Hayate just couldn't sleep.
He had tossed and turned all night, even though he was dead tired. Sighing, he threw his feet over the side of the bed, thrusting aside the sating sheets covering him and his love, Uzuki Yuugao. He got up slowly and carefully as not to disturb Yuugao. She shifted slightly; Hayate froze, praying he wouldn't have to cough. When he neither coughed or she stirred, he mentally sighed with relief. He crept out the back window in the bathroom and stepped onto a tree branch that grew near the window.
Hayate was using chakra to cling to the knurled old branch as it groaned and shook. He slowly crawled along its length, feeling better when he reached the thick old trunk of the tree and began climbing along the inside of the branches. At last, he made it to the top of the tree and stepped out onto the gently sloping tiled roof. He plunked down and coughed.
Sitting on the roof gave him a fantastic view of the moon and skies late at night; he often came up here, much to Yuugao's dismay, and watched the sun rise or just sit and stare at an unchanging sky and contemplate the true reason he had for living, especially as a ninja. Hayate shivered; the night was unusually cold for August. He had worn a shirt; it wasn't that. He just had worn the thin shirt he rarely wore any more. He shivered and rubbed his arms, trying to generate warmth. Yuugao's going to kill me; this cough will be even more aggravated than before...
He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned, startled. He sighed with relief, then coughed. It was only Yuugao. He glanced at her and took her in. She looked so beautiful in the soft moonlight, her violet hair shining with the damp water of a recent shower. Her dark eyes gleamed with reflected light, and she had a blanket wrapped around her slender form. But, unlike Hayate, she had worn clothes more suited to the cooler temperature. Hayate looked back and forth between Yuugao and the blanket longingly. Yuugao must have seen the look; she crouched down and draped the blanket over his shaking shoulders and sat down next to him. She gently reached out and pulled into her lap, wrapping her arms around him. Hayate let himself sink down deeper into her arms; he was freezing. Yuugao must have felt him shivering still, as she began rubbing his back, trying to warm him up. Hayate felt a cough coming and tried to push it back; he would only worry Yuugao. But his body won over, and a horrendous cough wracked his chest. Yuugao held him closer still and kissed him passionately. You poor thing...you're so cold, and you're already coughing so badly..."
Hayate buried his face in her shoulder and said nothing. Yuugao began stroking his hair back from his face in attempt to comfort him. "You'll catch your death of a cold if you don't have it already." She sighed. "Com on; let's go back inside." She slid her arm around his waist and helped him stand. Hayate didn't object; he was still cold and he was coughing even more often. Yuugao looked at him in concern and moved a little faster. She retraced Hayate's steps back down the tree and into the bathroom. Hayate groaned and almost fell, had Yuugao not caught him. Yuugao picked him up and carried him the rest of the way into the bedroom. Hayate barely even thought of telling her not to-he was drained, and he didn't even know why. When she eased him down and covered him with an extra blanket he groaned in pain. Oh, why was he so weak all of a sudden? Yuugao sat down directly behind him and pulled him into her lap. She refused to let him be alone.

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