Jake wandered into his room and fell heavily into his bed. He had just situated himself underneath his covers when the door cracked open. "Jake?" he heard his mom call sleepily.

"M'here…" he mumbled into his pillow.

His mom walked into his room and shut the door quietly behind her. She walked across the room and sat at the foot of Jake's bed. She sighed and glanced at the clock on Jake's bedside table. "If you're going to school today, it's time to get up," she told him, almost guiltily.

Jake groaned and buried his head underneath his pillows.

His mom smiled and patted Jake's shoulder through the covers. "Or I can call you off sick today, if you'd like."

Jake pulled his head out and glanced at his mom. "For real?" he asked.

"Your grandfather called me about ten minutes before you came in," she said, nodding at the door. "He told me you were really out all night doing your duties and since it was beyond your control I'll allow it. As long as there's nothing big today."

Jake actually smiled and shook his head. "Nah, just a paper turn in for history. It's in my backpack, I can turn it in tomorrow."

"All right, sweetie," she said and hugged Jake. "I'll tell your dad and your school you're not feeling well. In the meantime get some sleep and don't go out today. Understand?"

Jake sighed and fell back into his pillows dramatically. "Please, mom," he snorted. "I just spent an all nighter negotiating between two nymph tribes on the verge of war. I don't want to go anywhere but under my pillow."

His mom laughed a little and stood up. "All right then. Get some sleep, I'll be back later today. I have a small luncheon across town but it shouldn't take too long."

Jake nodded and curled back into his covers, barely hearing anything she was saying. "Lunch, okay…" he murmured and was asleep within minutes.

His mom walked over to his backpack and opened it. She pulled out his paper and quietly left the room, shutting the door as softly as she could. Haley watched this from across the hall and frowned. "Is he sick?" she asked.

"No, just tired. He had a busy night," Susan said.

"Oh," Haley murmured and then shrugged. "More bathroom time for me," she said sweetly and ran off to the bathroom.

Susan walked up the steps into Jake's school and went into the office. She gave Jake's paper and written excuse to the secretary and turned back towards the door. She stopped short when she nearly ran into a thin, blonde man with dull green eyes. She stepped aside. "I'm sorry," she said graciously and started to walk once again towards the door.

The man glanced down at the papers on the secretary's desk and then eyed the woman he had nearly ran into. "Excuse me, but would you happen to be Mrs. Long?"

Susan turned around and nodded. "Yes. I'm Jake's mother."

The man broke into a smile and reached out his hand. "I am Mr. Layman, his English teacher." As Susan shook his hand his expression turned somber again. "I'm afraid several other teachers and myself are somewhat worried about your son lately."

"Jake?" Susan asked, pretending to be surprised. "Is he acting up?"

"Well…" Mr. Layman coughed awkwardly. "He is, but no more then most children at this school. We're more concerned about his absences from class and the fact that he always seems to be tired. I know he has a job with his grandfather however it appears to us that he may be getting into trouble."

Susan frowned and shook her head. "I can assure you that Jake isn't doing anything he shouldn't be. If he was I'm sure I'd know about it."

"Yes, yes," Mr. Layman said. "He assured me the same thing yesterday. However I thought I'd just bring it up. Perhaps you'd like to have a talk with him. Just in case."

Susan smiled warmly at the teacher and nodded. "I'll do that. Thank you for your concern," she said and walked out of the office. Once outside she breathed a long sigh of relief and smoothed her hair nervously. "Oh dear," she said under her breath as she left.

Meanwhile, a congressman stepped forward on a platform that was set up in central park. "And," he continued. "Because of our need to preserve nature and the beauty that this planet gives us I have decided to propose a bill that will allow the state of New York to more easily request federal protection for our natural reserves. I declare this in the beauty of Central Park to remind everyone that even in the largest of cities the cool scene of the forest is always welcome."

There was spattered applause among the crowd as the man continued on with his speech. He kept on glancing out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. No one noticed because of his grandiose hand gestures and flamboyant speech. As he neared the end of his press conference he gasped and pointed, his mouth wide open. "My god, what is that?" he asked.

Murmuring the reporters and camera persons turned around and a cry of shock rippled through the crowd. Standing in plain view of nearly 70 people in the immediate area and almost 10,000 people across the nation was a genuine unicorn.

The cameras flashed, clicked and whirred as the nervous animal pawed the ground and whinnied. Reporters spoke feverishly into their recorders while the people holding the live cameras walked tentatively forward to get a better shot.

The congressman walked calmly off the stage, a smile gracing his lips. He stepped back, out of range of the cameras and recorders and pulled out his cell phone. "Hello?" he asked.


He nodded into the receiver and smirked. "They can all see it, don't worry. The plan is just starting. I'll bring the bill up soon." He paused and then laughed. "Don't worry. This is sure to spell the end for all magical creatures and now it will be that much easier to find the dragons." He paused again and nodded. "Thank you. It was an inspired idea." He paused on last time and nodded. "Thank you very much for your praise, sir. Yes, good bye sir."

He pressed a button on his cell phone and pocketed it. His sleeve slid up a little as he pushed the small device into his pocket. He pulled it down, taking great care to make sure that it covered the pale red birthmark that wound around his arm.

Jake snored loudly into his pillow, happily asleep and blissfully unaware of the pandemonium unfolding outside. There was a slam as the front door downstairs was closed with more force then was needed and Jake was jerked rudely out of his peaceful slumber.

He cracked an eye open as he heard several pairs of footsteps make their way up the stairs and he sighed as his bedroom door was flung open.

"Jake, there is big trouble," his grandfather said breathlessly.

Jake groaned and sat up. "Can it wait? I needs my beauty sleep you know," he said pointedly.

"No kid, you don't understand," Fu Dog said quickly from behind Lao Shi. "This is like… the magical world apocalypse here."

Jake was a little more awake now as he looked at his grandpa and Fu Dog. It took one glance to tell that they were dead serious. "What happened?" he asked quietly.

Fu Dog rifled through Jake's drawers and tossed the teen his daily apparel. "Get dressed and we'll explain on the way."

"Way? Where?" Jake asked as he caught his clothes.

"Draco Island," Lao Shi said in a quiet voice.

Jake nodded and ran out of his room and into the bathroom to get ready.

There was no easy joking or playful banter as they made their way into the subway. Jake strained to listen to the chatter around him but was only able to catch small snippets of conversation that left him more confused then ever.

"…this morning on the news. It was beautiful…"

"Can you believe it? I used to when I was little but…"

"Mommy, it was so pretty. Are there more?"

Jake took in a deep breath, wondering what they were talking about and knowing that whatever it was, it wasn't good. Lao Shi nervously made his way to the elevator and pressed the buttons discreetly. Jake felt himself get pulled in roughly the second the elevator opened and watched as the door closed fast enough to take off a limb if one wasn't careful.

"Draco?" the elevator troll asked.

"Please," Lao Shi asked.

Jake backed up and latched onto the side of the elevator as it sped down towards the center of the earth. Fu Dog groaned and Jake edged away from the motion sickness prone dog as fast as he possibly could.

Fu Dog chuckled a little as the elevator slowed to a stop. "Learned your lesson, kid?" he asked.

"Once was more then enough," Jake muttered.

The elevator dinged and it opened again, this time more slowly and they got out. Jake took in a deep breath and loosened up a bit as he felt Fu Dog and Lao Shi relax. "So uh… what up?" he asked.

"You'll learn soon enough," Fu Dog assured Jake. "Come on, let's get into the main building. We're probably the last ones here."

"Hey, it's called being fashionably late," Jake said smoothly.

Fu Dog smiled at Jake and shook his head. "I'm glad you can still joke around kid. We're gonna need them."

Jake sighed and then shrugged. "May as well," he said quietly.

They walked into the conference building where Lao Shi silently shape shifted into his dragon form. Jake glanced at him once then followed suit. Quietly they flew up into the air, with Jake supporting Fu Dog and landed gently on last two open chairs in the balcony.

The murmuring quieted down as Councilor Andam stepped up. "We have called this meeting after witnessing today's events. For those that do not know or do not have access to the technology needed, today during a press conference of the a congressman of New York, a Unicorn was spotted on camera, recorded and captured. I do not need to explain how dire this situation is."

"Say what?" Jake gasped, almost loosing his balance in his seat.

Lao Shi raised a claw to his lips and shook his head and Jake quieted down along with the rest of the crowd.

"Because of the now apparent danger to all magical creatures," he continued. "The council has come to a rather difficult decision."

"Oh no," Fu Dog murmured. "I was afraid of this."

"Afraid of what?" Jake asked.

Before Fu Dog could answer, Councilor Andam cleared his throat and looked up at the representatives in the room somberly. "We are going to request that any and all dragons, including country representatives cease all dragon training, mediating and mission taking until further notice. We are also going to ask that all dragon refrain from using any magic outside of this island and the isolated magical communities."

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