The Innocents

Chapter 1:

Kagome wandered around in the court yard, eyes shining in the daylight, any time now she would be aloud to visit the village for the first time on her own. She would usually have someone accompany her, but today was her 16th birthday and she was aloud freedom, she was not aloud to leave the village, and most certainly not aloud to enter the forest. She heard her mothers call for her and she turned around and ran to her, she wore a blue dress with lacey cuffs, It was a very beautiful elegant dress, She had a necklace known as the sacred jewel, or the shiko no tama. Her mother embraced her daught in a hug. "you may go now kagome" she said in a kind voice and waved as kagome trotted off towards the gate "goodbye mother" kagome said with a wave as she exited the castle towards the village.

The wind took her raven black hair and swept it around her face, she strood out into the village were she was greeted with all friendly faces, all seemed to be happy to be in her pressence. Today wouldn't be like any other, she immediatly noticed and unfamiliar face, he seemed to be looking for something in the jewelry, though he looked dissapointed, his hair stood out the most its silver locks shining, and the shock of dog ears atop his head made her curious about him. As she began to walk towards him the children all gathered around and hugged her legs shouting "you came to visit us princess" and they all smiled. Kagome laughed "i told you to call me kagome!" she said and patted a few of the childrens heads as they pulled her along down the street, she looked back at the boy their eyes meeting, he had the same type of eyes as her two shades. "lets go pick flowers!" the children sang out dragged her off.

Inuyasha's ears flicked and thought she's the princess" and looked at her, not expecting her to glance at a hanyou, but she did, and he immidiatly saw her eyes "like mine" was all he said as he stalked after her staying in the shadows, forgetting his intention of finding his precioius jewel. What also intrigued him about this girl was that she looked exactly like the girl in a legend his mother read him when he was younger, about a goddess's daughter being slaughtered by a enraged king. In fact the story was the same legend that is connected with this villige. He remembered loving to look at the pictures, because the girl was so pretty, and he could never forget her name, he felt bad when kikyo was murdered by the king. He sat behind a tree watching kagome pick flowers with the children, there were a few children running around kagome tossing flowers in the air. He turned slightly red when she looked up at the flowers, as they fell, he snapped out of it quikly "feh as if i care" he said and stood up and walked away pretending he didnt get all heated when the sun shown on her face.

Inuyasha found a tree near the castle and lept up into it, it was far enough away not to be suspicious of and close enough to the castle were he could see kagome walk back in, he lay in the tree and closed his eyes, keeping his ears alert for her voice. It was already getting dark.

"It's getting late we must be getting home now" kagome said to the children whom all made a whining noice and stood up following kagome back "Don't worry i'll come vistit you all again soon" she said, a small girl squeaked up "promise", kagome smiled and nodded her head "promise!" the children all went in the direction of their houses and kagome walked back over to the castle, not but only 10 feet in front of the gates, inuyasha made his entrance, she squeaked and jumped back. Causing him to get startled "you shouldn't suprise people like that!!!!!" kagome said firmly."feh...whatever" he said and looked away for a moment, crossing his arms he looked back as she spoke. "what's your name i havent seen you around before and are those ears real? can i touch them?" she added as she grabbed them any way and stroked them making him make a light squeak and his eyes went blank and a calm expression plasted on his face. When she let go he snapped at her "Dont touch my...ears!...err...Inuyasha..that's my name" he said, "Inuyasha! My names kagome! Are you visiting the village? Do you have a place to stay?" she said all rather very quickly. "umm yes, and no" he said with a sweatdrop she sure could talk fast. Kagome having a kind heart grabbed his hand "Well you can stay at the castle my mother wouldn't mind we have guest's all the time c'mon" she said and dragged him inside without giving him a chance to protest.

-End chapter 1 -

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