Homo Homini Lupus

Isn't it a remarkable coincidence that a man such as Remus Lupin - with both his first and second name alluding to wolves - turns out to be a werewolf? Not really... Characters belong to Rowling.

It was a fine Saturday morning, and he sat by the breakfast table, enjoying the subtle pleasures of black coffee, toast with scrambled eggs and the first cigarette of the day. On the table, two newspapers were spread, one of them with ordinary, unmoving photos. The radio played "A Hard Day's Night" so he turned up the volume.

Ah, what a day!

Through the window, he could see the neighbour's children playing in the garden, splashing in puddles and laughing. He grinned for himself at the sight of their happy games. He liked children. They knew what was important in life. They knew about having fun.

So did he. Oh yes.

It was still a few nights until full moon, but he could already feel the tides shifting. He felt the anticipation and the excitement building in him. Where would he go this month? He hadn't really decided yet. Perhaps he should go south this time. The spring was in the air, after all. Or maybe pay another visit to the area around Hogsmede. It was a bit risky, of course, because with so many wizards packed together, one or two were prone to be able to defend themselves - but how fun would this sport be without a little danger? Or maybe he should ask his very special friend if he had another little errand for him. Or...

He had been leafing through the paper as he thought, and now his attention was caught by a notice. It was a silly little piece in the family section - the kind of thing editors print when it is a slow news day and they want some human interest. This piece was about the approaching spring, and it showed a chubby little boy, beamingly holding up the first Grindylow larvae of the year. The water daemon put up quite a fight, and the boy had a hard time keeping hold on him, but it wasn't the rather farcical struggle that had caught Fenrir's eye.

It was the name of the boy.

He couldn't help laugh for himself. What kind of parent names a child Remus Lupin? Why not go all the way and call him "Wolfie" when you were at it? It was that kind of name that couldn't help leaving an impression on a person's life. The kind of name fate is just bound to notice.

Fate, or someone who's helping fate on its way...

He took a gulp of the coffee, finished the cigarette and stood up with a gleam in his eyes.

There were a few nights until full moon. Time enough to find out where the boy lived. Time enough to scout the area and find a useful hiding place. Time enough to enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

And then, the day after, he would read the paper and see what the night's hunting had brought.

Fenrir Greyback knew all about having fun. Oh yes.