Title: Secrets of the Mind
Rating: PG13
Author: MacGateFan
Disclaimers: All characters and concept belong to MGM Studios and other people who aren't me. The story idea is all mine, though.
Note from the author: Thanks to the lovely, xfirefly9x, for taking the time to beta this fanfic.

John woke up to a pounding head and arm that were competing for attention. He glanced at his forearm to see gauze wrapped tightly around it. He immediately remembered the slice of a knife through his skin and why he had received it.


She had come with him off world to check on one of Major Lorne's friendly allies. Everything had gone smoothly until they were getting ready to dial Atlantis. Suddenly they were surrounded by a group of crazily dressed natives, and one had Elizabeth in his grasp.

John lunged for the one who held Elizabeth and a knifepoint. He knew it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but he didn't want her to get hurt. Not that he wanted to get hurt, but it happened anyway.

"Stop!" Elizabeth let out a small cry as the force of a blow knocked her down.

John looked over at her as they were now next to each other on the ground. He noticed a bruise forming on her cheek and didn't even think as he moved to attack again. The last thing he saw was Elizabeth's worried expression.

Now he was waking up alone in some foreign cell and Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen. John gingerly stood up, hand on the wall for support. He slowly moved towards the door to the cell and by the time he reached it, his head was pounding unmercifully.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Elizabeth was counting on him to get her out of here... wherever she was. John stepped back when he heard a key in the lock. Looks like he was going to get his answers.

Elizabeth was thrown into the room with a cry. He was about to help her up when one of the guards grabbed him and pulled him towards the door. "You are free to go," he sneered.

"I'm not leaving without her!" John exclaimed, shoving Burly Guard #1. He was distracted long enough for Burly Guard #2 to grab his injured arm. "Elizabeth?"

He was a little worried when she didn't respond to him. Before John could say anything else, Burly Guard #1 pulled him out of the cell, slamming the door shut. "Stop! Why are you doing this? Let her go!"

Burly #1 yanked at his hair. "If you don't shut up, we will kill her now!"

John just glared at the guard and calmed himself. He would let it go for now, but he would be back to this planet with plenty of ammunition. He knew Carson wouldn't be happy, but that's how it was going to be.

About 20 minutes later, he was back at the 'Gate dialing Atlantis. He was a bit surprised his vest and transmitter were given to him. However, John Sheppard was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

John saw Rodney heading over to him once he stepped from the event horizon. The astrophysicist's words died on his lips when he saw his friend. "Get a medical team down here!" he exclaimed.

"I'm fine," John replied, taking a deep breath as a wave of dizziness washed over.

Rodney immediately grabbed his arm, being careful to avoid the injured one. "Quit being macho," Rodney said, helping him to the floor. "Where's Elizabeth?"

"They still have her." John attempted to stand up again just as Carson and his team arrived. "Get a team together, Rodney, we're going back!"

Carson could tell that John was fighting on pure adrenaline. He moved closer to his patient. "Colonel, don't worry about Dr. Weir. Rodney will get Teyla and Ronon and they'll bring her back, I promise."

"No!" John exclaimed as his knees buckled. Rodney and Carson barely caught him in time. "I have to go, I left her behind! They said if I didn't, they would kill her."

By this time, Carson's team had managed to get John onto a gurney. "Relax, son," Carson said, "everything will be all right."

John finally let the overwhelming darkness surround him.

Elizabeth stared at the woman in front of her in complete shock. Malott was accusing her of staring lustfully at her husband Raxton.

She remembered Raxton from her meeting with Saleena, President of the small country. As far as she could tell he was a very nice man. She had no thoughts about him other than that and she told Malott as much.

Malott circled Elizabeth like a hawk. There was so much hatred in the woman's eyes. "I am sorry about this," she told Malott. "I never meant for this to happen."

"Silence!" Malott growled.

"Where's Colonel Sheppard?"

Malott seemed to smirk at Elizabeth. "He is dead."

Elizabeth's heart leapt into her throat. "No! You're lying!" Malott tossed her something and she couldn't hold in the gasp that escaped her lips. It was a torn piece of John's shirt… and it was soaked in blood.

Suddenly, Malott grabbed her arm, squeezing tightly, and pulled her down the hall. "You will be punished for what you have done!"

Elizabeth was brought into a small room with a single chair in the middle. Malott practically threw her onto it. Elizabeth felt her arms being wrenched behind her and tied.

"This is a friend of mine," Malott was saying. "He is a physician and will be treating your symptoms."

She stared at Malott. "My symptoms? I assure you, I am perfectly healthy. The only thing that's wrong is that I'm sitting in this chair and not you."

Malott shrugged and Elizabeth watched in horror as the man moved towards with a syringe. It was filled with a bright green liquid. She could only imagine what was in there.

"In a few minutes, your mind and everything in it will be lost forever, Dr. Weir. When the serum has fully worked itself into your system, you will be free to return to your home. I promise."

"For some reason I don't really believe you," Elizabeth responded. Outside she was the picture of calm, but inside, Elizabeth had never been more nervous or scared in her life. She was about to lose every memory within her mind.

She felt her eyelids grow heavy and fought to keep them open. As she slowly gave in, her last thoughts were of John Sheppard and how she never got to say goodbye.