Jigoku no Shichinintai

By ForgottenKaze

The Shichinintai's hell. This story is both from my imagination and a slight rip-off from the drama CD Jigoku de mattae Shichinintai (the Shichinintai who waited in hell), which I have never heard. It will have the usual "Ooaniki" in it, as well as slight yoai/shounen-ai overtones (BankotsuXJakotsu, who else?). Please don't sue me if it sucks!

I own nothing but a little of the plot!

"A strange voice?" Inuyasha echoed.

He and his gang had stopped to ask what was going on when they heard the villagers talking about a strange occurrence.

"Aye" the old man affirmed. "Sometimes, on nights when the moon grows full, you can hear strange voices coming out of the cave on the side of Mt. Iriguchi."

'Gateway'?" Kagome thought.

"This Iriguchi-zan, does it have any spiritual places on it?" Miroku inquired.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Inuyasha asked the monk.

"Remember, Inuyasha, the Shichinintai were resurrected on a sacred mountain."

"Oh, yeah… I forgot."

"Are ye listenin'?"

"Oh, yes! Sorry about that. Please continue."

"Anyway," the old man continued. "It's not just voices, it's also noises. Noises like from the depths of hell."

"Such as…?" Sango asked.

"Hmmm…let me think… Well, one night we heard a sound like somethin' was bein' twirled around an' around very fast. And another night, somethin' like a whip and a sword as one. Others, there would be shots like gunfire, and many others, all with screams to accompany them." The man stopped, perplexed.

"Have ye heard of the Shichinintai?"

They all nodded, but the memories of those seven were… unpleasant…

"The sounds that come from there sound very much like their fighting techniques."

"Okay…. Meaning…?" Inuyasha asked, confused.

"Meaning that that cave might be an entrance into hell," the young monk said calmly.

"Have you tried an exorcism?"

"O' course we have, but they're all too scared t'enter the cave"

"Then it is beyond our reach," Miroku told him sadly and then walked away in that unmonk-ishly way of his.

"Hey…!" Inuyasha yelled after him.

"Too bad," the old man told some of the other villagers that had come to join him. "We even had a reward ready."

At this Miroku turned. "A reward!? Why didn't you say so? Come on everyone! Let's go!"

"I have a bad feeling about this…" the old man told his friends.

-----Near Iriguchi-zan-----

"This is as far as I dare take ya, the rest is up to ya," the young village lad told the group.

The lad was brave, going to where his elders wouldn't even come within half a mile, but he was plainly freaked.

"Thank you, here you go," Kagome said handing the child a bag of chips.

"Thank ya!" he exclaimed, unused to the strange food the miko had just given him, and was off.

"Why did you give him that?" Inuyasha asked once the kid was out of earshot.

"He brought us this far while he was plainly scared, so I thought that he should be rewarded," Kagome replied.

"Let's go in, shall we?" Miroku asked bringing the two back to Earth and to the mission at hand.

"Sure," Inuyasha said.

"Such an aura…" Sango murmured while she put her Taijiya mask on in the entrance to the cave.

They walked until they found the cavernous centre of the mountain. Exactly in the centre was a large portal that swirled with black, red, blue and purple youki.

Kirara bristled.

"Think we should go in?" Kagome murmured to Inuyasha near where his human ears would have been.

"Why not?" he returned her question irritably.

"Be careful Inuyasha," Miroku cautioned. "I sense an amazing demonic aura."

"Let's go," Inuyasha said decidedly.

"Didn't you …" Sango had no time to finish her sentence before the Hanyou had jumped into the portal.

"He's always so reckless, when will he learn?" Miroku asked no one in particular, before jumping in himself.

"Ready Kagome?" Sango asked, her voice muffled by her mask.

"Yes, c'mere Shippou," she answered, offering her shoulder to the kitsune. He leaped on.

"Let's go!" Sango said as both teenagers and the two demons leaped into the portal.

"Do you know if we will be able to find the guys?" Kagome called to Sango inside the portal. The inside was like a red and black version of the Bone Eaters Well (think like the portal to the demon graveyard in episode 6).

After a few seconds, the girls heard a crunching sound under their feet and knew that they had landed.

"Where are we?" Kagome asked Sango.

"I don't know…" She peered through the pearly red mist that surrounded them, as wary as a wild cat. "Look! Over there! Houshi-sama! Inuyasha!" Sango called.

"Sango-sama!" Miroku called back.

"Inuyasha, do you know where we are?" Kagome asked when they had closed the gap between them and the men.

"I don't really know. I can hardly smell you guys, let alone anything else. Let's go and look around," Inuyasha answered. But on the next step he took, there was a particularly loud crack.

"What the hell?" he demanded before lifting the object in question. Inuyasha had broken the top part, but it was definitely a human skull. He dropped it in surprise.

"We should take them back and hold service," Miroku said as he began to step forward.

"I don't think you can monk," a voice behind Miroku said. Everyone whirled around to face the stranger.

"And why not?" Miroku demanded.

"See, to bury them all, you would need a graveyard as big as this world, your world," the young stranger said as he came into the light.

"Bankotsu!" Inuyasha cried, astonished.

"Yo!" Bankotsu replied.

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