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Chapter 32: Epilogue

On a distant continent across the vast ocean, lies a tranquil pond in the middle of a field. A farm pond, where cows commonly gather to drink while the water level is still high. Two cows, one brown spotted and one black spotted, approach the calm pond and disturb the smooth surface of the water as they bow their heads and take a drink. The ripples the cows cause are small and dissipate rather quickly as they travel away from their point of origin. The black and white cow lifts its head, as if it heard something lurking behind them, and scans the area. The other cow stops drinking, but keeps its head hovering inches over the water's surface. The brown cow watches as it waits for the black cow to signal whether there is danger or not. Suddenly the brown cow's snout is pulled down into the water, causing panic. The black spotted cow flees as the brown spotted cow struggles to pull its nose up out of the water, unsure of what is pulling it down. It walks backwards to drag the oppressing force ashore. The brown cow makes process despite the lack of oxygen it is receiving. As it pulls back to the shore, the oppressing force is revealed, a gray gloved hand is clenched on the cow's snout. The cow wiggles free of the grip and runs of, leaving the gray covered hand lying limp on the very edge of the shore; its black clad arm trailing behind into the pond's water. Suddenly the hand and arm springs to life as it reaches for a spot to hold onto. Clutching a clump of grass and a tree root, the hand gains hold and allows for the rest of the body to emerge from the water of the pond.

After catching his breath, the figure stands and takes in his surroundings. A satisfied smirk spreads across his face. Well its not what I had hoped for, but its better than my last residence. Bloody clouds and mirrors, gave me such a headache. Perhaps this shall also be temporary as well. The wind blows in from the west and he turns to face it, with a glint of mischievousness in his storm cloud eyes. "It is time to return to the Mushroom Kingdom and face my Junior once more," his grin becomes wider as he strives off toward the coast.