After a long battle with the nine tail fox Yondaime had no choice but to seal it in Naruto with no hope of surviving

"What, don't do it"

"I know that I sounds stupid and I may loose my life in the process but it's a risk I'm willing to take to protect the village and if my son Naruto can somehow control the fox's charka then all will be well" Said Ondame

After a series of complicated hand symbols Ondame had sacrificed himself to the death God in order to seal the nine tail fox into Naruto

"Live well my son, do not misuse this power and fall into the influence of others."

Naruto had started crying probably from the pain that he had received from the seal of the fox now just put on him.

"Well looks like now we need to do all we can to make sure he lives a normal life and also for your father I will protect you" said Iruka sensei

As he was saying this a shadowy figure appeared before him.

Well then you better keep a very good eye on him we will come to get him one day"

Said the shadowy figure

"No I wont let you never will get your hands on him"

"Says you. I don't need to listen to you"

And with a series of hand signs the shadowy figure left the room.

"Although I did not get a good look at that man I'm fairly sure that was a member of Akatsuki. However what would they want with Naruto. They won't be able to control the Kyubi's charka just like all the others who have tried and failed. "Said Iruka sensei to himself." Oh well just the more reason I need to protect this child.

Three years later…

Naruto was walking with Iruka sensei just outside of the ninja school. Just then an old lady appeared.

"Hello would you mind telling me where I can get to the ramen shop from here."

Iruka Sensei slowly approached the lady "Yes sure hold on for two seconds" He then turned to Naruto. "Now Naruto don't go off anywhere got it.

"Okay Iruka sensei"

Naruto even though Iruka sensei had instructed him not to go anywhere he had gone off into the woods and noticed a small pond. He then stared at the fish in this pond and began to play with them. Until a group of people came and had looked at him violently.

"Oh my look the little fox demons playing with the fishes"

"Huh what do you mean?"

"You of course. You're a disgrace to the village and you should go away. "

"But I didn't do anything"

Just then Itachi had appeared in front of Naruto.

"Why don't you people leave him alone? He didn't do anything intentionally did he? Unless he did scram and if you have any problems with that then ill kill you. "

Once Itachi had finished this sentence the group of people decided to run away in fear. Naruto then looked up at him in amazement. This was not the first time people had made fun of him like this it had happened many times before. However this was the first time anyone stood up for him.

"I have to go kid anyway bye.

"Wait don't go. Please I want to be strong like you please teach me. "

"Naruto where are you?" Shouted Iruka sensei through the forest

"Hmm. Maybe someday. "

With this he left just as Iruka was coming in

"Naruto what do you think your doing! I told you not to go anywhere and you still did"


"Sorry wont cut it. Anyway let's go back before it gets cold out. "

Later that night…

Itachi broke into the room discreetly through the window without making a sound. Then followed a banned ninja they were both wearing coats of red and black. Itachi picked up Naruto.

"For someone who really didn't want to loose this kid sure is letting down security a lot."

He then performed a small snicker. "Ooops."

"Itachi you dammed idiot everyone probably heard that" said the water ninja.

"In any case let's get out of here.

They then heard rummaging footsteps from downstairs.

"Quick I heard a noise in Naruto's room. Fast we must get there. "Said one of the voices.

"Common let's just leave already."

So Itachi and the water ninja left leaving no trace of the crime they had done. After about twenty minutes of running the finally arrived at a cave then they moved the boulder to open the passage.

"Quick let us perform the ritual"

"Wait I've been thinking" said Itachi

"What is it" responded the Akatsuki leader

"Well I was thinking since we caught Naruto at such a young age and theres no point in extracting the Jubi's until we have all of them. Why don't we train him to be one of us? That way we can use the power of the Kyuubi to capture the other Kyubi's"

"That is an excellent suggestion Itachi it shall be done as you described it"

"Thank you master I shall train him well"