Chapter 1: Convention or Convenience?


Note: Takes place after New Moon (About a month)

Disclaimer: This is a take off on the great Stephanie Meyer's Twilight/New Moon. It takes off from after Bella's graduation. I did not create Twilight/New Moon, nor do I own it. I just write this. On with the story!

I rested on Edwards's couch, my eyes closed. Edward was off somewhere, running some secret errand with Alice. So I had opted to stay here, rather than at my house where Charlie had come around to bugging me to accept a college. I was between three choices, though I didn't feel like choosing one today. I had a headache, probably from Edward trying to convince me to marry him for the past hour (thank god it was Friday and I didn't have school tomorrow). I had carefully kept my eyes away from his for most of the day, which was the only reason I had survived resisting this long.

I had only been alone for about ten minutes when I heard the rain, and listened to its pitter-patter on the roof. Even Esme's perfect house could not hide the sound of rain. I was deep in thought, at the news Charlie had presented to me right before I had come to Edward's. He was going away for a week, to visit some kind of convention in New York for small town cops, and he was leaving tomorrow morning. I hadn't told Edward yet, for fear of him having another advantage of convincing me. I, myself, was having a very hard time resisting his smooth voice, and his frustration at my simple refusal.

I didn't hear Carlisle return from work. All I knew is that I heard his tones from far off, though I couldn't quite pick out all of the words. "He and Alice…off doing…. Bella must… she's upstairs…yes." I couldn't figure out whom Carlisle was talking to, or what he was talking about. But I listened harder, and still, nothing else. I lay my head back, letting my headache take me, slowly drifting off to sleep.

I woke with the gentle sound of the door opening, and I sat up straight, blinking groggily. Edward entered the room, and I saw a glimpse of Alice down the hall. Of course, she was in on this. I looked to Edward, and my heart jumped around in my chest. I never got used to his beauty, her complete perfection. "Hi. You're back." I said breathlessly, all of my grogginess disappearing as my eyes met his. "I just had a brief errand to run," his smooth voice informed me, and I felt my mouth watered. "And what was the errand?" I wondered aloud. He smiled, laughing quietly. "I won't tell you just yet. But its something you want." I frowned. "Edward, you know I don't like surprises! If you bought me-" Edward cut me off to my extreme irritation. "I didn't buy you anything." he assured me.

I rolled my eyes dramatically. "So what were you doing?" I asked him wryly. He smiled the perfect crooked smile, shaking his head. He changed the subject. "Isabella Marie Swan. Why wouldn't you marry me?" I sighed exhaustedly. "I told you, Edward, I'll just have Carlisle do it in a few days. Charlie's away all next week for some convention." I watched his reaction carefully. He frowned. "The whole week?" he confirmed. I snorted. "Yes, the whole week. Sunday, all the way through Saturday." He lapsed into thought, a careful expression on his face to keep his thoughts guarded.

I couldn't tear my eyes off of him, and finally, he turned his eyes upon me. "Would you like to stay the week here, then? I'd prefer you didn't stay alone in a house. I can only imagine how much trouble and danger you could do alone in a house for a week." I was stunned. "Here…for a week?" I asked, confused. "But, Edward, honestly, I have to eat, and sleep and-" Edward waved his hand, as though waving away any doubts. "Easily taken care of, love. Though we may not use it, we do have a kitchen. I have this, so not to worry." his eyes smoldered at me, and all I could do was nod. He grinned, his eyes releasing me as he turned to look out his door. "Come on, lets tell Alice. Have your stuff packed by the time Charlie leaves, I'll be there right after," he told me cheerfully.

He stood, tugging me out the door towards Alice's room. He knocked politely, and Alice was there, opening the door. "Did she say yes?" she asked eagerly, and I glared at Edward, things falling into place. "You didn't." I growled. He ignored me, "Yes. Better than just the weekend, the whole week." he sounded like he was enjoying a private joke. "You set up that convention. You did it to be able to bug me 24/7, didn't you?" I glared. Edward nodded, absent mindedly, and took my hand. "Time to take you home. Its past 9, and Charlie will have my head if you stay any later."

Charlie was irritated at me for not being home at curfew. But I waved him off, rushing to my room and flopping on my bed. Edward climbed through my window, seconds after my door closed. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I sat crossed legged on the side of my bed. "Edward." I said hesitantly. "I'm just telling you, I'm having Carlisle do it Sunday if you don't." I warned him. He ignored that, his confidence radiating off of him. "Just marry me." he said, rolling his eyes. "Are you seriously telling me you want to be eternally damned, and with me for as long as we both survive, and you won't marry me? The commitment levels, Bella. Be reasonable." he tried to reason with me, and we heard Charlie's footsteps coming down the hall. "I'll go, be ready tomorrow." he said under his breath, slipping into the shadows, before I could protest. I slipped under the covers, I drifted off into a troubled sleep, mind slow, but content. My dreams centered around Edward as usual. His perfect face, his smell, his voice, and I was content for the moment.

I didn't want to awaken because I knew he wouldn't be there. But it didn't stop me from hoping. I rolled, over groaning, then opened my eyes. I sat up quickly, looking at my alarm clock. 11 am. Charlie would leave at 11:15... I hurried to get dressed, slipping on a dark purple crew cut shirt, and dark washed jeans. I rushed down the stairs, and saw Charlie gathering his luggage. "Bella, I thought you were going to sleep in." he blinked slowly, confused. I gave him a one armed hug, and smiled sheepishly at him. "And miss saying goodbye to you?" He smiled back, then walked out the door, putting his suitcases in the cruiser. "See you in a week!" I waved, then closed the door behind me, and waited several moments before opening the door again. Edwards Volvo sat in my drive way, and he stood by it, smiling his crooked smile.

I locked the door, and then walked towards him, stupidly catching my toe on a rock. Strong arms held me up and Edward helped me to my feet. "Thanks." I beamed up at him. "Your welcome." he sounded like he was holding back a laugh, and I frowned, walking towards the passenger side on his car. Once I was safely buckled in, he was in the drivers seat in a second, starting the engine. By the time he hit the main road, he was going much too fast. "What's are we doing today?" I asked, and he shook his head, the corners of his mouth going down. The rest of the ride was silent, and I wondered what he was thinking about, though I was too scared to ask.

We pulled up at his house. The house still charmed me, with its mysterious beauty, and I stared up at it as Edward took me hand and lead me in. I saw none of his family, but he lead me up the stairs, and we paused in front of Alice's room. Alice's door opened and she was grinning, which made me nervous. I bit the bottom of my lip, and asked "What's going on?". Edward grinned tightly, and as he relinquished my hand and Alice pulled me into the room. "What are you doing?" I asked suspiciously, as she dragged me towards the bathroom, where I could see an arrangement of hair tools and gels. "Where are we going?" I asked again, irritated. "Well, Carlisle has a hospital party tonight, and we (including you) are going, and if you're good Edward will have something for you afterwards." she giggled. I could wish for what that something was, but I wasn't going to far as to hope.