Prologue ...They soon landed on the ground and the shinobi dropped their wizzards and stared in awe. When Ron stood up. stood by Harry and just said "Holy. Fucking. Shit." Because, standing before them, was an army of at least 1,000 strong. "We're in trouble." Hermionie said. No, Hermionie,' Naruto interrupted, "we're in deep shit."

Naruto Meets Harry Potter 10! :D

Itachi clung to the Gryffindoor common room wall, watching the wizzards that were helplessly trapped in his genjutsu. He put his hand up to his ear and went to activate his headset. "Voldemort-san, The Boy and his friends are under my power. Shall I proceed?" There was static, then a voice rang from the other end. "Yes. Stick to the plan. I want that boy alive. His life is mine to take." "Hai." Itachi made his wrist ftwitch slightly to the right. Suddenly, Ron drew his wand and took aim at Hermionie.
"Hey! You nasty Death Eater! Let go of Hermionie!" Ron yelled at a now battle-ready Hermionie, who thought Ron was a Death Eater and just said, 'Give up, or your friend gets it'
"Never! Expelliarmus!" Ron shifted out of the way and shot another spell. Soon, the two were at eachother's throats as Harry was having a nice coinversation with himself, unaware of his two friends killing each other behind his very back. Up in the common room, another Akatsuki member had appeared there to greet the real shinobi. "Who are you?" Naruto made a glare at the newcomer. "I am Sasori of the Red Sand." "Why the hell are you here?!" Kiba growled. "I am here to assure our client's victory. If you stand in my way, I will not hesitate to kill you." His expression never changing.
Naruto withdrew a Kunai. "Well, we're also protecting our client. We will not back down, either!" Shikamaru made his hand-sign for the kage-mane jutsu his clan was oh-so famous for. "Get ready"
"Hah. That pathetic jutsu? I've dealt with it bef"
"Now!" Sasori was caught off-guard by two shadow-clones grabbing him from behind. Shikamaru smirked and took his hands apart.
"Never underestimate a Leaf Village Shinobi." Sasori stared icily back at the chunnin of Konoha, and twitched his hand. Naruto's two clones, who were helping him form the Rasengan, disappeared, leaving two puppets in their place. "Behold, my style of art which lives forever. Puppets." Sasori stood up and jerked his arms up and sprawled his fingers out. "Heh." Shikamaru suddenly made a glance behind him. 'Straoge...I thought someone chuckled behind me...' The puppets suddenly sprang into life and leapt at Gaara and Kankuro. Gaara used his sand to shield the puppet attacks as Kankuro got his scrolls out to fight back. "Guys! Go and help the Wizzards! We can take them!" Kankuro shouted. Without fighting, the others wished them luck and headed out the window. Krow, Karasu, and Kuroari now surrounded Kankuro and were heading towards the puppet master as a distraction. Gaara was calling up massive amounts of sand from outside via the window and sending it after the puppet master, who was quickly enveloped in the sand along with his puppets. "Sabakuky-" "Wow, danna! You got caught that easily?" Gaara, who was about to give the finishing blow, turned around and faced the fireplace. Sitting quietly above the fireplace was a blonde-haired Akatsuki member. Before he could say a word, however, a sharp noise came from behind him as a bomb exploded directly behind him.

Outside, there was mayhem. Ron and Hermionie were trying to kill each other with Harry walking in the way accidentally as he continued his 'conversation' with his friends. As the Ninja arrived on scene, Itachi went to put them under his genjutsu as well. 'it'd be much easier if they all just killed themselves...' he thought. As he looked up, a kunai whizzed passed his head, which he dodged with ease. "Uzumaki Naruto...The holder of the Kyuubi..."Itachi smirked. "Well, at least something will come of this."

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