Chapter One. A Hard Day's Night.

'Great' Meredith thought 'not only am I hung over on my first day as an intern, but the thought of leaving the gorgeous red head whose name I already forget is torture.'

She got up slowly and headed towards her stairs when the red head began to stir. She opened her eyes and looked up at Meredith. "Good morning." She smiled. The look on her face stated that she wanted Meredith to come back to her.

"Morning. Hey, listen; last night was a lot of fun, but I am going to be really late for my first day at work, so… goodbye…ummm?"

"Addison." She said, getting up to find her clothes.

Meredith averted her eyes from the naked body in front of her. If she got one more glimpse of that body, she would never get to work. "Addison… Goodbye Addison. It was a pleasure-"

"Having me between your legs all night?" She smirked.

Meredith looked back at Addison, who was now in a matching black bra and panty set, currently finding her skirt on the floor. Meredith smiled, "something like that." She muttered before running upstairs.


"Dr. Grey, I need you to go and do a consult with Dr. Shepard." Dr. Bailey asked.

Meredith turned to look for Dr. Shepard and noticed a flash of red hair. Their eyes locked Addison smiled and Meredith looked like she had seen a ghost.

Addison walked towards Meredith. Meredith noticed her hospital ID tag. "Dr. Shepard?"

"You're my intern?"

"Looks like it." Meredith sighed.

"Oh, this is going to be fun." Addison smiled.

"Listen, Dr. Shepard. As fun as last night was, I really don't think that this whole flirting thing and having sex thing is going to work." Meredith stammered. "I am a lesbian and my close friends know that, but I don't want it to define me. I mean… you're an attending. I mean, its one thing for an intern to sleep with an attending, but when those two people are women then-"

"You're cute when your nervous. Plus, I am not a lesbian. We were just having fun last night. I looked good and you looked good, and did I take advantage? Or did you take advantage? Well, one of us took advantage and right now, all I need is for you to help me with this case I have. Could be interesting. Could get you into surgery today… but if you're too worried about what other people would think about us-"

"Surgery? Today? Awesome." Meredith followed Addison down the hall, "wait. You're not gay?"

"Meredith, I thought we weren't talking about this?"

"Fine, right. No more talking."

"Unless you want to talk about it."

"No… I don't."