Me: I don't own Digimon

Me: I don't own Digimon. For some reason, I've grown accustomed to seeing stories that relate to the Internet every now and then. I know I made one myself when I was Tai Kamiya, but I've decided to span time and space for this story.

Tai: What?

Me: Basically, you guys may have some visitors from your past.

Davis: COOL!

Me: I meant the older DigiDestined! This includes T.K. and Kari.

Davis: Rats!

Me: Since you guys already know my background of couplings-Taiora, Daiyako, Mimato, etc., I won't bore you too much longer, so here it is!


The WarGame of the 21st Century

Chap. I-Return of an old foe

The Internet…basically, a place where people, young and old, can escape their pitiful and meaningless lives to toil around uselessly for junk mail you can easily achieve by normal standards. I should know-I used to have control of the Internet myself once, until these children known only as DigiDestined arrived and attempted to defeat me. At the Rookie Level, they faltered. Champion, they had a miniscule chance. Ultimate…I didn't give them a chance to reach that Level. Mega…the most powerful Level a Digimon can achieve, and I slaughtered the two most powerful of their Digimon, until they themselves became Digital and entered the Internet for themselves and created a Digimon with the ability to surpass even the Mega Level. And I was defeated by it, but not entirely. Some of my databytes survived the deletion process and reconfigured back into an egg. This time, the egg split itself into two eggs, then the 2nd egg divided into a 3rd one. Slowly, but surely, for four years or a bit more, the three eggs created a barrier that prevented those children from finding us again…but now the time has come for our return, and we shall lay waste to their three worlds-the Internet, their planet Earth, and finally, the accursed Digital World!

Hi! My name's Kari Kamiya. In case you didn't know, but you probably do, I'm one of the DigiDestined, or at least, I used to be. We all became retired heroes after we successfully defeated MaloMyotismon in the Digital World one last time and we all got to keep our Digimon partner. Here's a recap on what we've all been doing these past 4 months:

Davis has finally given up his crush on me, saying that he had feelings for someone else. I wasn't too hurt-I had seen how he and Yolei looked at each other after he'd saved her during our battle between Black WarGreymon and MagnaAngemon.

T.K. and I have a pretty decent relationship now and as for me, I haven't changed that much, although Davis has made several attempts for us all to be friends, and they worked, too! The three of us are in our last leg before high school.

Yolei's joined Tai, Sora, Matt and Izzy in high school, and Izzy's teaching her everything he knows. And before I forget, a big surprise has come up-Sora and Matt broke up! Apparently, he was cheating on her with some other girl. Sora was devastated, and Tai-who's my big brother-was mad. He wanted to teach Matt a lesson, but Sora wouldn't let him.

Ken's still in a different school than us, but whenever our schools battle it out for soccer, he and Davis both wish each other good luck before it starts.

Cody's almost in junior high now. Despite that, he's still the same quiet kid I met in the computer room that day Davis, Yolei and Cody became DigiDestined.

Mimi's finally moved back to Japan, and Yolei and Sora were ecstatic! So was Joe, who's in college now. We finally thought all our DigiWorld troubles were behind us, but we were wrong. It all started when Davis, who was apologizing to Yolei for embarrassing her in her parents' store, was sending her e-mail. Why does this sound familiar?

For some reason, Tai and Sora were keeping an eye on Davis as he wrote this e-mail…

"Okay, Davis, are you sure you know what you're gonna write?" Taichi "Tai" Kamiya asked calmly to his young protégé.

"Yes, Tai, so you and Sora can go home now and make out and do whatever it is couples do!" Davis replied. Tai put him in a headlock and was intent on keeping him in it until Sora came in.

"Tai! Let Davis go. I'm sure he was telling the truth about it. We were going over to your house, weren't we?"

Tai waited a month after Sora and Matt's breakup to ask her out. She said yes of course, and that's how their relationship finally began! Agumon and Biyomon were happy for their partners. After all the Christmas torture, things would finally go back to normal between them.

Tai blushed a deep red as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, Sora, actually I was hoping we could've gone out for dinner with the Digimon-" A moment later, Tai found Sora's arms wrapped around his waist.

"You were planning that for me? Tai…" They would've kissed, if it weren't for Davis' sudden interruption of his letter:

"How's this for a letter, guys:

Dear Yolei,

I'm sorry for being a jerk and humiliating you in front of your parents like that. I'm not worthy of being your boyfriend. I was wondering if you would like to go out with me to lunch tomorrow. Oh, and if you want to bring Hawkmon, that'd be great too, 'cause then Veemon would have someone to talk to and not chew my ear off! Hope you respond to this soon.



The letter impressed Tai; Sora had tears running down her cheeks.

"Davis…that was beautiful."
"Yeah. Makes the one I sent you look like a message in a bottle." Tai added. Sora shook her head and smiled.

"I'll always treasure that letter, Tai."

"Guys, what gives? I can't send the stupid letter!" Davis yelled out. Tai sweatdropped a bit.

"Uh-oh! Print it out, fast!" Tai warned. Davis printed his letter out and Sora got it from the printer.

"Huh?! 'Unable to deliver?' WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS STUPID COMPUTER?! Huh-WHHHHAAAAAAAAA!" Davis fell down with the chair and landed on his head. Tai and Sora couldn't help but laugh.

"Just like old times." Tai replied. That's when Tai gasped quietly. He took another look at Davis' screen as Sora, Davis and their Digimon-Veemon, Agumon and Biyomon-crowded around him.

"Hey, guys! Tai, you want some soda?"

"Sora, I've got some sweets here! I made sure Agumon didn't eat them all so you would have one."

"Davis, check it out-licorice sticks! They were from your parents' kitchen. I know they wouldn't mind."

"Very nice, but not now, guys." Tai advised.

Tai, Sora and Davis weren't the only ones watching this bizarre event take place. The whole world was watching, just like the first time!

"I've seen this Digi-Egg…but it can't be!" Tai looked concerned, and that made Sora worry.

"Those are Digi-Eggs? From where-the Digital World? And how'd they get into the Internet?" Davis asked.

Tai's voice was hard when he spoke. "They were already in the Internet, Davis! Contact Izzy and get him over here. I have a feeling this is going to take the whole team. Sora, can you make a pit stop by Yolei's store, just in case Davis' e-mail didn't get through?"

"Okay, Tai. Come on, Biyomon."

We all eventually gathered at Davis' house. It took Sora having to show Yolei the printed letter Davis had wrote for her, but she came. Tai was eyeing us with a worried look on his usually calm face.

"OK, guys. We've got a monumental problem. It could even be a global problem. Izzy, do you remember what happened six months after we returned from the Digital World once we defeated Apocalymon?" Izzy nodded.

"Yeah. I saw this Digi-Egg on my computer screen, and before my eyes, it hatched."

"I saw it too! I think the whole world was watching." Yolei noted.

"Approximately over 1million people witnessed the event, but I digress." Izzy replied.

"Okay! Tai, what's the point of us all being here?" Matt asked impatiently. Tai glared at him.

"Sometimes, I don't see what Sora saw in you! Anyway, here's the reason we're here!" Tai moved away from the computer screen and the DigiDestined all saw the three eggs on the monitor!

"Wait a minute! Three Digi-Eggs? That's impossible! Omnimon defeated him! How could he have reconstructed himself?" Joe yelled out.

"He possibly used bits and pieces from the Internet and reconfigured his structure. In any case, he's back." Ken stepped forward.

"Who's this Digimon we're facing?" Tai gave him his answer.

That's when things went bad. The three Digi-Eggs shook and cracked a bit. They were starting to hatch! Then, they shook some more before cracking completely! Tai and Izzy gasped in shock. Yolei forgot about why she was mad at Davis and clung to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

Checking his Digimon Analyzer, Izzy nodded in confirmation. "Yep, I was right! That's Kuramon, a baby Digimon. He doesn't have an attack, but we're assuming its Bubble Blow."

Suddenly, one Kuramon disappeared from the screen!

"What happened to him?" T.K. asked.

"He just disappeared!" Cody said.

The 2nd one shot out of the computer screen and latched itself on Tai's face!
"HEY! What's the big idea? I don't appreciate Baby Digimon flying onto my face and kissing me!" Tai cried out. "That's a privilege required only by Sora!" The young Takenouchi blushed, but recovered and grabbed at Kuramon.
"Let go of Tai right now! You heard him-I'm the only one with rights and privileges to kiss him!" Mimi grabbed onto Tai's head and yanked-hard.

"OWW! Mimi, that's my hair! How'd you like it if I grabbed you by your hair?!"

"Do you have another way to free yourself?" Mimi retorted.

"Yeah-let Sora grab the Digimon and pull it off my face!" With a loud POP! Kuramon came off of Tai's face and flew out the window.

All Izzy said was, "Intense." Kari couldn't stop laughing.

"What is it with you and Digimon trying to kiss you, Tai?" Kari giggled. Tai groaned and leaned on Sora's shoulder for support.

"At least he didn't make a mess like that Koromon did in our room." Tai noted.

"Guys? We still have one Kuramon in the Internet." Ken warned. "And he's getting hungry."

"How can you tell?" Davis asked.

"Look at the screen." Ken replied. In big, bold letters on the monitor, were the words,


"Whoa. Déjà vu." Tai said out loud to no one in particular. That's when Izzy cried out.

"Not again! He's eating up computer data! Once he's done here, he'll look for a place with more food!"

"More food?! This guy eats food faster than Veemon in an hour, tops!" Davis exclaimed.

"No he doesn't! I'll show you, Davis!" Veemon went to grab a bite to eat, but all the Digimon tackled him.

"We may need that food for later so we can all Digivolve!" Biyomon explained.

"So, until we're all ready to eat…" Agumon began.

"Poison Ivy!!" Palmon's main attack wrapped poor Veemon up until he was unable to move. The DigiDestined laughed at his misfortune.

"Shouldn't have challenged me, Veemon. Or should I say, them?" Davis laughed.

A muffled reply of "Whatever!" came from out of Palmon's vines.

"Kuramon Digivolve to…TSUMEMON!!!" The DigiDestined gasped in shock as the Digimon on the screen Digivolved to the In-Training Level.

"I think we're in over our heads on this one, guys." Joe said.

"Not yet! There's always a chance for victory, so until we find out where those other two Digimon went, we take on the one in the Net!" Tai exclaimed. Sora came up to him and clutched his hand protectively.

"Tai, there was just one Digimon here! He's somewhere in the Real World!" That clicked a warning in Tai's head. Since there were two Digimon whose whereabouts they knew of, then they'd have to split up into two teams.

"No problem! We simply split up into two teams. We'll take on the one in the Internet while Davis and the rest handle the one in the Real World."

The screen flashed a brilliant light and Gennai stepped out, still looking as young as he did the last time the DigiDestined saw him.

"I'm afraid it won't be that easy, Tai. Remember that Digimon who mysteriously disappeared off the screen? He showed up in the Digital World. And he's trying to take it over."

The DigiDestined were truly worried. Three places at the same time? According to Izzy, it would seem impossible for the team to be in three different places without splitting up into various groups. It had been nearly impossible to pull off when they met Daemon, but now…One question weighed heavily on their minds:

How are we all going to split up into three teams in order to stop Diaboromon?"