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The Vision


A girl with long brown hair was laying on the floor in Edwards room. She was screaming, the pitch was so loud that I thought it would shatter my eardrums. She screamed for Edward to put out the fire. He was leaning over her. His eyes filled with a new emotion, one I had never seen in Edwards's eyes.

"Shhh…… Bella it's almost over I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

His body was convulsing as hers was but his with dry sobs. He looked so sad I would have cried if I could. What was happening I don't understand it. Edward looked up at Carlisle who was standing by the door.

"Can you do something, anything to help her with the pain?" he said his ruby eyes pleading.

"I'm sorry Edward, I cannot. Nothing can help her with it" he said quietly, looking at Edward mournfully.

She screamed as a convulsion lifted her off the floor." Edward!!!!!!!!!!"

" I know I know bella it hurts, im so sorry."

"I love you" she murmured as she drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too bella" he said with complete conviction in his voice.

(Flash forward)

the whole family was sitting downstairs we were waiting for something, I didn't know what but everyone in the room seemed genuinely happy. Then I heard it.

"Bella will you marry me?" said Edwards cool voice. I looked around at everyone. Did they know that Edward was planning this?

"Yes I'll marry you" said a strangely musical voice. Everyone around me started applauding emmet screaming congratulations and esme looking so happy that Edward had actually found someone. Even Rosalie seemed to be in a good mood. Suddenly a door closed somewhere upstairs and footsteps traveled down the stairs then Edward and Bella appeared at the bottom both of them staring into each others blood-red eyes lovingly. Then I could feel myself being pulled back into reality and out of my vision.

My eyes adjusted as I focused on the room in front of me.. The whole family was looking at me, Jasper sending me waves of assurance.

"What did you see Alice?" asked Carlisle, worriedly. Normally my visions never lasted that long.

"'Edward." I said glancing to my left where he was last standing.

The look on his face told me that he had seen everything that I had. Where I was a psychic, he was telekinetic. He saw everything.

"What about Edward." esme said. Everyone was looking form Edward to me with worry in there eyes.

"No" Edward said harshly.

"It wont happen" he said with such finality that everyone cringed at his words.

He should know better than to bet against me.

Well did you like it let me know. I felt sort of obligated to tell this story. In the book it says that Alice saw bella coming and I just figured I would elaborate.