Words That We Couldn't Say

Ikhny walked slowly through the halls going over the scenario that had just taken place with Hiead.


"Look, just do your job and stay out of my way. Nothing has changed between us. Nothing has changed with me, so just stay away from me!" yelled Hiead.

It had been a year since they had seen each other. Apart of the new protocol for becoming a goddess pilot and senior repairer was to have special training in the field apart from your partners. The female repairers were sent away from the G.O.A. to better there repairing skills and when they returned they were supposed to apply their new skills to the Goddesses.

"Please…I just wanted to fill you in on the things I have learned." Said Ikhny in a low voice.

"I'll see when we do our practice round tomorrow. Now go to bed I don't want you to ruin my chances of finally proving that I am better than Enna."

Hiead walked away, not turning back. Ikhny just stared after him. Since she had saw him last, he had grew about half a foot. Other than that it was the same old Hiead. On the other hand Ikhny had changed quite a bit. Her hair had grown longer and now reached down her back and all the time being away from Hiead her confidence had grown a bit too. She no longer wore her glasses because Kizna told her that losing the glasses would help her new look. Glasses or not, she was still one of the best repairers to the candidates.

"What do I have to do to get him to notice me?"

End of Flashback

Hiead's POV

She looked different…she was almost pretty. Wait! What am I thinking she's Allecto for God's sake…

Hiead had just walked into his room to settle in. Since they were pilots now they got their own room. He laid on the bed and thought of his life. When he was a candidate his main reason for being was to become a Goddess pilot and now that he was one, all he could think about was being better than Zero. Again his thoughts drifted to Ikhny.

Why am I thinking of her? She's is so pathetic it almost makes me sick. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. She better had improved or else I will make her life a living hell, like before.

The next day came and all the pilot and repairers were in the simulation room awaiting their turns to demonstrate the skills they had learned. Azuma hadn't come in yet, so everyone was standing around talking, except for Hiead, he was leaning against the wall, looking impatient. He eyes spotted Ikhny across the room talking to Kizna. His eyes widened as he saw some guy approach Ikhny from behind.

"Hello. My name is Cullen Sei, how about you?" the boy asked.

He was about as tall as Hiead and had jet black hair and grey eyes. He was quite handsome but he didn't look the type that would talk to somebody. His persona was almost like Hiead's, except he didn't glare at people, he just looked impartial and bored.

"I'm Ikhny Allecto. It's nice to meet you."

"I'm new here, I'm not exactly a pilot yet I'm just a senior candidate."

"Oh really. Well, I hope you do well in your missions."

"Thanks, I better get going before Azuma comes in."

Cullen started to walk out and bumped into Azuma coming in. Azuma glared down at the boy. Cullen just stared up at him, expression unchanging. The day he would be intimidated by Azuma would be a sad day indeed.

"Get out of my sight!" said Azuma practically kicking the boy out the room.

After the door shut behind him he ordered the pilots and repairers to pair up. Ikhny went and stood by Hiead who was desperately trying to ignore her presence.

"Now that we all back in the same room, I want all the repairers to prepare their workstations because I want to begin immediately." Said Azuma

"Hiead are you ready?" Ikhny asked. Hiead just ignored her and went to stand by the cockpit of the Eeva Leena.

Ikhny sighed and walked over to her workstation and began the programming for the simulation. Hiead stepped into the cockpit and closed his eyes.

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