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Chapter Six: Our Happiness

I nervously fiddled with a loose thread of my jeans as we sat there, riding in the mountain lift. Ritsu and I were on our way to visit his family. At least his parents anyway. According to Ritsu, his family runs an onsen up in the mountains. It was like a little get away.

But it was up in the mountains and that meant it was far away from the city. We had to ride the bus to the mountain area and then ride the mountain lift to the onsen. That also meant heights. Like doctors, I also felt slightly uncomfortable about heights. But the good thing is that I get to see beautiful mountain scenery that you would only see on post cards, and I was with Ritsu.

I watched the mountains and sea of trees pass us by with every second. It was truly a beautiful scene, but I couldn't enjoy it. My stomach being unsettled and the nervousness wracked at my insides. I was a bit airsick and more or less nervous at meeting Ritsu's parents. Feeling his hand wrap around mine, I looked up at Ritsu.

A heartwarming smile graced his fair face.

"Don't worry, Lyra-chan. Okaasan will love you like I do." He said reassuringly. But unfortunately, that wasn't what I was worried about. I was just worried about how this meeting will go. Ritsu's warmth and kindness made me want to melt.

Today, he wasn't dressed in a kimono or any other girl clothing. He was wearing a simple dress shirt and pants. His long sandy brown hair was loose. It made him look even more beautiful. Heat rose on my cheeks and I tore my gaze off of him, looking elsewhere.

"Liking isn't always the same as loving." I muttered to myself. Ritsu just slipped his arms around me. He surprised me by drawing me closer. I still wasn't used to this kind of attention. Or at least I was still adjusting to having a boyfriend.

Ritsu is my first boyfriend after all.

"It's going to be ok," he murmured. And for some reason in my heart, I believed him. As I remained in Ritsu's half embrace (he couldn't hug me or it would trigger his curse), an old thought that had been nagging at me for a little while entered my mind. It was about Ritsu's choice of clothing.

When I had first met him, I had thought he was a girl. It wasn't just his hair, but it was the clothing he wore. But recently, he's been wearing something else. It was as though I had changed him somehow. Even his little 'episodes' had become less frequent.

Or at least I don't see them unless Ritsu is terribly upset. I looked up at him, only to have him stare back at me with a loving gaze. Just by looking into my eyes, he read my silent thoughts.

"Anything on your mind, Lyra-chan?" He asked. His hand was gently running through my sandy blonde hair as he asked this. I was almost lulled to a soothing slumber as he asked that. I broke our lock and bit my lips.

Looking elsewhere, I tried to gather my thoughts, and my courage. My gaze then turned back to his.

"I've been meaning to ask you this for a little while, Ri-kun." I said quietly. Ritsu's gentle expression changed to a bemusing look.

"And it might seem a bit...disrespectful. So, I apologize in advance."

Ritsu just smiled, "What question could make you seem disrespectful?" he asked.

"Ano...well," I found myself looking away again, "I-it's about the way you dress."

I instantly regretted mentioning that as Ritsu looked away now too. He wore a mournful look on his face. It almost brought me to tears. Matter of fact, I could feel the tears burning my eyes as I tried to hold them back.

"I'm so sorry, Ri-kun! I told you it was disrespectful, and–" I felt his finger on my lips, silencing me.

"It's not your fault, Lyra-chan. You know almost nothing about me, except for the curse and that my family runs an onsen."

There was a strange sadness in his voice. It was almost...scary.

"Ri-kun...?" I whispered, looking at him. And that's when he began pouring his heart out. Or at least directly answering my question.

"Ever since I was small, my parents always had to apologize for everything I did." He said quietly, "it was because I wore girls' clothing."

"That's all?" I asked, but I knew there was actually a reason as to why he enjoyed wearing dresses and other girl clothing.

Ritsu shook his head as he continued, "I was insecure. I never had any confidence in myself and I felt like such a burden. Wearing girls' clothing made me feel more comfortable about life, and about myself."

"But even so, I still felt as though I had to apologize for my own actions like my family did. I used to think that my parents only apologized because of my being cursed, but it wasn't. It was because of who I was as a human being."

All I could do was sit there and listen. I listened with an open heart, and an open mind.

"But now, I have you, Lyra-chan. I have someone to share my life, my dreams, and my happiness with." My heart skipped a beat at this and again, I felt my cheeks heat up. I blushed. This was truly touching. Ri-kun turned to look at me and he smiled. It was the special smile that he reserved only for me. This was what made me happy inside.

"Ri-Ritsu..." my voice was a soft whisper.

"Lyra-chan...You have a kind heart, and a gentle soul." My eyes widened at this. This was what Shigure had been talking about. At that instant, Shigure's words entered my mind, replaying themselves.

"I see what Ri sees in you now."

"You have a kind heart, and you're very caring."

Tears now streamed down my face and without thinking it, I threw myself at my boyfriend. This caught Ritsu off guard and the next thing I knew, we were both on the floor. And there was a cloud of dust as my embrace triggered Ritsu's curse. I was now hugging a small tan monkey and crying into its fur. No one had ever loved me as much as he did.

"Arigatou Ri-kun. Thank you," I murmured in his fur. Each tear drop landed in his fur. Ritsu just smiled and snuggled more into my embrace. Perhaps one day, I'll tell him about my past as he did. But for now, I'm just happy being loved by him.

Japanese translation

Onsen - bathhouse

Okaasan - mother

-chan - used at the end of a girl or a young child's name that is close with one.

-kun - used at the end of a boy's name that is close with one.

Ano - um, well, excuse me

Arigatou - thank you

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-and Ritsu's past is revealed. Cross-dressing makes him feel good! But as Lyra mentioned, she noticed that he was slowly becoming more self-confident and he is. Lyra now wishes she was more confident in herself. And she found that she could tell Ritsu anything. Isn't it nice to be loved? I wish I had a boyfriend like Ritsu now. Lol. And like my version of Shigure in 'River of Love'. -goes off to la-la land-

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