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"Beast Boy..." Raven said while poking his exposed shoulder.

He just grumbled and rolled over.

"Beast Boy" Raven said again louder.

He tucked himself tighter into the little den he made from his sheets.

"Beast Boy, someone's trying to steal the Game station..." Raven said in her trademark monotone.

Beast Boy sat straight up.

"Stay away from-"

Raven slapped a hand over his mouth to shut him up.

"Follow me..." She said, taking his hand to guide him through the semidarkness.


"Raven, why am I up before the sun?" Beast Boy said as he looked around the night sky.

"You'll see." Raven said from her position next to the slightly taller boy. "Now watch over there..." She pointed towards the east.

"Alright..." Beast Boy said as he did as he was told.

He was getting ready to tell a joke when the view took his breath away.

The sunlight burst over the horizon, setting the sky ablaze with color.

"Whoa..." Was all Beast Boy could say.

"Now you know..." Raven said as she sat down on the edge of the roof.

"Huh?" Beast Boy replied.

"You asked me yesterday why I get up so early. Now you know..." Raven said with a small, genuine smile.

"I may have to get up earlier from now on..." Beast Boy said as he sat beside her wrapping his arms around her.

"Thanks for sharing this with me Raven."

"Your welcome Beast Boy..."

"It's Gar." Beast Boy said with a smile.

"Your name is Gar?"

"No. Garfield, but Gar is what I go by Raven."

"It's Rae."


"Call me Rae. I think it's nice that you have a nickname for me..." Raven said as a slight blush crept up her cheeks.

"Alright Rae" Beast Boy looked at the sun which had crested the horizon. "So... Same time, same place tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'll wake you up..." Raven said.

"Thanks, Rae." He stood and helped her up. "Shall I escort you to breakfast, milady?"

At first Raven thought he was joking but he seemed dead serious.

"An excellent idea, milord..." Raven said as she took his now proffered her arm.


If Raven and Beast Boy were closer no one noticed it.

They were just happy that they weren't bickering.

Only Cyborg noticed the more formal way they treated each other.

'Knew it happen eventually. Now on to Robin and Starfire!' Cyborg thought the last part with a heroic leap most would have thought impossible for someone his size.

Beast Boy looked at Raven she read.

'The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen? Star asked me that when she met me, and I said I couldn't think of anything.' Beast Boy thought as a smile grew on his face. 'Now I know...'

He kicked back as he flipped through the channels, not paying any attention to them instead watching the dark empath beside him.

"Raven in the sunrise..." He whispered to himself.

"What was that Beast Boy?" Robin asked from his position next to Starfire.

"Nothing Robin; nothing and everything..." Beast Boy said before turning back to the TV. "Nothing and everything..." He repeated.


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