Enemy of my Enemy

Summary : Orochimaru's new plan: Use Sakura Haruno for his next body…kill Sasuke and transplant the Uchiha's eyes into his new body. Then, with precise chakra control and sharingan he would be unstoppable.

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Prologue: Orochimaru

This takes place post manga chapter 339. Team 7 and team 10 have returned, successful, from that mission.

His long, snake-like tongue ran along the thin line of his upper lip. Things had not gone as planned. Only three short months were left before the need for a new body would become unbearable. His eyes flicked over to the perspiring form of the Uchiha genius. Sasuke was ready—of that, there was no doubt.

But now the snake sannin was not so sure that he, himself, was ready.

Sasuke's sharingan ability still called to him. He still craved the ability to copy innumerable jutsus. However, even with that cursed power, he would not be able to perform EVERY justsu like he originally thought.

The idea had first surfaced during the battle with his former teammate, Tsunade. He had been on the receiving end of her insane strength…and he had been on the losing end of the fight. If his arms had been healed at that time then perhaps he would have fared a little better. But that was something he could not be sure of.

Now, word had come to him of Tsunade's apprentice. He had seen her a while ago, but had been too focused on the kyuubi to pay any attention to her. But the rumors told that she possessed the same precise chakra control his old teammate did. Because of this, Tsunade had been able to teach her the strength technique.

Orochimaru watched Sasuke's exertions. The youth possessed the ability to copy jutsus. But he did not possess the chakra control to perform the advanced healing and strength jutsus. Even combined with the snake sannin's powers, they would still come up lacking.

A sly smile spread across Orochimaru's pale face. He would still use the Uchiha—just not how he originally planned. There was a new body he was interested in now.

He would find Haruno Sakura, use her as his next vessel, and then use her medical abilities to remove Sasuke's eyes and transplant them into his own head. Then, with her chakra control and the sharingan, he would be unstoppable.

A chill caught Sasuke and he lowered his kunai. He glanced over at his sensei, slightly unnerved by the look on the other man's face. Whatever Orochimaru was thinking about, it had him extremely pleased. The Uchiha wiped the droplets of sweat from his forehead, and continued with his speed training.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong.


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