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Chapter 1

The Exchange student

Edward Elric sighed. He hated the cold and the rain, even though he couldn't get out in the sun much anymore, he still hated wet, cold, and cloudy. It made his automail ports ache, and that was no fun to deal with. Unfortunately for him, in his new town, Forks, it rained and was cold several days of the year, he could tell from the town he was in right now, Port Angles. Like 99.9 of the year. He grudgingly stepped out of the warm dry airport, into the cold wet parking lot. He scanned the area until he saw a man and a girl about his age standing holding a sign 'Edward Elric'. He sighed again, this guy was wearing a police uniform, and he looked kind of boring, but the girl seemed interesting enough, even a little pale. He walked over, bringing his red hoodie closer around his face, and his black combat boots and pants soaking from all of the puddles.

"Are you Edward Elric?" The man asked.

"Ja, I mean yes, I'm Edward Elric. I take it you are Chief Charlie Swan and Isabella?" He asked politely.

"Yeah, I'm Isabella," the girl said, "but please call me Bella."

"Of course Bella," He replied happily. He stuck out his hand. "Guten Tag?"

"Excuse me?" Bella asked confused.

"Schade, I mean sorry, I sometimes relapse back into German. I said, How do you do?" Surprisingly enough, his voice had hardly any accent when he spoke English, but when he spoke German he had all the right accents.

"Oh, I'm fine thank you. Dad, maybe we should go home so Edward can get settled in," Bella suggested.

"Please call me Ed. Edward is what people call me when their mad at me," He smiled sheepishly.

"Come on Ed, let's get to the car so we can get you settled in," chief Swan said as he turned to an older police cruiser. Ed and Bella followed.

Bella turned back to hurry Ed up, when she noticed that he was extremely short. 'There is no way that he is anywhere near normal height!' she screamed in her head.

As if he could read her thoughts he sighed, "Not as tall as you expected, right? Don't worry, I'm used to it. When you grow up in a town where the twelve year olds are taller than you, you get over height problems." He ran a hand through his golden locks, eyes closed. When he opened them again, she noticed that they were a stunning golden, not topaz, but a shade darker than his hair the color of spun gold, like molten gold just cooling off.

Getting over his eye color, she thought as they got in the cruiser, 'I wonder why he's wearing gloves? Maybe they just do that in Germany, who knows but them?' She looked in the side view mirror of the cruiser to see Ed reading as if he was at home, nothing around him to distract him. 'Interesting guy…'

Edward was waiting outside of the Swans' house. He could sense another vampire coming steadily closer, closer to Forks. He paced on the porch, waiting until Bella and her father got home with the new exchange student. He could hear the police cruiser pull around the corner and he grew still, leaning next to the door as they pulled up. He had wanted to go with Bella, but she thought it better if she went with her dad, father-daughter relationship or something. His eyes narrowed at the foreigner. Long blonde hair was back in a braid, with a red hoodie, black pants and combat boots to go with it. Their eyes met after he pulled his trunk out of the car, his eyes were golden, not so different from his own.

The vampire was getting closer, but he couldn't tell which way it was coming from. In his unoccupied hand Edward noticed that the kid had a book on Quantum Physics. 'Interesting choice of a fun read,' he thought to himself. He quickly scanned his thoughts to see if he could hear anything dangerous. All he heard were two words, "Winry…Al…" then he was blocked. The short blonde narrowed his eyes at the vampire. Edward turned to Bella as she, her father, and the exchange student came up to the door.

"Edward, this is Edward Elric," Bella pointed to the short exchange student. "Ed, this is Edward Cullen." She pointed at Edward.

"Funny how we have the same first name isn't it?" The exchange student laughed. "I think it's going to be a strange year." With that last note, he walked in the door that chief Swan opened while introductions were taking place.

"Bells, why don't you show Ed his room?" Charlie suggested.

"Sure thing dad, be there in a second," she turned to Edward. "Be nice to him, I saw the way you were looking at him. Don't get any ideas." She turned and walked inside, leading Ed to his new room, "Now your room is…"

Edward walked into the house and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the couch and sat down just as Bella came back. Ed was nowhere to be found. He arched an elegant eyebrow. Answering his silent question, "Ed's unpacking his stuff, said he didn't need any help." She sat next to Edward, laying her head on his marble shoulder and her hand on his frozen chest. "I should probably start dinner," She got up and went to the kitchen, pulling out noodles, and other ingredients used to make pasta. 'Why was I pushed out of his mind?' Edward mused as he stood up. 'I guess I'll have to find out.'

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