-1Lemons And Wraith And John. Oh my!

Rating : - T

WARNING - This story contains a very dark nightmare that contains a character death.

Contains spoilers for SG1 episode Pegasus Project and SGA episode Common Ground.

Disclaimer - : I do not have any rights to any of the character in the Stargate world. If I did I would want rights to Dr's Mckay, Beckett and Zalenka because they are cute.

Summary - Rodney has a nightmare where John does something nasty to him. He wouldn't do that in real life would he?

A/ N. This story was inspired by the name of fellow fanfiction contributor, 'Lemons and Wraith. Oh my!" I asked for permission to write the story and he/she said yes. So thanks a bundle and I hope you enjoy the story. The story takes places after the events of both 'Pegasus Project' and 'Common Ground'

This story is a angst hurt/comfort Mckay/Sheppard friendship story. Although it is unintentional some people may see it as pre-slash. If you do, then that's ok. However you choose to see it read on and I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 - The Nightmare.

Late one night Rodney lay face down on his bed. He was so tired that he hadn't even bothered to change out of his clothes. If anyone had seen him, he would have looked restless, tossing and turning unable to find a spot to lie in that was comfortable.

Rodney was having that dream again. The one that involved a lemon and a death threat. Normally that wouldn't have mattered. He would just wake up and laugh about it. After all, the dream involved Colonel Mitchell and he didn't really mind what he thought of him. It wasn't as if he was going to be spending much time with the man. But tonight the dream was going to turn in to a nightmare. A nightmare of horrendous proportions.

…Rodney woke up lying on the floor. He tried to stand up but nothing happened. Suddenly someone stood over him. He tried to focus but he couldn't make anything out! Something was wrong but he couldn't work out what! He tried to move and found that all his muscles were burning.

" What the hell is going on?" he thought to himself.

Rodney tried to speak. The voice that came out was not his. It sounded all wrong. So he stopped, swallowed and then tried again. But it still didn't sound right. Instead of a voice that could put the fear of god in to his fellow scientists, all there was, was a small quiet voice. It sounded like the voice of someone who was waiting to see out the last of their days, not the voice of someone who, even though he said it himself, was in the prime of his life. Rodney still couldn't work out what was happening and this was beginning to annoy him.

Rodney lifted his hands to try to rub his eyes.

"Oh my god." he thought as he looked at the gnarled hand before his eyes. This was so wrong. Raising his other hand he found that it looked the same. With a look of horror, Rodney realised that these were not the hands that could perform miracles and save Atlantis. These were the hands of an old person. But these were not the hands that he had woken up with this morning.

How had this happened?

As Rodney looked up, his eyes began to focus. Standing above him was a Wraith. Suddenly everything fell into place. With a feeling of horror and revulsion, he understood what had happened. He had been fed upon by this demon above him, the years of his life sucked out of him.

Rodney felt sad. This was not the way that he had imagined he would die. He had always thought he would go out in a 'blaze of glory' trying to save Atlantis, the city that he had come to call home. Instead he was going to die a wizened, lifeless husk. It just didn't seem at all fair that someone as amazing as him should meet such a pitiful end. Then a horrible thought struck him. Why hadn't the Wraith finished the job?

"Why stop here? Why not finish the job?" He rasped, wincing at the sound of his voice.

The Wraith sneered at him and replied, "Because there is someone here who wants to do that for me. "

The face that had been towering above him was replaced by another. This face was familiar. This was the face of a friend.

"Colonel Sheppard. John. Thank god. You'll save me won't you?" he rasped out. Looking up hopefully. Maybe he could force the Wraith to give him his years back like the Wraith that had attacked him.

John laughed in his face. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

Rodney looked at him, dumbfounded. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This was Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard USAF. This was the man that was his best friend. The man who had saved his life. What was going on?

"But you are my best friend. Why won't you help me?" Rodney asked, the confusion clear in his voice.

John leant down in to his face and sneered, " Elizabeth was right. You are such an easy mark. We don't like you Rodney. We have been pretending. In fact, if it hadn't been for the fact that you are so good at what you do, Elizabeth would have had you sent back to earth months ago. "

Rodney felt the tears run down his face. When he came to Atlantis and had been made a part of John's team, he had thought that he had finally found a place to call home. Somewhere where he was wanted and needed. Somewhere where he had been part of a family. Now he was having all that taken away from him. He couldn't bear it.

"What about Ronan and Teyla? Don't they like me?" Rodney asked, looking for a little ray of hope in all this. Teyla had always been there for him and he couldn't believe that she didn't like him.

"Ronan doesn't like you but then he doesn't really hate you either. Teyla befriended you out of pity. She thought that you were such a sad and pathetic creature that you needed someone on your side. Even Radek, your number two, cant stand you. He knows that he is just as good as you are and it irritates him that you can't see that too!"

At this point John knelt down beside Rodney and looked him straight in the eye. As Rodney looked back he saw that John's eyes no longer reflected the warmth and friendship that he had seen before. Instead they were dark and cold.

"I pretended to like you because I was under orders from Elizabeth. I have to tell you that I find you irradiating and annoying. You know what I hate most of all about you?" he asked as he nudged Rodney gently with the toe of his boot.

Rodney shook his head, not really sure that he wanted to hear what was coming.

"I'm going to tell you. I hate the fact that you are a self-centred, self-absorbed,, egotistical man who seems to spend all his time whining about how badly the universe treats him and who feels that he has a right to make other peoples lives miserable." John spat the words out at Rodney, who lay there stunned.

John was wrong. He didn't feel like he had the right to make peoples lives miserable. He couldn't help that people didn't understand him. It wasn't his fault that other people's reaction to him was to get upset. It wasn't his fault that 'the powers that be' had left him in the company of some of the most inferior minds in two galaxies despite what it said on their CVs. Of course, a mind like John's couldn't understand what it was like to be a genius, despite the fact that he claimed that he could join Mensa.

Rodney knew what this was all about.

"You're all jealous of me aren't you. You're all jealous of the fact that I have the brains on Atlantis and you are just second rate minds. Even Radek, despite what he thinks, isn't as good as me. We both know it! But of course, you wouldn't give me the satisfaction of admitting that in front of anyone else." Despite the fact that his voice was that of a very old man. Rodney still managed to fill it with the contempt that he was feeling.

"Oh please. Don't make me laugh!" John said, his voice full of scorn, "What possible reason would I, or anyone else for that matter, have to be jealous of you? You are a sad, pathetic little man. You are so full of yourself that you can't see that truth that is right in front of your eyes. We don't want you here. Nobody wants you. We couldn't even send you back to the SGC."

Rodney looked up at John in disbelief as he continued, " Believe me when I say we have tried. Colonel Carter's reaction was that she would rather die at the hands of the Ori than have to put up with you again. I can't say that I blame her."

Looking down at Rodney he shook his head.

"You present us with a bit of a problem, Rodney. However, my friend and I have come up with a solution that will deal with you permanently." John said, as he and the Wraith exchanged knowing smiles.

Rodney really didn't want to think about what was going to happen next. However, he knew from John's tone of voice that it wasn't going to be good.

Leaning over Rodney John showed him what would turn out to be the method of his demise. He was holding a lemon.

"You've always gone on about how deathly allergic you are to citrus. I want to see if that is correct. If it's not, I can always let my Wraith friend finish you off. Either way, we get rid of you once and for all!"

Rodney tried to struggle but he was too weak. So instead he started pleading for his life, "Please John. Don't do this! Get him to give me my life back. I can change. Let me try. Oh God. Please let me live."

John stood over him and cut the lemon in half and said, "I'm sorry Rodney. It's too late for that. We just don't want you alive any more. We've had enough!"

With that he motioned to the Wraith, who got down behind Rodney's head. Grabbing his jaws he forced Rodney's mouth open. John knelt down, his knees straddling Rodney's chest, with the lemon held above his open mouth. Then he began to squeeze, laughing maniacally as he watched the juice drip in to Rodney's mouth.

"Goodbye Rodney. I wish I could say that it's been a pleasure to know you but you know how it is. Mind you, it will be a pleasure to see you die."

As Johns last words faded Rodney felt his whole body start to burn. He tried to breath but nothing was happening. He was dying and he knew it. Slowly his field of vision began to shrink and everything went black.

…Rodney sat bolt upright in his bed, sweat pouring from his body.

"It was a nightmare. That's all. It was just a silly dream." Rodney said out loud as he pulled himself off the bed.

Looking out of the window, Rodney thought to himself , "John is my best friend. I know I can be annoying at times but I never asked John to be my friend. He made friends with me. He likes me because he wants to. He wouldn't hurt me. I know it."

Rodney stood and stared out of the window. Even though in his mind he knew that it was a dream, it had all felt so horribly real. The image that stuck in his mind was the coldness that he had seen in John's eyes. And no matter what he said to himself he couldn't forget the sound of the laugh that had come from John as he had done the deed.

He had to know that this wasn't true. He had to know that he still belonged here and that John was his friend. He needed to know because, despite his best efforts, he had become used to having John's friendship. And worse of all for him, he had begun to care about the man.

"Damn it!" he shouted.

Without stopping to put on his shoes, he ran out of his room and headed towards Johns.