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Princes and Plumbers

Chapter 1: Rude Awakenings

Night fades away as the sun peeks over the horizon, slowly climbing into the sky. As light pours in from the east, eager toads, goombas, and koopas prepare for the day and what a big day it was; as today is Princess Toadstool's birthday. The small village outside the castle is in mere minutes a flutter of activity with everyone preparing for the celebration. Tayce T. quickly exits her house and heads for the castle, pots in hand to prepare the meal for the day. Others are handling decorations or in Minh T.'s case, flowers as they of course are her specialty.

A warp pipe away, one of the sun's rays finally pierces through the bottom pane of the window and right into Luigi's sleeping eyes. He squints slightly and raises his hand to shield his eyes from the seemingly blinding light. Dozily, he stumbles out of bed and draws the curtains. He gives a dazed smile as he settles back into bed and drifts back into sleep when…

"Luigi! Luigi!" Mario furiously shakes his snoozing brother.

"Mario," Luigi whines, "it is barely nine o'clock! There is no need for me to get up right now."

"Oh come on Luigi," Mario insists, "it is a beautiful day!" He then rips open the curtains to let in the sunlight that Luigi desired to block. Luigi groans and rolls onto his side, away from the light. "Oh don't be such a sour puss," Mario scolds. "There is a huge event at the castle today and we should both get there as soon as possible."

"Mario, you know I don't like those big-to-dos at the castle. Why don't you go and enjoy yourself while I (yawns) stay here."

"Oh no, you're coming with me this time! It's important; it's the Princess's birthday you know."

"Oh, that's nice," Luigi notes not really paying attention to Mario's pleas.

"Urgh," Mario grunts in frustration. "Do not make me drag you there, because we both know I will!"

"You're the big hero bro, you don't need me there."

"I don't, but Peach wants you there so you are going to be there," Mario vows as he rips the covers off his brother, grabs his ankle, and drags him out of bed onto the cold wood floor. "Now get dressed so we can grab some breakfast and be on our way," Mario orders as he slams the door behind him.

"Oh ho owie," Luigi sighs painfully as he rises off the floor. Slowly he clambers to the dresser and gets his characteristic attire. After getting dressed, he fumbles down the steps, has a bowl of cereal with Mario, and then they both head out for the castle.

On the third floor of the castle, Princess Peach lies asleep in her large feather bed with white sheets and rose colored comforter. A smile appears on her face as she continues to dream about a certain plumber.

Dream Sequence

She is stuck in a dreary gray bricked room with a barred door. Outside she sees Bowser standing by a switch that controls a bridge that lies behind him. "Bowser let me go! You know that this will never work, Mario will come any second now and rescue me!"

"Ah my dear so true, he will come, but this time he will die! As he will step on this bridge and charge toward yours truly, hoping to stop me, but he's gonna fry instead! When he reaches the middle, I'll pull this switch, the bridge will collapse and poof! No more plumber," Bowser exclaims following with a devilish laugh.

"Mario will see right through your trap, you'll never succeed you oversized turtle!"

"Hey, that's King Oversized Turtle to you," Bowser sneers. "Or better yet, you could call me the King of the Mushroom Kingdom my dear."

"Not going to happen, only in your dreams," Peach retorts.

"Well then, welcome to my dream babe or perhaps your nightmare!" Peach cringes in disgust as Bowser chuckles, and then loud bangs and a familiar 'Wahoo!' catches their attention. "Well, well guess who's here?" Bowser grins as he steps in front of the switch and waits for Mario to appear. The plumber jumps through the doorway with scratches on his face and spots Bowser opposite of him.

"Alright lizard breath, let the Princess go before I come over there and clobber ya," Mario threatens.

"Really now plunger boy, then if your so tough why don't you come over here and prove it," Bowser baits.

"It will be a pleasure!" He starts to charge down the bridge.

"Mario, no," Peach screams. He stops only a few feet from the edge he started on. "It's a trap the bridge will collapse!"

Bowser grunts vexed, "Curses, no matter! Either you come over here to retrieve the lovely princess or I will take her while this castle crumbles upon you!" Mario bites his lower lip, thinking of a plan.

I got it, Mario exclaims in his mind as he remembers the shell he just took from a koopa soldier in the past frame. It's an oldie, but a goodie "Okay bring it on King Bowsie," Mario taunts as he stands prepared to fight.

"You've got it meatball," Bowser roars, "I hate being called 'Bowsie'!" The giant koopa charges onto the bridge towards his adversary, stopping in the middle of the bridge. He inhales deeply then releases a large burst of fire. Mario bounds back avoiding being burned. As soon as the fire extinguishes he dives onto the ground and rolls under Bowser. The Koopa King lifts his leg and tries to squash Mario with no success as he dodges out of the way then sprints for the opposite side of the bridge. "Get back here," Bowser demands as he chases after Mario. The red clad plumber is a couple feet away from the switch when he leaps into the air and spins once winding up the pitch. He tosses a green koopa shell toward the switch it dings as it is turned on; the bridge is pulled out from underneath Bowser's clawed feet. "Nooo!" He drops into the hot lava, once again defeated by Mario. Speaking of, the plumber lands safely on the solid ground. Peach smiles gratefully as he pulls the keys off the wall then unlocks the door.

As soon as the door swings open, she wraps her arms around Mario's neck, "Thank goodness you're okay! I was so worried!" She hugs him tight, not wanting to let go.

"Princess you don't have to worry about me" Mario reassures. "It was you I was worried about! I mean, I couldn't live if I lost you. Life wouldn't be worth living!" Peach hugs him harder; a tear escapes from her eye and runs down her cheek. She releases him and looks into his blue eyes.

"I couldn't live without you either," she whispers as her gloved hand brushes his cheek. His hand reaches for hers and brings it down to grasp it between his own.

"Peach, I have wanted to tell you for a long time now, but I," he gulps nervously as beads of sweat form on his forehead.

"Yes," she answers, encouraging him to continue. Hope fills her sky blue eyes.

"I um, (gulp) I love you Princess," he stammers.

"I love you too Mario," she replies ecstatically. Relief spills over him along with excitement; they stare at each other with glee then the gap between them starts to close. Her arms find their way back to resting on his shoulders as his wrap around her waist. Eyes droop close as their lips touch. Chills spread throughout her body as his hands graze her back.

Suddenly a voice screams out, "Princess Toadstool!"

End Dream

Her eyes snap open to see Toadsworth beside her bed with a disapproving grimace on his face. "Princess, do you know what time it is?" She looks at him with a blank stare. "Ten o'clock," he promptly responds to her expression.

"Can't I just sleep for another hour or so," Peach pleads.

Toadsworth sighs, "No Princess today is a very special day, remember and we cannot pull it off without you. A birthday with out the birthday girl would just be inappropriate."

"Oh right it is my birthday," Peach exclaims having forgot, "I must get ready everyone will be here soon!" She leaps out of bed and makes her way to the bathroom. "I'll be down in a half hour," she informs before closing the door and starting her shower. Toadsworth rolls his eyes as he waddles out of Peach's room.

"Princesses," he grumbles as he shuts the door and makes his way to the kitchen.