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The Doppelganger Trilogy

Doppelganger (n.)- "A literary technique by which a character is duplicated (usually in the form of an alter ego, though sometimes as a ghostly counterpart) or divided into two distinct, usually opposite personalities."

Book One:
The Hero of Wolves
by The Wolfess



The Sixty-Seventh Testimony of Zelda, Crown Princess of Hyrule,
Imprisoned in the West Tower of Hyrule Castle by Zant, King of the Twilight,
Upon the Day of Her Freedom.

I sit here at this small desk which has been such a comfort to me in a dazed after-shock—and free. So wonderfully and gloriously free. I wish to conclude this record of my imprisonment by summarizing it, and then I will never touch this journal again. I cannot bear the memories of the suffering my people have undergone and the dear friends I have lost that bombard my thoughts whenever I touch these crinkled pages.

My father was not exactly a fit role model of how to rule a kingdom. He allowed manipulative men to maneuver him into giving them positions of power, and then these men used this fine country and its people to provide them with wealth, pleasure, and status. They milked this country for all it was worth, and when the invaders arrived on our soil we were unprepared in every way. My father was murdered, along with half the army, and so many of Hyrule's citizens that I cannot write the number. Zant, ruler of the invaders, is King of a world that exists alongside ours on another plane called the Twilight Realm full of creatures called the Twili. In the Twilight Realm it is dusk at all hours— not only do they never see the light, they despise it. He became the new King of Hyrule and plunged the world into an eternal dusk. Hyrule became a kingdom of fear.

Just when all hope seemed to be lost, a civilian man came into my presence in my imprisonment. At first all I knew was that he was a legendary beast with the oddest blue eyes and the mark of the Triune Goddesses—Din, Nayru, and Farore—on the back of his left front paw. I didn't know that he was a man at all. A strange imp from the Twilight World called Midna, who was much desired by the King of the Twilight, informed me of this wolf-man's supposed importance and left with him on a quest to restore my Kingdom. No matter the imp's true reasons—a desire to enact revenge on Zant, a false usurper King—they brought light back to my kingdom and defeated Zant. It was the wolf alone who defeated the true evil behind Zant, however.

An evil man of ancient times called Ganondorf truly controlled both Zant and Hyrule. When the time came to fight this ancient power I discovered that the wolf was truly a Hylian man from Ordona Province named Link. He wore the same tunic as the Hero of Legends, and carried the mythic Master Sword with skill and pride. What struck me most about him was not his appearance, or the sheer power with which he moved—it was his eyes. They were the one thing about him that did not differ between the wolf and human forms. Even as a Hylian, in his eyes he was still a beast. On the battlefield he was ruthless and deadly. He attacked with precision and with intent to kill. I have never seen another man or woman fight like him. The way he moved was almost unnatural.

On the way back from the desert, where we parted ways with Midna—the true Queen of the Twilight Kingdom—I discovered another shocking fact about the Wolf Man who was Hyrule's Hero. He was surprisingly gentle and diplomatic. Link did have the rough, uncultured mannerisms of a commoner, but for his country up-bringing he was very respectful and polite. The type of man that people are drawn to and naturally follow. A man that can be trusted with great responsibilities.

I desire to know more of this strange dichotomy of a Hero. How can one man be so brutal and so gentle at the same time? Will he be of help in these upcoming critical days of reconstruction? I need as many allies as I can find. I will speak to Forrad about this matter. If he, as my advisor, thinks the idea a sound one I will send for this Ordonian man and request his continued aid in a very different arena. Let us hope that he is as good with people as he is with the sword.


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