Authors Note: This is a NaruHarem fic, and because it's my NaruHarem it's gonna be slightly AU but what fanfic isn't? I will be open to suggestions for who will be in the harem but please no Tsunade or Kyuubi that just disturbing and wrong on so many levels. Also please note I'm making Haku a girl in this fic too cause I feel like it. As such Shizune, Anko, and Kurenai are gonna be a bit younger. Oh yeah I'm never satisfied with my writing so I will more than likely do a rewrite.

Important note: I'm setting this about 3 years after the time-skip but there shall be a lot of changes to the overall story.

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The Rebirthing of Clan Uzumaki

By Jareth Dallis

Chapter 1

"What do you mean Tsunade-baa-chan?" Naruto asked as he rubbed the back of his head. He was now at the rank of Jounin, and he was now eighteen years of age, and as fate would have it he was the spitting image of the Yondaime Hokage, Arashi Uzumaki. "Don't call me that Naruto!" Tsunade angrily retorted and flicked Naruto in the forehead sending him back far enough that it made the point to stop calling her that.

"As I was saying…the Uzumaki clan is nearly extinct you are the last. You will need to find yourself a girl or a few to ensure that the line continues. Now I know what you're going to say. There is an old law that states that if a clan is about to die out polygamy will be considered legal." Tsunade spoke with a sly smirk on her face waiting for Naruto to over react as usual.

Naruto's eyes were wide with shock, his right eye twitched as his jaw hung open. "But…how…I…err…." he stammered in a rare moment of Naruto being speechless.

"Now I will be nice and set you up on a date with my apprentice Shizune. Or would you rather be on a date with Sakura? Hmm brat? I know I'll arrange for you to have a date with both of them on different nights. Be gentleman to them or I will send you flying like I do that pervert you train under!" Tsunade cracked her knuckles to drive the point, and smiled in a grandmotherly way when she saw him nod.

Fortunately for Naruto neither of said Apprentices were there. He sighed softly wondering how he got into this kind of mess, he never knew his clan was that important, seeing as the village treated him like filth. He scratched his cheek subconsciously he wasn't sure how he was gonna survive this. No sane man would want to have that many women in their life.

"You may leave now Naruto. For now your mission is to find some girls to help ensure the continuance of your Clan." was all Tsunade said as she waved Naruto off.

Once outside Tsunade's office Naruto once again rubbed his head, he was still trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Just as he was about to come to a conclusion, the worst person for this situation came up patted him on the back, it was none other than Jiraiya. And he was smiling that lecherous smile of his.

"Hahahaha. Naruto my boy you get to live out every man's fantasy! Take this opportunity and marry all the pretty girls you can! Of course be sure to take a test drive first!" He then gave his famous thumbs up smiling broadly.

"Only you would think that you Ero-sennin!" Naruto said with a somewhat childish attitude for a moment as he crossed his arms over his chest glaring at Jiraiya. Honestly how perverted could the old man be, in public none the less!

"Oh come on Naruto. Who's gonna be first? Don't tell me that Pink haired girl you've been crazy about for years! Or is it the Hyuuga Heiress? Ooh I know! It's going to be that Yamanaka girl! I know you and her have been spending some time together!" Jiraiya continued to harass his student while getting lecherous thoughts in his head. Just as Jiraiya looked for Naruto he noticed that something was missing, Naruto. Jiraiya could only smirk while thinking numerous lecherous thoughts.

Naruto walked through Konoha muttering about a lecherous Ero-Sennin, he had enough to worry about as it is. Just as if by good favor there was something to distract him, and get him to focus on the present.

"Naruto-kun!! There you are!!" came a boisterous feminine voice as he was suddenly glomped. He looked back to see it was Ino, she was the only girl he knew of with the guts to glomp a ninja. "Why were you taking so long to come visit me Naruto-kun?" She said acting like the spoiled princess she is, going into a fake pout.

"Baa-chan was telling me something about how I have to restore my clan. So she says I have to marry numerous women and make sure my clan is revived." Naruto said oblivious to who he was talking to. Ino just smiled darkly and tightened her arms around his neck. "Is that so…" was her response her eye twitching in anger, there was no way she would be fond of sharing Naruto. It took her long enough to get him to start dating her in the first place, but then again if she was somehow the favorite it would be okay too.

"Can't…breath Ino-chan…" Naruto called out short on breath from how tight Ino had her arms around his neck. Ino realized she was pretty much strangling Naruto, she loosened her arms and smiled in embarrassment. "So where are you taking me to dinner this time? And no Ichiraku…you eat enough of that stuff as it is!" Ino chimed whilst nagging him.

Much to the dismay of Naruto, and his wallet he ended up going to a fancy restaurant with Ino since for obvious reasons he couldn't say no to her. It was fortunate for Naruto too that people stopped seeing the Kyuubi when they saw him, they now saw him as the son of the Yondaime Hokage, and as someone who would one day become Hokage. It made Naruto's life easier, even if he and Ino kept their relationship secret, it just made it easier for them. Especially since Naruto didn't want Sakura and Ino to start arguing like they were prone to. But for the moment Naruto felt like his 'mission' wasn't too important. He had the company of a lovely lady. Even if she was as mouthy as he was, uh oh that's right he was having dinner with her, and he was thinking about how his life had changed.

"Ne!? Naruto are you listening to me!?" Ino bellowed out as she hit Naruto over the head.

No problem at all. Naruto just gave her his genuine smile, and that seemed to keep her from yelling at him anymore. Of course it just means that his life was going to be getting more interesting from this point on.

"Of course I am! You were saying something about how you want me to get my own house…instead of living with Haku-chan, and Zabuza-san." He in all truth had been guessing, after all Ino had been on his case about it for a while now.

"That's right!" was all she said, while shooting Naruto the very look all men fear.

'Her dad warned me about that look…' Naruto thought as he smiled nervously in fear, he ran his hand through his unruly spiky hair afraid Ino would hurt him.

"Now are you absolutely sure. You can't just marry me?" She had a very scary look in her eyes.

"Yes, Baa-chan's orders! Honest. But, even though I'm not keen on this…I will love you each equally…but you will receive a bit more love than the others." He held his hands up afraid of being hit, mostly a natural reflex from his former team mate Sakura hitting him so often. Hopefully this would work to appease the ever bossy girlfriend,

"Good! So when are you going to ask me to marry you!" Ino smiled pleased that she made her point that she should get special attention. Naruto on the other hand sighed in relief he just had to make sure Ino got to be his first wife, if he knew what was good for him.

The news didn't take long to circulate amongst the Kunoichi who knew Naruto well, and needless to say it was enough to pique their interests. And they were trying to force their way into the Hokage's office to see if it was in fact true. Many of them thought that Naruto was completely off the market, since they could see all the signs considering he was often spending time with Ino.

"ENOUGH!!" As if Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage shouting wasn't enough she slammed her fist on her desk almost shoving it through the floor. This was more than enough to get the women to calm down. "Yes it is true, Naruto is being required to rebuild his clan, but that doesn't mean you swarm him like love starved fangirls. Naruto is like the wind, you can't force him do anything. And you WILL NOT intimidate him via a certain Kazekage!" at this a certain Suna Kunoichi muttered.

Outside the office Jiraiya was eaves dropping and rubbing his hands together getting many ideas for his next novel. This was going to result in great novel more than likely. Oh yes very great!

End Chapter 1

Now who's gonna be the next girl to try to gain Naruto's affection? Tell me!