That Fateful Day

By: Silver

Summary: All her life, she's been looking for that special someone. She's been searching for her soul mate. Upon meeting the Sohmas, Lyra finds herself getting closer with the one she thought was a girl. RitsuOC.

Silver: This is a new kind of story. It's been going through my head and it's a new concept for me. I've never tried a Ritsu story before much less one with my own original character. Although he's not my most favorite character, Ritsu is still high up there on my top ten favorite guys' list. I dedicate to this to all of those Ritsu fans out there. As best as I can, this is done in my OC's POV...Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I had never owned Fruits Basket or Ritsu, and therefore I never will. I do wish I at least own Hatori.

"..." - talking

'...' -thinking

Chapter One

It was a sunny day as I walked through the city. I was quite new to this city, given that I grew up in the country part of Japan. My name's Lyra and this is my story about how I met the one person that makes me feel as though I belonged, Ritsu Sohma. I was walking through the crowded street of the city, trying to make it to school on time. I was already late and it was only my first day.

I ran as fast I could when all of sudden I heard a wail out of nowhere. Thinking it was someone in trouble, I stopped. At least I was able to catch my breath. My hazel eyes spotted a young woman, about her mid-twenties, crying. Tears were in her light brown eyes as her long brown hair fell about her face.

It wasn't until I heard her that I thought learned that 'she' was a 'he'. I turned my gaze to the ground. Laying at 'her' feet were groceries. At first I felt sorry for her as she continued to cry.

"Oh no, Shigure-nii's groceries are ruined!" She wailed, trying to the pick up the vegetables and other items, but they ended up back on the ground, "Even the eggs are broke!"

"Ano..." I managed to say in between her wailings.

At first, she couldn't hear me. Out of the blue, she started to apologize frantically, which surprised me. Who in the world would ever need to apologize about being born? Shaking the thought out of my head, I approached her. I gently tapped her on her shoulder, immediately getting her attention.

"Excuse me, do you need some help?" I asked, hoping she would calm down.

"Oro?" She smiled shlyly, holding up the ripped grocery bag, "H-hai! Onegai, I'm afraid I'm useless and clumsy. I can't even carry some gorceries home..."

"Oh, um..." Hearing her words, I scratched the back of my head, "Well, I'll be glad to help you."

"Oh, thank you! Arigatou!" She croaked, bowing deeply as I started to pick up some of the groceries.

"No problem." I said gently.

It took about ten minutes to gather all of the lady's groceries up and even longer to take them to her house. With bags in my arms, I followed her down the street. I looked up as the school bell could be heard in the distance.

'First day of school missed. Oh well...' I let out a sigh, but that only earned a cry from her.

"Y-you missed school! I'm so sorry! Sumimasen!" She cried out, almost dropping the groceries, "Su-"

I smiled nervously.

I put a hand up to stop her, "It's alright, today was just the orientation. I'll go tomorrow. Right now I need to help you carry these home."

"I can't thank you enough." She whispered quietly, our eyes locking.

A small blush rose on my cheeks and I quickly looked away, "Ano...where did you say this 'Shigure-san' lived at?" I asked.

She pointed down the street, "Shigure-nii lives down this street. We're almost there." She replied.

I continued to follow her until we came upon a small, wooded area. It was actually large house surrounded by trees. This 'Shigure' must be rich or something. It was a beautiful house. Shaking my head once more, we stopped at the front door. The woman turned around, the sleeves of her kimono falling over her hands.

She bowed, "Thank you, thank you so much, Miss--"

"Lyra." I said, "My name is Lyra and I didn't mind, really." I smiled again.

Helping people out makes me feel like as if I accomplished something. It was the girl's turn as she smiled back.

"Lyra-san, thank you. My name is-" Before he could finish, the door opened and a girl, with brown hair and turquoise eyes, came into view.

She gasped with a smile, "Ritsu-san! You're home!" The new girl looked over at me and her smile broadened, "And you brought home a guest."

"Hai, Tohru-chan, this is Lyra-san. She was kind enough to help bring the groceries home." Ritsu said meekly.

Tohru bowed, "Thank you for helping Ritsu-san, I was beginning to worry about him."

That one sentence stunned me. Him? Ritsu was a guy? My heart skipped a beat at her statement. Trying to hide the surprise, I spoke.

"I'm glad to help he--er--him." I managed to say.

Tohru giggled as Ritsu smiled more. Ritsu clasped my hand into his, smiling sweetly.

"Lyra-san, I would be glad to have you over for dinner." He said.

"I'm sorry, I gotta go..." I blushed lightly, "I have something to do..."

Tohru's face lit up and she smiled, "Would you like to stay for tea in the very least?"

I shook my head. It wa sweet of them to offer tea, but I didn't want to be a burden. I shook my head once more.

"No thank you, Tohru-san. I have to get home." I said, beginning to walk off.

"Will you come again, Lyra-san?" I heard Ritsu ask.

I looked back at him. His eyes were hopeful. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to refuse him. Blushing more deeply, I nodded.

"Maybe." I whispered.

With that said, I quickly ran off. My heart was pounding. Somewhere deep inside me, I wanted to see him again, but I didn't know if I would be able to. Would I see Ritsu-san again? I'm not the type to open up to others.

Japanese Words

-san - used at the end of one's name in respect.

-nii - Older brother

Ano - Uh

Hai - Yes

Sumimasen - Sorry

Onegai - please

-chan - used at the end of a girl's name that is close with one

Oro - Huh?

Arigatou - Thank you

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