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Chapter 2

Finding Friendship

A tool belt, books, books, more books, and other significant objects to Edward- such as his research journal- were spread out all over his bed. His red hoodie was now discarded onto the floor, to reveal him wearing a black tank top underneath. "Man…I hate the rain…It makes my ports ache…" Ed mumbled under his breath while rubbing his shoulder where the automail and flesh meet. Picking up his belongings, he put them in the dresser, and pulled back on his hoodie. 'No use telling them a secret they don't need to know.' Ed shrugged as he walked into the kitchen. '…I wonder why Bella is with a vampire…' Ed walked over to the stove, "Bella, this smells great…but you might want to add a little basil, just for flavor."

Bella took out a spoon and tasted the pasta. "Hmm, you're right Ed, thanks." She reached up into the pantry and pulled out a container of basil adding a small amount to the pasta. "This should be ready in a few minutes, if you take a shower it should be done by then," Bella suggested.

"Ja, I mean sure, that sounds really good after that plane ride. The towels are in the closet by the shower, right?" Ed asked.

"Yeah, soap's in the blue bottle," Bella called as Ed went up the stairs.

"Danke, Thank you," Ed called.

When Edward heard the door close, he stood from his seat and went into the kitchen, standing beside Bella. "Bella…I don't trust him."

"Why not?" Bella asked, stirring the pasta sauce.

"He pushed me out of his mind. Not even you can do that, I just can't get inside yours, and that makes me wary of him. The way he glared at me after he did it too made me even more nervous," Edward draped his cold arm on Bella's shoulders. "There's a strange vampire around, I can feel it, and Alice saw it coming, but none of us can tell where it is coming from, and then this guy shows up, isn't that a little weird?"

Bella picked up the pasta and moved it over to the sink and began to drain it. "If he is a vampire, let him tell us in his own time." She dumped the noodles in a bowl and set them on the table, and turned around to face Edward. "Besides, I have you to protect me."

Ed sighed as he stepped out of the shower, drying himself off. Edward wouldn't trust him after the incident earlier, and Ed himself couldn't blame the poor guy. 'I really don't see a reason for talking about me like he is, but he is just trying to protect his girlfriend…Winry…I really do miss you…' He pulled on his pants and large t-shirt, and then pulled on his comfy red hoodie. He could smell the pasta on the table, and knew Bella and Charlie were going to be ready to eat soon. He pulled his gloves out of his pocket, slipping them on and plaiting his hair neatly.

"Ed, are you out? Dinner's ready!" Bella called up the stairs as he opened the door.

He stepped out of the door and walked down the stairs, tugging the glove on his right hand higher. Luckily, he had put on socks so his foot wasn't exposed. "Here I am, and dinner smells delicious!" He smiled, hoping to have an appearance of innocence and gratitude. Out of the corner of his eye, Ed saw Edward glaring at him. That was not a good sign…

"Well, since Dad's home, let's eat!" Bella said, going onto the living room to get Charlie.

Edward moved from his position in the kitchen, and into the living room. "Bella, I'm going to leave now, I'll see you at school tomorrow." He gave her a quick hug, and walked out of the door, waving to Charlie, who held a barely concealed glower back at the gesture. The front door closed, and Charlie stood and stretched, before heading into the kitchen.

After dinner was started, there was a long period of awkward silence, which was only interrupted by the chewing and swallowing made as they ate.

Charlie finally broke the silence, "So Ed, what is your family like?"

Ed snorted a laugh, "Well, my Dad and I don't talk to each other, my mother died when I was ten, and my brother died a few years back. I was living with a friend, but he had a lung disease, and didn't live very long. So, I decided to try out America, see if I would have better fortune here." He shrugged at the end, trying and failing to look nonchalant.

There was an awkward silence again, and this time, Bella changed the subject, "So, Ed, what classes are you taking? I might be in some of them."

Ed chuckled inwardly at her "subtle" subject change, "I'm taking advanced physics, advanced chemistry, calculus, history, and English."

Bella and Charlie grinned, "Well, I should be in your Calculus class, and maybe your English and History. You'll probably be with Edward in all of your other classes though." At the mention of the other Edward, Charlie's grin turned into a frown, and he mumbled something under his breath.

Ed sighed as the last food on his plate disappeared, and rose to put it on the sink. Charlie and Bella were still eating, "Um, I think I'm going to go get used to my new room, gut nacht." With that he climbed up the stairs.

The ceiling fan in the room spun languidly, sending a small current of air around the room. Lying on his bed, he couldn't help but think of the time he and Al had snuck out to investigate Lab Five, where he had done something similar. He shook his head, bringing his left hand up to rub his eyes and pinch the bridge of his nose, he really didn't need to be thinking about that right now, he couldn't even cry anymore, and he hadn't when he was able too.

He let out a frustrated sigh, glaring at the wall in front of him as he sat up. He didn't have anything to do so he pulled out his old journal, the years he'd had it worn the cover and the ages were even more dog-eared that when he'd been searching of the philosopher's stone. Pulling out a pen, and another book, he opened both, his journal to a half-filled page and began scribbling furiously as the twilight faded into darkness.

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