Moose Madness

Sadie lay on her bed talking on the phone to Margaret.

"Sadie its not going to be good having both Chris and Ben on the trip", Margaret warned.

"But I want Ben on the trip and Chris is hosting it", Sadie said.

"Well your going to have to try to keep Ben away from Chris because you know how Ben is around Chris", Margaret brought Sadie into reality.

"I know but I have to go pack so see you at school around five", Sadie said sighing.

"Bye", Margaret said hanging up.

Sadie hung up the phone. This trip was going to be interesting. Sadie, Margaret, Rain, Ben, Hal, Owen, Arden, Mallory, and Chris were all spending their Spring break in the mountains observing moose. Sadie knew that this trip was going to be, um, well interesting. Margaret, Rain, and Ben were coming because Sadie couldn't picture Spring break without them. Hal wanted to bug Sadie and see her in the uncomfortable Ben, Chris and Owen situation. Chris was coming because he was hosting it, and Ms. Mann was chaperoning. Owen wanted to come because of Sadie. Arden was coming because she had heard that the cabins were co-ed and that Ben was coming. Sadie looked at the clock and noticed that it was 4:30 and she had to be at school by 5:00. She got up from her bed and grabbed her backpack. She ran downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table across from her dad.

"Dad can you take me and Hal to Bennet now?", Sadie asked.

"Yes, get Hal and get in the car I'll be out in a few minutes", Sadie's dad answered.

"Hal time to go", Sadie called up the stairs to her brother.

"I'll be down in a sec", Hal called back.

Hal ran down the stairs with thee bags.

"Hal why do you need so many bags we're only going to be gone for a week", Sadie asked.

"One bag is full of clothes, one bag is full of snacks, and one bag is full of stuff to embarrass you with", Hal answered.

"Oh whatever", Sadie said rolling her eyes.

Hal and Sadie walked out the door and got into the car. They sat there for a few minutes waiting for their dad when at last he came out with the dorkiest sweaters known to man.

"What's with the sweaters dad", Hal asked.

"They're for you and Sadie to wear on your trip", Walter held out the sweaters which just happened to have pictures of moose and said 'Moose Madness'.

"Thanks dad", Sadie said hesitantly.

Walter held out the sweaters and, embarrassed Hal and Sadie slipped them on.

"They look great on you!", Walter said excitedly.

Walter got into the driver's seat and put the car into drive. It took them about five minutes to get to Bennet high. They got there at 4:55. Sadie and Hal grabbed their bags and stepped out of the car. Sadie walked over to where Ben was standing. And Hal came with her.

"Hey Sadie", Ben greeted.

"Hey Ben", Sadie responded.

"Ok guys I would love to watch you look into eachothers eyes and everything but its making me sick", Hal said rudely.

"Guys what's up with your sweaters?", Ben asked.

"Our dad had them made for us", Sadie blushed.

"Why oh why", Hal joked.

Hal and Sadie slipped off the sweaters and stuck them into their bags. Just as Margaret, Rain, Arden, Chris and Owen arrived, Ms. Mann walked up to them with two lists.

"First I will assign bus seats", Ms. Mann said.

"In the first row are Hal and Arden, in the second row are Chris and Owen, in the third row are Margaret and Rain, and in the last row are Ben and Sadie, Mallory you will sit up front with me", Ms. Mann assigned.

Arden sighed and Ben and Sadie smiled at eachother.

"Much to my disagreement the cabins are co-ed, so in cabin A are Ben, Sadie, Chris and Margaret. In cabin B I have Hal, Arden, Owen, Mallory, and Chris. There is a dining hall and I will be cooking all of the meals", Ms. Mann said.

Everyone walked up into the bus and sat in their assigned seats. This was going to be one interesting trip.