do with that weird language we had to learn..." said Kiba.

After walking for about three minutes, they got to the Hokage's office.

"Ah, Tsunade-baa-chan! what's up?" Tsunade twitched violently at Naruto's nickname for her.

"Okay listen, you three shinobi have been chosen to go to a place called, Noo- Eeng-land...Sorry,

it's hard to pronounce. To protect a boy named 'Harrury Potteruy'...Anyways, you'll be going to the

school of witchcraft and wizardry to protect him for anout one to two years. You don't have to stay

under-cover, but it'd be a good idea to keep things on the down-low. Some of the teachers aren't

used to the way we train and work. Now, get your stuff, and-oh! I almost forgot. Naruto, you might

want to bring some Ramen, and-" She was cut off by the swirlling of sand right in front of her. When

the sand had cleared, Kankuro, Temari, and Gaara were standing there.

"-and the sand shinobi will be coming as well." Naruto tried to raise his hand and interrupt her

thousands of times during her speech, but got empty sake bottles thrown at him, so he just sat there.

"GO!" all six shinobi dissappeared in a puff of smoke, and re-appeared three minutes later with

suitcases packed. Naruto brought two - one with his clothes, toothbrush, ect. and the other was

filled to the top guessed it! RAMEN!!!

"Now, your books, uniforms, wands, ect. will be supplied for you. I will give Shikamaru part of the

money, Gaara the other half, seeing they're probably the most responsible in the group." She handed

Gaara and shikamaru a bag full of odd coins. "Now, all of you old on to this at once. I think it's

called a portable or potkee...something like that. It will teleport you to where you will be staying-a

home owned by the 'Weaslees...Ok?"

"HAI!" they all shouted.

"And no japanese unless it is totally necessary. Now, hold on, and don't let go at all!" They all took

hold of the demonn wind shuriken, and were almost immediately teleported to London. When all of

the swirling and screaming stopped, they all landed on the ground. Well actually, Gaara was held up

by his sand, Temari was flying with her fan, Kankuro had his puppet catch him, Lee landed on his

hands and flipped onto his legs, shino was flying on his bugs, Neji landed om his un-steady feet, and

well...Naruto landed on Kiba and Akamaru.

"BAKA! Naze mar-umm. I mean.." In front of them were five people that wore very weird clothes.

There five were boys. All but one of them had red hair. One with a snobby-looking personality,

Two looked like they could be twins-and troublemakers a that, the fourth one had freckles. But the

last one caught their attention. The scroll said that the boy had a lightning-bolt scar, which he had.

Just then, Shikamaru stepped forward. "Ahem..Hello, we are here to see someone by the name

of...Harrury Potteruy."

"Umm...I'm Harry Potter," Said Harry after hearing something that somewhat resembled his name

from the pineapple-haired boy. They all looked on as the strangely-dressed people mostly stood

there. The only two that weren't were Kiba and Naruto, who were fighting about how Naruto fell

on Kiba, spitting out horrible words in japanese. Suddenly, Mrs. Weasley raced out of the house.

"Oh, Harry! It's so nice to see you, sweetie!" She shouted. Then, she noticed the group in front of

them. "Oh, you must be the group Dumbledore sent to protect Harry here! Come in, come in!" She

said in an upbeat tone.

"Protect him? Why would Dumbledore send teenagers our age to protect Harry?! I could probably

beat them up if I wanted to. They look like nothing!" Shouted Ron. Suddenly, the kid with the green

jumpsuit and bowlcut appeared right behind him so fast, you couldn't see him.

"YAAAAAH!!!!" shouted Ron. Naruto laughed;his brawl with Kiba had ended with a stink bomb

up Kiba's nose. He silently made four kage bunshin, and had them sneak behind him. When he'd

recovered form his dose of Rock Lee, he got up.

'Okay, listen, Broccoli boy-" He started, but then, the kage bunshin tapped him on the shulder, and

gave him a thousand years of pain, then a thousand years of death, then a thousand years of death

with an exploding tag. The final one did the hated-by-female-ninjas move.

"NINJA CENTERFOLD!" it shouted. Suddenly, in front of Ron where Naruto had been a few

seconds ago stood and eighteen year old girl with absolutely nothing on, sending Ron flying

backwards with a nosebleed. Kiba was also knocked out by the jutsu. A white flag came up from

where Ron was. After all that, the real Naruto was just standing there, laughing his head off. They

were all led inside while the two twins carried Ron into the house.

"Okay, let's start with introductions. My name is Mrs. Weasley. These are my four boys.The twins

are Fred and George,"


"What's up?"

"And this is Percy." Percy nodded. "And finally, this is Ron.

"...ugh..." He was still groggy from his trip down don't-provoke-the-ninjas lane.

"And this," She held her hand over Harry's head, "is Harry Potter. The young man you were sent to


"It is very nice to meet all of you." said Shikamaru. "My name is NaraShikamaru. I am a Jounin in

our village, Konoha. This is Hyuuga Neji. He is also a Jounin." Neji nods."This is Amubrame Shino.

Another Jounin level nin." he nods too."This is Kiba. He is at Chunnin level." Kiba sat there

remembering how Naruto beat him. "He only won because he farted in my face..." "And finally, this

is Uzumaki Naruto. He will become the Hokage of our village someday."

"BELIEVE IT!!!!!" Shouted Naruto.

"This is Sabuku no Gaara. He is from a different village-Suna. He is their leader, or Kazekage.

These are his two siblings. Temari and Kankuro." Temari waved, and Gaara and Kankuro nodded.

"It's very nice to meet all of you too." said Mrs. Weasley. "I'm going to start dinner, so why don't

you guys show these 'ninjas' around?" She giggled. She still didn't believe that they're really ninjas.

In The Yard

"So...Are you guys really ninjas?" asked Fred.

"Yea, 'cause you really don't look or act like it." said George.

"Don't worry. I'm an ANBU. If I weren't a ninja, then I wouldn't be ANBU. And Besides, how do

you get to Chunnin level when you're not a ninja?" stated Naruto.

"I still don't believe you...' said Fred.

"Hey guys, dosen't ths look like a great place to train?" said Kiba. That word was the only word

they needed to hear. ' Train.' Since they didn't have sensei's anymore, they normally trained together

in Konoha. So, they all got into their training stances, and yelled "START!"

Neji pushed the wizards out of the way gently. Then, he went straight after Naruto. Naruto did a

Kage Bunshin which outnumbered Neji twenty to one. But he simply hit their chakra points, What

he didn't know was that the real Naruto was charging up a Rassengan. At the same time, Kiba and

Akamaru were using their fang-over-fang against Lee, who dodged, making it hit Shino. Temari was

throwing tornadoes at Shino, and got her chakra drained by the bugs. Gaara was waiting for

Kankuro to make a move when he was suddenly taken over by Shikamaru's shadow, and forced to

protect and fight for him while kankuro's puppet tried to stab him. Then, Neji took his kunai and put

it to Kankuro's throat whoput his puppet away, and went to sit with the wizzards and witch now.

Hermionie had come out to see Harry.

"Why are you here? Did you quit?" asked George. (Pfft! like a Sand Shinobi would give up!)

"NO! I had to. I got out. Neji got a kunai to my throat. I had to give in, or he'dve killed me!" He

said matter-of-factly. They all just stared at him until they heard a scream. While Neji had one of his

chakra blocks at Lee's neck, Naruto had gotten his Rassengan to Neji's throat, and Neji is a very

sore looser. He went off of their training field and was muttering something about how it is Naruto's

destiny to drown in his own Ramen. Gaara got his sand around Shikamaru, and Temari got her fan

at Shino's throat. They both went over to the looser's side. It was now Naruto vs. Gaara vs. Kiba

vs. Temari. Gaara wrapped his sand around Kiba, which was his end. Temari got a kunai to the

throat by Naruto. Gaara vs. Naruto. They both charged head-on. Naruto's Rassengan ripped

through the sand and straight to his throat while Gaara's sand formed a glass kunai at his throat. It

was a tie. They both withdrew teir weapons, and walked off. All of the Shinobi sook hands for a

good end. The Wizards were shocked at how they'd all tried to massacure each other.

"How in the bloddy earth did you do those things?!" shouted Ron.

"Well..." Said Shikamaru. And with that, came the explination of Chakra, Jutsus', Nin, Gen, and Tai

jutsu, and the way of the shinobi. After the explination, everyone headed in, continuously badgering

the shinobi with questions. Tis went on until they saw how Gaara's sand had turned into nine pairs of

earplugs. No matter how uncomfortable, they worked. And with that, the questions stopped.

"Harry! dod you see all of that?! That was amazing! I've never seen a fight like that! Not even at the

troll battles!"

"Nope, Never. I guess Dumbledore really did hire ninjas to protect me." As Harry, Ron, and

Hermionie continued chatting, they walked into the house. When they got in, they smelled delicious

food that Mrs. Weasley'd prepared.

"Okay, kiddies! Tomorrow we go to the Quidditch world cup! We were even able to get a place

for you 'ninjas'."

"Seriously, do you guys seriously think you're ninjas?" asked Mr. Weasley.

"No. We don't think, we know." said Gaara in a bored tone. "What will it take to prove to you?"

asked Gaara. Gaara was getting pissed off by the fact that these two wouldn't believe that they were

really Shinobi. One way to a legnthful life, stay on Gaara's good side Mr. Weasley thought long and

hard. Finally, he thought of something that magic couldn't do, and it would be funny to watch.

"Okay, I've got the perfect thing. One of you has to get up and walk up the wall, across the ceililng,

and back down without missing a step." At the mention of this 'impossible' task, Mrs. Weasley

almost had tea in her nostrils. But the shinobi huddled together, and decided it would be Naruto to

demonstrate the true power of the Shinobi. He got up, walked over to the wall, stepped up the wall,

onto the ceiling, and back down. Everyone was shocked. Mr. Weasley just stared at Naruto like he

was a two-headed mutant with eighteen toes. Throughout the rest of dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley

said nothing as the teens talked. After that, they were showed to their rooms, and went to bed.

Gaara, of course, was sitting on the corner of a couch.