Envy was a curious thing.

He was the object of it, yet the jealousy was not mutual. Riddle did not envy, for he already had all that he needed and craved for. Of course he desired the coveted job of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, but that was only to be postponed until his graduation.

He could wait.

His friends often quarreled about a great many number of things that they didn't seem to realize was achievable with ambition and wits, -which they lacked-.

In those instances, Riddle would calmly remain detached and observed calculatingly until the dispute subsided or at least became under manageable control.

Many students, -Slytherins included- often cast Riddle glances of the utmost loathing and disgust. It did not bother him for he knew that they all hated what they could not have. So, as an answer to their unspoken challenges, the astute Riddle would offer them a casual smirk and occasionally a hex.

He remained unchallenged and was very careful to keep it that way.

Envy was acceptable to Tom for he had none.