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By LoveB

What should I do? Should I go after him? Ikhny thought to herself. He'll probably just yell at me again, or worse ignore me.

She continued to stare at the exit debating with herself whether or not she should go. And just when she made up her mind and found the courage to rise from her seat, Kizna, sporting a very wide grin, came and plopped down next to her.

"So Ikhny, who was the cutie I saw you talking to just now?…" While saying this Kizna was playfully nudging Ikhny in the arm. "What did he want? I saw him talking to you the other day too."

Ikhny's blush started to reappear as she said, "Oh, well…ummm…he didn't want anything in particular."

"Like I believe that! Of course he wanted something, he's talked to you twice already, and believe me, by the looks of that guy he doesn't look the type of person to talk to anyone."

Ikhny just scratched her head and tried as much as she could to look innocent and confused. "Well he just wanted to ask me something, I guess, nothing important though. He probably just wanted me to help him with his training…He's trying to become a pilot, you know."

Kizna stared at her with an I-can-tell-you're-lying look on her face but decided to drop it, she could pester her about this more when they got back to the room. Kizna smiled, turned back to wink at Zero, whom tried to pretend that he didn't just see that.

"On to more important news…I'm thinking about finally asking Zero to go on a date with me. It doesn't have to be anything special, just star gazing and talking…something like that."

"That sounds nice, but you're going to ask him out? I thought it was the boy's job to do all of that."

Kizna sighed and replied, "That would be nice, but I just don't think Zero has it in him."

She turned and glanced back towards the other table. "I can tell he likes me, but I think he's intimidated by me somehow…I mean why would anyone be afraid to ask me out."

Ikhny smiled at her sweet but sometimes dense best friend. As she listened to Kizna rave about how she's always polite when declining a date invitation from a boy, Ikhny remembered back to the time when everyone was still candidates.


Clay, who had just completed a successful simulation strutted up to her and with slight forcefulness said, "So when are we going to stop pretending that we don't see what's happening between us. I think we should go out sometime to talk it over."

Obviously, he hadn't realized that he had an audience. There in back of him was Zero, Hiead, Suki, Yamagi, Roose, and Ikhny. Yamagi was trying hard to contain his laughter, "I can't believe he actually went through with it!"

Days earlier, the some of the guys dared Clay to ask Kizna out on a date, seeing that she was the most popular of repairers. "I can't believe it either…she's going to shoot him down for sure." said Roose.

"Oh, please you guys, knowing Kizna, which I do, she'll probably catch on to the joke and agree, just to play along." said Zero, with a hopeful, but knowing look in his eyes. "Just wait, you'll see-"

Zero was all of a sudden cut off by an enormous uproar. Kizna was yelling so loudly and profusely that no one could understand a word she was saying. Everyone who was watching had their mouths slightly open, except Hiead of course. None of them wanted to be Clay at this right now, that's for sure. All they could make out was an occasional, "Are you INSANE!"

Clay was actually crouching down a little looking up a Kizna with a horrified look on his face. Once she said what was on her mind, she turned and stormed out of the room. As soon as she left, Clay slowly turned back to the group.

"That was scary." Everybody nodded in agreement.

Flashback Ends~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ikhny continued to smile, as Kizna's speech came to an abrupt end when she caught a glimpse of Cullen walking towards the door. "There goes your mystery man." As she pointed towards the door.

"Actually Kizna I need to run back to the observatory, I forgot something." Ikhny said as she got up.

Kizna snorted, "Of course you did, I'll see you later then." Kizna rolled her eyes. Ikhny was such a bad liar.


As Ikhny made her way to the observatory, she began to think about what Cullen had asked her, 'So there's nothing going on between you two?'. What was she supposed to say to him. "No there isn't anything going on but I'd like there to be." she thought to herself, no way! that's so not the right thing to do. She desperately wanted things to be different between Hiead and herself, but she knew the feeling wasn't mutual. As she got closer and closer to the observatory, she began to think that maybe she should get to know Cullen a little better, I mean he was interested in her.

Ikhny smiled to herself at the thought of someone taking interest in her. When she finally reached the observatory, she walked in and saw Hiead sitting by the large window, with his arms crossed, gazing at the stars as she had been earlier that day.

She walked up to him slowly and quietly as to not disturb him. As she got closer to him, she noticed something that she wouldn't believe had she not seen it with her own eyes. Hiead was staring off into the galaxy, but not with the cold, hard stare that she was used to but a soft, sad expression instead.

"Umm, Hiead sir?" she said in a very quiet voice, so quiet she wasn't sure if she had actually spoke aloud.

At the sound of her voice, Hiead's head jerked up immediately. No longer was his expression that of melancholy and sadness, but hard and cold as she was so accustomed to. "What are you doing here?!"

Ikhny winced at the harshness of his voice. "I just came in to be alone and think. I am sorry I disturbed you, I'll go." Ikhny's voice was barely above a whisper as she tried to alleviate the situation.

As she turned to leave, she almost faltered at what happened next.

"Allecto, wait." His voice strong but not harsh like before.

She turned to look at him with slightly confused look. Hiead, however, wasn't looking in her direction anymore, but once again gazing at the stars.

"Yes, Hiead sir?"

"To what question was that boy referring to during lunch?" Hiead asked, his voice cool and relaxed.

Ikhny, on the other hand was definitely not cool and relaxed, she was practically shaking with nervousness. She began to shift from one foot to the other, as she pondered his question. Should she lie and tell him it was nothing or should she tell him the truth? She went with the latter decision.

"Umm, he…umm he wanted to know if…" Ikhny began to blush as continued on. "He just wanted to know if there was anything going on between you and I."

Just then did he turn to look at her. All she could see was his eyes, she continued to shift around uncomfortably, as she stared into the depths of his eyes. Vermillion eyes…


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