The Innocents


The village was quite no one could be found throught the homes. They were all gathered around the castle, today their princess was to be born, all hoped the pregnancy would go well. They feared the child would not make it due to the curse, that was set upon their village decades ago. Ever since that day no royal blooded child was born breathing. They all stood in front of the castle praying this one would be born alive.

Queen Soyori cried out and pushed and pusjed, feeling her child was almost out, she gritted her teeth and gave it one last push, she fell back onto her pillow, hearing the wailing, she looked up seeing the doctor wrapping up the small child in a blanket. She was crying loudly her small fists balled up. She was handed over to her mother. Soyori smiled "welcome to the world my dearest kagome" she said, as kagome calmed down , she had black fuzz for hair, she cracked her eyes open, one was brown and one was crytal blue. It shocked her mother, "such amazing eyes" she said and turned to the doctor "let them know..let the village know they have a princess" she said.

When the village heared the news cheers and excited shouts, cried out from the crowds.They celebrated that night of the birth of thier dear princess.

The night drove on one by one the villagers soon left for home to sleep, the place got quiet, and everything settled down. Deep in the woods olyndia the goddess of the woods awakened from her slumber, feeling the curse she had put on the king has been cracked, a child was born, she grimiced at the thought, she decided on a plan.


Four other children were born with the same type of eyes, at the same time as kagome. All from very different family's, and all quite a distance from each other. The four children were Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo. Inuyasha the half demon pup, mother human and father demon, the night he was born his father died, leaving him with his mother, he has one gold eye and one silver eye. Sango, daughter of a lord. Her eye color is brown and emerald green. Miroku, the son of a monk, his eye color is blue and deep purple. Shippo the son of fox demons, his eye color is blue and firey red.

Children born with these amazing eyes, will develop other interesting features as the get older, they are known as the innocents, those who have pure souls, those who cannot be touched by filthy hands. Let the legend begin.