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Chapter 1:

Darkness and cold. Those were the only two sensations he could feel at the moment. He stood perfectly still, the only sound he could hear was the soft hiss of his own breath. He took a cautious step forward, his foot finding solid ground. He placed his arms out to the sides and his hands found walls. Cold walls that felt like damp stone. He took three more steps forward. He had no idea what way he was facing or where he was. But he knew he was underground. He could tell just from the smell alone. That musty damp dirt smell. It wasn't a comforting thought.

As he was about to take another step forward a light began to glow in front of him. As it moved towards him it began to illuminate the entire area, showing him the tunnel he was in. In the middle of the light a shape began to form. As he watched, a little boy appeared. He looked around ten years old. Kinda like his brother when he was little. That dark hair and sweet puppy dog eyes. That look of innocence that gets lost as everyone gets older. He found himself staring at the child. Not able to look away.

"Help us." the child pleaded in a small voice.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Please open the door." the little boy said.

"What door? Who are you?" he repeated.

"You have to help us. You protect the kids like us, just like you protect him. Please open the door." the child pleaded, turning to look over his shoulder as he spoke.

He looked up also but couldn't see what the boy was looking at. "I will help you, but you have to tell me what's going on!" he said in a frustrated voice. The air was changing around him. The peaceful silence was leaving and there was now a hum in the tunnel. He could feel the tension building. He could also feel the fear coming from the little boy.

"What's going on! Tell me how to help!" he shouted.

Suddenly the little boy disappeared and everything was dark once again. Except the buzzing noise was now loud and shrill, piercing his ears.

Dean jerked awake with a loud gasp. He opened his eyes to see tree leaves and the night sky above him, stars twinkling brightly. For a moment he was shocked. What the hell was he doing on the ground? He had forgotten where he was. He sighed and rubbed his eyes as he sat up, looking out into the cemetery. How could he have fallen asleep? He looked around, almost expecting to see the little boy somewhere. But no, it was just a dream. A very vivid and disturbing dream, but just a dream. All except for that ringing. He rolled his eyes, reaching into his jacket and pulling out his cell phone.


"What took you so long to answer!" Sam shouted. "I've been calling for like five minutes!"

"Don't get your panties in a bunch Sam." Dean retorted.

"Excuse me for being worried. I was just about to make my way back to you. Is everything okay?"

"Fine Sam. Everything's quiet at my end." Dean said, standing and looking around the cemetery. Actually, he couldn't be sure everything was cool. He had been asleep after all. Damn, he could kick himself for pulling a stupid stunt like that.

"So what took you so long to answer the phone!" Sam asked again, obviously frustrated.

"Had to dig it out of my pocket!" Dean shouted. "Look Sam, tonight's a bust. Let's meet back at the car all right?"

Sam puffed out a loud sigh, "Fine. Be there in five minutes."


Dean sighed too and pocketed the phone. So much for the hunt tonight. He picked up his bag and began to make his way back to Sam, who was sure to be standing next to the car brooding. The boy really was way too tense.

Dean kicked up grass and dirt as he walked. He hadn't really counted on catching anything tonight. But it would have been nice to get the hunt over with. No matter what he told Sam, he didn't really love working in cemeteries all night. But there was too much going on here to ignore, and they would be staying until it was settled.

For the last six months there had been twelve disappearances in this cemetery. All teenagers and younger kids. And that was where the commonality ended. The disappearances didn't happen on specific dates or days, and day or night didn't matter. All of these kids had simply vanished, with no trace left behind.

The cemetery had been around for a long time. The oldest headstone was dated 1814. But it hadn't been abandoned. Instead, it had grown. And now the damn thing was acres big. Sam had found a few urban legends about the place being haunted by spirits. But nothing that really explained the disappearances of the kids. And none of these kids were the type to pull stunts on their parents either. They were all good kids with clean histories and no reason to believe that they would run off. They were just gone. And to make matters worse the place was becoming famous. Now kids were daring each other to run through the place to see if they could make it out the other side. And that was how the last girl vanished. She went in and her friends were going to meet her on the other side, but she never showed up.

He and Sam both had ideas and theories, but nothing they could put a solid lock on. So they had decided to split up and check the place out. But since whatever was going on didn't stick to any type of time table, they had no idea how many nights they'd have to be here.

As the Impala came into view Dean could see Sam. And yep, the kid was leaning against the car with his arms crossed, foot tapping an uneven beat on the ground.

Sam raised his eyebrows as Dean approached. "Took you long enough. Old age catchin' up with ya? Slowin' you down?" he teased.

"Not in the mood for you right now Sam." Dean snapped, throwing his bag into the trunk. He was feeling tired and irritable and he didn't know why. He did know that he couldn't shake the dream he had. He just had a weird feeling that made him shiver. He felt tense but he couldn't explain it.

"You're pissy." Sam said. When Dean didn't say anything and just got into the car, Sam followed. "So really, why didn't you answer your phone?"

Dean shook his head. "I told you already."

Sam snorted. "Yeah you did. Now why don't you tell me the truth. It didn't take five minutes to dig it out of your pocket Dean."

Dean stared at Sam. "You have serious obsessive compulsive issues, you know that?"

Sam laughed. "It runs in the family. Nothing happened out there right?"

Dean let his head droop down to the steering wheel. Sam wouldn't shut up. He wouldn't let it go. And lately, his lying radar was right on, especially when it came to him. Dean just couldn't seem to lie to him anymore. So fine, he wanted the truth, then fine.

"I fell asleep." Dean mumbled.

Sam was taken back. "What?"

"I said I fell asleep okay!" Dean shouted, sitting up straighter.

Sam stared at him silently for a minute. Dean couldn't read the expression on his face. Then suddenly Sam burst out laughing.

"What!" Dean said angrily.

"You fell asleep dude! It's what? Not even midnight. Geez Dean, you really are getting old if you need naps." He couldn't stop laughing.

"Just shut up Sam." Dean said seriously. "I just drifted off for a second. It was nothing."

Sam was coughing from laughing so hard and was trying to get himself under control. "Man, I think I peed my pants."

"Good, you deserve it." Dean retorted. He turned the ignition and put the car into gear. "Let's head back to the motel."


Dean had been staring at the printout for almost thirty minutes now, not having read a single word on the paper. He just couldn't shake the dream. He kept berating himself for falling asleep in the first place. And now he was just angry that some stupid dream was bugging him this much. But it just felt so real. Like there was some reason for it. He couldn't get the image of that kid out of his head. And he kept wondering what the kid meant by wanting him to open the door. He shook his head. It was just a stupid dream. He wasn't Sam. His dreams didn't mean anything.

"So is that page just really interesting or what?" Sam asked.

Dean looked up to find Sam staring at him from behind the laptop. Sam was sitting at the small table with his freaky long legs stretched out onto another chair. "What?" Dean asked.

Sam's eyes narrowed as he looked at his brother. He could tell there was something on Dean's mind. "You've been looking at that same page for like a half hour man. What are you thinking about?"

"Just trying to figure this case out." Dean said.

Sam shook his head. "Dude, I know you. I can tell when you're working and when something's bugging you. So what's up?"

Dean shrugged and moved his eyes back to the paper trying to stifle a yawn. "Nothing." he mumbled.

Sam regarded him for a minute. His brother looked tired. Sam could see his jaw muscle working overtime. He had a feeling something happened back at that cemetery. Now the trick would be getting Dean to admit it.

"You know I was just joking earlier man. I mean, don't beat yourself up over falling asleep. I was having trouble staying awake too. It was boring sitting out there alone."

Dean's gaze snapped up. "I told you, I didn't fall asleep. I just drifted off for a minute. No big deal."

Sam raised his hands, "Hey didn't say it was. I'm sorry okay." Sam watched as Dean only nodded. "So, you sure nothing happened out there."

Dean just glared at his brother.

Sam decided it was time for a new tactic. A low blow, but he could see right through his brother.

"I mean, if something happened you would tell me right? Cause, if not, leaving something out of a hunt could end badly, right? I mean, you wouldn't want us to go in unprepared. I need to know what's going on to stay alive, right?"

Sam could see the immediate reaction. Dean's entire body went rigid and his jaw clenched. He was playing dirty pool, but that was pretty much the only way to get his big brother to just tell him the problem. Ever since Dean had opened up to him the last few times since their Dad had died it was harder and harder to get Dean to open up. And especially since Dean told him what their Dad said before he died, and he had to open his big mouth and make Dean promise to kill him if necessary, Dean's walls had become fortified. He did his best to only show Sam the big brother protector that nothing bothered. He was making sure Sam knew he would be protected by him.

Of course, Sam had no doubt about his brother's love for him, or his fierce loyalty and protection. Sam felt bad enough he asked Dean to make that promise. But it needed to be done just in case. He was having a hard enough time trying to deal with daily life with this unknown future looming over him. He didn't want the weight of it to drag his brother down too. And he didn't want Dean to think he needed to continue to hide behind his walls. Sam was glad when Dean had opened up to him, and wished he would do it more. Of course, all that was easier said than done. Dean may have let his walls down those few times rather easily, at least to Sam, but now they were harder than ever to get past. So if Sam needed to play dirty, he would.

"Dean? You gonna answer me?" Sam prodded.

"You find anything else?" Dean asked instead.

"Maybe." Sam answered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean asked.

"It means, yes. I found something I think we should check out, and I'll tell you about when you tell me what's bothering you."

"I can look at it myself Sam."

Sam shrugged. "You could, but I'll delete it first and then you'll have to search for it. That would be wasting time."

Dean bit his lip. Sam was asking for it. And he was tempted to get up and slap him upside the head. But good old little brother wouldn't let it go anyway.

"Fine." Dean sighed. "I just had this weird dream that I can't get out of my head okay."

"What kind of dream?" Sam asked, pulling his legs down and sitting up.

Dean rolled his eyes. With Sam sitting there looking all concerned and him laying on the bed, he felt like he was in a shrink's office. But instead of aggravating his brother more, Dean just recounted the dream. "I don't even know why I fell asleep. I mean, I wasn't tired. But when I laid back against the tree, it's like I couldn't keep my eyes open. And then I was in that dream."

Sam sat silently, chewing on his thumb nail. "And the kid just kept asking you to open the door?"

"Yeah. But it was just a dream. A stupid dream, nothing more." Sam didn't say anything back, he just turned to his laptop. Curiously Dean got up and went to see what he was looking at. "What Sam?"

"I think it may have been more than a dream." Sam said turning the screen to him.


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