Here's a little background on my new story… Otherwise it would be confusing.

Addison Montgomery (Age 33) -Daughter of Ellis and David Montgomery.

-Ellis remarried when Addison was five years old.

Meredith Grey (Age 27) -Daughter of Ellis and Thatcher Grey.

-Meredith and Addison never got along

-Ellis left Seattle with Addison (14) and Meredith (9), leaving Thatcher and moving the girls to Boston.

Jordanna Grey (Age 17) -Daughter of Ellis Grey and father unknown.

Ok, here is where I think it gets complicated…

-Addison left Boston to go to school in New York.

-Meredith stated to go to school in Boston so she could take care of Jordanna because Ellis was never around.

-When Meredith turned 20, Ellis left the two girls to work in Seattle.

-When Meredith got accepted to Seattle's internship program, Jordanna made the decision to move to New York to be with Addison.

Ok, well, on with the show…

Chapter One

-Jordan, why the hell didn't you tell me that McDreamy was Addison's husband?

-You never told me McDreamy's real name Mer, and you don't like talking about Addison remember?

-So you couldn't tell me she was coming to Seattle?

-She didn't even tell me. I knew her and Derek were having problems, but I haven't been staying at Addison's lately.

-New boyfriend?

-Weren't we talking about you?

-I love him Jordan

-Has he said anything yet?

-He said Addison cheated on him with some guy named-


-Yeah. Anyways, Derek left and came here and-

-And fell in love with you?

-I like to think so.

-Have you talked to Addison yet?

-No, but apparently she's here on a consult.

-Shit, I'm really sorry Mer.

-It's ok. I mean, we're sisters right? We should be able to sort this out.

-Whatever you say.

-Ok, well, I'm going to go get drunk with Izzie and George.

-No Christina?

-No Christina. Get this… She's pregnant.

-Oh my god, really? You so have to fill me in later.

-Yeah, once I know the details.

-Ok… It's going to be ok Mer.

-Yeah yeah. Have fun with your new man and enjoy the freedom.

-You bet I will.

-Just don't fall behind in your-

-Shut up. Bye.